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Should The Bulls Have Kept Tom Thibodeau?

Updated on May 29, 2015

After hours of trying to come to a decision, the Chicago Bulls fired head coach Tom Thibodeau early Thursday afternoon. The Bulls reached the playoffs in all five seasons under Thibodeau but failed to reach the NBA Finals which was the clear reason for the departure of their head coach. Thibadeau had a regular season record of 255-139, a .647 win percentage that puts him second in Bulls history behind the Zen Master himself Phil Jackson. The regular season performance of the Bulls did not transition over during crucial times which were the playoffs. The Bulls were more of a defensive minded team which is what Tom Thibodeau is credited for but the offense at times were very inconsistent which led them to being knocked out of the playoffs all five years. Injuries can be a huge factor that kept the Bulls from reaching their full potential but under Tom they simply just could not get the job done and the Bulls' front office believed it was time for a change. A head coach like Thibodeau himself are hard to find which is why many people believe that he should have been given one more shot to prove himself that he can lead the team to the promise land. Don't expect Thibodeau to be on the market for long as teams in search of a new head coach will be pursuing him for his services. Three teams that would most likely reach out to Tom would be the Pelicans, the Magic, and the Nuggets but rumor has it that Tom is not interested in any of those teams. He believes that Anthony Davis won't stay with the Pelicans in the long run, the Magic have Scott Skiles on top of their list and are nearing close to reaching an agreement on a deal, and he has no desire of taking the Nuggets job. It would be interesting to see where the former NBA Coach of the Year goes next. No matter what team he picks next, expect the team to have a huge change of looks with Thibodeau at head coach and become a defensive team. He can quickly turn a team around. Don't even be surprised to see him just take the year off and wait for the right opportunity to come around.

Key reasons why the Bulls will be better next season if they keep Thibodeau:

A Healthy Derrick Rose

Bulls offense has been inconsistent time in and time out and it doesn't help that Derrick Rose has been injured for most of the time. Rose has only played in 181 games out of the last 394 due to knee injuries. The Bulls may still have a winning record with Rose off the court but if they want to succeed and go far, they clearly need Rose. During this past season Rose has shown great signs of health and has shown at times that he can return to his old self back when he was MVP of the league. He can create space for his teammates and create for himself which is what the Bulls need if they want their offense to be consistent.


The projected starting five for the Bulls next season would consist of Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, Gasol, and Noah. They also have key bench players such as Gibson, Brooks, Snell, Hinrich, Mirotic, and others. The Bulls clearly have good depth on their roster but lack in certain categories such a three point shooters other than Mike Dunleavy. Free Agency this summer will be key for Chicago as they need to fill in those voids. It can be the one missing piece they need in order to become title contenders.


Offense wins games but defense wins championships. The Bulls' defense is what makes this team as good as they are. Defense is the key to the Bulls' identity as well as the identity of Tom Thibodeau. Since he took over the team prior to the 2010-11 season, the team has excelled in defense ranking first in points per game (92.6) and field goal percentage (43.2). With Thibodeau now gone, it would interesting to see how the Bulls' defense plays out next season, especially with a new coach taking over the team.


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