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Gun Collection: AR-15, 1911, and More

Updated on January 28, 2017

The Reason I Love Target Shooting

The thrill of shooting any gun is comparative to the rush of a roller coaster. Even after I have been shooting many different guns for quite awhile, the adrenaline that sparks right through me as that big bang erupts does not fail. Over and over I feel my pulse quicken as I wait for my finger to pull that trigger.

If you are a hunter, that is a great sport in it's own way, but I can never shoot an animal. I don't think I could sit out in the woods waiting either; I would be too anxious to get my adrenaline pumping. I think that target shooting is great because you can do it almost last minute, without actually making plans. We are fortunate to have a couple places to go where it doesn't cost anything (except the ammo), and if we make a day out of it we go to someone's camp in Vermont. It gives me a little break from the ordinary when we can't take time and money going to Fun Parks. Somehow shooting a gun (especially a big gun) amazingly makes me more relaxed. My brain seems to center itself more as I focus on shooting those targets and enjoying the thrill..

Kimber 1911

45 Caliber 1911

Honestly, there is almost too much going on with guns. When we went to the gun store and decided on what we wanted, someone actually came up to me outside and told me that my husband was getting "a bad deal". He then proceeded to tell me that he got the same thing for less somewhere else. He also said that we shouldn't go with Kimber. There seems to be so much competition and forums where you can discuss which .45 you should go with. My husband hadn't even decided on which 1911 he wanted when we drove almost an hour to "see if they had it". They did and we are very happy with the Kimber 45 Caliber 1911 (silver). This is also a gun that is demanded by law enforcement. It is accurate and can do some serious damage. I enjoy target shooting with it although it is slightly heavier than my 22. There have been no problems with it, and I think I've actually shot my target a couple of times!!

Gotta love it!!

My Favorite, the AR -15

I have shot some guns before my husband bought a Bushmaster AR-15, which remains at the top of my list. I was a little shy about shooting anything, but a .22 or maybe a 9mm until I held that sleek, gorgeous gun in my hands. I have even tried the shotgun, but really....why have a gun that kicks you so much? When we first bought the AR we had to send it back a few times, and I am still not sure what was wrong with it, but once that was taken care of; I am so glad we didn't send it back for good.

One of the best things about this gun is the fact that there are so many various add-ons. Our next purchase concerning our guns will be a rail system for the AR-15. After putting that on (which some guns already have) you can add all kinds of accessories like a scope or laser. Another thing I love is that you can fill up a bunch of magazines (with 30 rounds each) and just keep firing! I really am not able to do this, after about six shots I need a break. My heart starts to jump into my throat and my arm almost becomes numb trying to hold it up (I do need to work on my muscles). This is when that tripod would be a truly grand thing.

Don't Leave out the Revolver

22 revolvers are a great gun to learn on or if you just want something simple and not quite so loud. After shooting so many different pistols though, I find it a little dull. The one we currently have is a little better than our old antique one, and it is a good gun to shoot while taking a break from the big boys. You can also buy beginner guns that come in different sizes so if you have a little guy who wants to shoot, you can get one the right size. My son used one that was a .22, but could be converted to a shotgun. I enjoyed using this because it had less kick than the normal shotguns, it is really perfect for your first time shooting.

The Charter Arms 38 Ultra-light revolver is a great little gun, but seriously, light? I guess it works for my husband who has had a much more experience with guns. I know that when I first knew him he liked to carry a gun (with a permit, of course) and one of those was a Glock 23 40 calibur which seemed to work well for him to keep on his hip. This revolver is small like that, but still blasts it's targets. Well, even though it is supposed to be light, I find my wrists hurting more with that one than any other. There seems to be a little more kick, probably because of the size of the bullet. The Charter Arms has worked great for us, and even though it isn't for me, it is still a great gun.

In Conclusion

I just wanted to remind everyone that although this sport (some people call it that, but I think of it as just a hobby)is loads of fun, it is dangerous fun. I was blessed to have a few people well-informed to teach me how to be safe and also how to take care of your guns. If you are more or less going to learn on your own, you should at least take a safety course, but really you just have to use common sense. Don't point the gun at anybody even if you think it isn't loaded. Also, make sure that there is nobody in front of you when you start shooting. Do not aim the gun until everyone is out of the way. You also need to make sure that where you plan to shoot is legal. A lot of people will go to a shooting range (some are inside, some are out), this is great because a lot of times you can rent different guns to try out, and it is more controlled and safe. I enjoy being out in the wilderness, and it also doesn't cost money. Not everybody needs them, but it can get loud (especially in an inside shooting range), and you will want earplugs. It is also a good idea to wear safety glasses. The most important thing is to just be very aware of what you are doing (definitely don't do this after drinking), and everyone around you.

My husband is very good to his guns. If you want your guns to maintain their value, you have to clean them regularly. This means that every time you go out shooting them, you clean them, even if you only shot it a few times. Also, if they haven't been used for awhile, it's a good idea to make sure they stay oiled.

Stay safe and have fun!!

What is your gun caliber of choice for target shooting?

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    • erinb62 profile image

      Erin Buttermore 5 years ago from Laconia

      I was excited about them when I was eleven and shot my first one. My family didn't have guns I really wasn't aware about them. I tried to get my sister to come with me recently, but she says it just doesn't interest her. I say she needs to try it before she knocks it!

    • Adventure Colorad profile image

      Adventure Colorad 5 years ago from Denver,CO

      It's great to see people interested in shooting. I have taught several family members to shoot over the years. It is interesting that a lot of people are afraid of or against guns until they actually get a chance to try one!