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Best Places to Fish in North America

Updated on October 29, 2016

Fossil Beds

Fossil Beds on Southern Indiana's Side
Fossil Beds on Southern Indiana's Side

Ohio River

Okay, looking at the picture to the left you probably don't see much. A slab of rock with a few puddles. Here's the thing, in those "puddles," lives some of the biggest catfish you have ever seen.

In the fossil beds of southern Indiana, the water level is controlled by flood gates. Water levels are constantly rising and falling. This can trap lazy catfish sitting at the bottom of the river.

In fact, a few years ago I went fishing in this exact location. My buddies and I were walking around, looking for a good place to fish. I got called over to check something out. Sitting in a puddle about 1 foot deep, was a catfish which had to have weighed at least 30 pounds. After tempting it with some hot dogs, it did not even move.

We put it into a net and released it back into the main water.

Sure, we didn't catch the fish, but it was definitely a awesome experience.

Lake Okeechobee

Not only is fishing here great, you'll have fun just saying the name!

Fishing here in the fall is one of the best scenarios for fishing you could ever have. All types of bass can be found both in the deep waters and banks. It has been a long time since I have went fishing here, but from what I hear, the great fishing continues.

I would recommend fishing a floater. This might sound like an odd choice if you are going during the fall or winter, but for some reason, it never failed me. I caught a 11 pound large mouth on a jitterbug and it put up a real fight.

Again, it has been years since I last fished at lake Okeechobee. I did a little more research online to see what other people recommended for fishing. Some people said some baits were better than others. Some said that the fish here didn't seem to care what you threw at them. However, one thing was consistent in most answers. Fish where there are a lot of leaves or coverage on the water.

For some reason, this seems to yield the best results. Overall, lake Okeechobee offers great fishing along with some spectacular views. I would definitely visit if given the opportunity.

Shore Line

A Rock Shore Line of Lake Okeechobee
A Rock Shore Line of Lake Okeechobee

Channels of Florida

Okay, one of the best places to fish in North America is Florida. Any of Florida's channels are full of bass waiting to strike.

While I have never personally visited, I can say that great stories have shared online. People seem to catch small mouth bass that weigh as much as a giant peacock bass! Okay, maybe not that much, but you get the point.

Though, there are two problems when fishing in Florida's channels. First of all, a lot of the channels are being protected by wildlife organizations. Making fishing and unauthorized entering illegal. Secondly, many of Florida's channels are private. Meaning you will either have to know someone, or hire someone to take you out onto the water. There are plenty of places to rent a tour guide who will take you out on a boat, but it does become a hassle.

If you have the ability to visit Florida, be sure to fish in the channels. It is unlike any other place to fish from what I hear.

Map of Florida

Map Showing Part of Florida's Large Amount of Channels
Map Showing Part of Florida's Large Amount of Channels


These are the top 3 places, in my opinion, to fish in North America. In general, anything to the Northeast is going to have great fishing. Of course, there are exceptions such as the channels of Florida.

What do you think? Was this list accurate? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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