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Should The Chicago Bulls Make a Trade?

Updated on January 13, 2016

Should the Chicago Bulls trade Pau Gasol? It depends. D-Rose is getting healthier and is starting to show his MVP form again and Jimmy Butler is playing exceptional. Also, Joakim Noah is returning was playing very well before his injury. The Bulls can continue to start Taj Gibson who has excelled at the starting position. The Bulls need to trade Pau, to get a star wing player (shooting forward) like Carmelo Anthony. Pau is getting older and only has 5 years left most likely.

If the Bulls traded Pau, they could put Joakim back in the starting lineup. Coach Fred Hoiberg loves Jo’s mentality on the court. Jo is the leader of the second group of Bulls, ever since Jo got hurt, the Bulls bench has not scored as much and the starters, particularly Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, and Derrick Rose has shot the ball more and has even played a little more due to Jo’s injury. With Jo coming back, who’s gonna get left out of the Bulls lineup?

Bobby Portis will actually get to even play for the Bulls even though Jo is back. Coach Hoiberg said that Bobby has been big for us so far and that he has earned his playing time. The Bulls fans love the way Portis has been playing. Sometimes, though Portis makes some mistakes and loves to shoot shots that he really shouldn’t and the reason why is mainly that he is a rookie and wants to impress the coach to earn more minutes. Portis has really got more aggressive as of late. He shoots up a lot of post shots just like the three main big men (Noah, Gasol, and Gibson).

Nikola Mirotic has been playing a lot better as well. After getting put back in the starting lineup, he has been more aggressive. He is shooting the ball a lot better and is scoring more and getting to foul line more. Tony Snell who used to own the starting SF position has also played better. With Tony coming back off the bench, he has really got more confidence in his game. Tony as well is getting to the foul line more and has scored more as well as shooting better. When Tony is shooting the three ball good, drawing fouls, and driving to the basket, he gets to play a lot more. So, Tony and Niko have really benefited with this.

What happens when Mike Dunleavy returns? Does he return to the starting lineup or does Niko continue to start? Now if the Bulls traded Gasol, Noah should be put back in the starting lineup and Gibson should continue playing starter as well. So if the Bulls have Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, Gibson, and Noah starting, what happens to Niko? He could ask to be traded if wants to or could continue to play for the Bulls from the bench. Noah and Gibson would get to start because they play very well together, remember at the beginning of the season? Jo said he would rather play with Taj than any other big man on the roster, so there you go. Niko would be better off on bench most likely too, because he would be adding more three point shots and drawing fouls for the secondary. Now wait a minute. If Bulls trade Gasol to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony, what if that's not enough for the Knicks? Then the Bulls could trade Niko along with Gasol maybe. Bobby Portis has been very good lately but still does not earn a starting position, so Noah and Gibson would be the 2 starters at power foward and center for sure. Bobby has a lot of energy and is just like Jo. So with Bobby playing like Jo, bringing a lot of energy, should play on the bench to continue to help the Bulls secondary. Why have Jo and Bobby play on the bench when both are about the same and have a lot of energy? The Bulls would be smart to play Jo at starter and Bobby at bench, to split the starters and bench players with two main energy guys.

Jo should not be traded though. His energy and game has led the Bulls through thick and thin, without D-Rose everyone said the Bulls would not even make the playoffs, but in the 2013-14 season, Jo led the team to the playoffs and almost won MVP. Jo has done so much for the Chicago franchise. Jo is a leader and a hero, and when it comes to playoffs, you want Jo on your side. Jo though needs to return to the starting lineup though. Jo is most likely the top player on the Bulls that cares about the team more than himself. Coach Hoiberg needs to give Jo another chance at starter because he will prove himself and lead the Bulls to the Finals. Let Jo be Jo again, that’s what the Bulls fans want and Coach Hoiberg knows it.


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