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Showtime Boxing: Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout

Updated on March 27, 2013

Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout

From Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday evening December 1, 2012, Showtime championship boxing presented a twelve round, 154 pound, WBA super welterweight championship fight between Austin Trout the 154 pound title holder and challenger Miguel Cotto. Austin Trout hails from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He entered the ring undefeated with a 25-0-0 record and 14 KO’s. Trout is listed as twenty-seven years old but appears and fights with the experience and grit of an older professional fighter. Austin won the championship in February 2011 against Rigoberto Alvarez in Guadalajara, Mexico. This was his fourth defense of the title.

Miguel Cotto, thirty-two years old, four time world champion in three weight divisions was the challenger. Miguel Cotto’s record was 37-3-0 with 30 KO’s at the start of the bout. Cotto lost his last fight to Floyd Mayweather by decision in May 2012. Cotto from Caguas, Puerto Rico has filled Madison Square Garden on many occasions. The New York crowd cheered the challenger throughout the fight.

Austin Trout dominated the contest. He is bigger and stronger than Cotto and was able to push Miguel around and beat him on the inside throughout the bout. Austin, a natural southpaw, used a stiff left jab to the body and a right uppercut to the head of Cotto round after round. Many of the rounds were close but the judges awarded Trout an unanimous decision by a wide margin.

Miguel Cotto, an extremely tough and talented boxer, hit Trout with solid punches during all twelve rounds. His punches would have damaged a smaller opponent but Trout, the larger man, was never in danger of being knocked out by Cotto.

Austin Trout remains undefeated at 26-0-0 and deserves a big payday against WBC light middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. Miguel Cotto’s record is now 37-4-0. He still is a top class boxer and contender in a number of weight divisions.

The under card featured an eight round middleweight bout between twenty-five year old Danny Jacobs from Brooklyn, New York and twenty-five year old Chris Fitzpatrick from South Carolina. Danny Jacobs outclassed Fitzpatrick with exceptional hand and foot speed. Jacobs won the fight by technical knockout when Chris Fitzpatrick failed to answer the bell for the sixth round. Danny Jacobs is a cancer survivor and is making a gradual comeback into the ring. His record is 24-1-0 with 21 KO’s. Chris Fitzpatrick a tough, young boxer has a record of 15-3 with one no contest and six KO’s. Chris was no match for Danny Jacobs.

The other featured bout was a featherweight contest between twenty-four year old Jayson Velez of Puerto Rico and twenty-seven year old Salvador Sanchez II of Mexico. Jayson Velez won the fight with a third round technical knockout. Velez’s barrage of combinations went unanswered by the elder fighter Sanchez. Velez almost knocked out Sanchez in the second round. Referee Harvey Dock stopped the fight in the third round when Sanchez was knocked down again. Sanchez got up from the canvas but could not defend himself. Jayson Velez’s record is 19-0-0 with 15 KO’s. Velez seeks a title bout in the featherweight division. Sanchez’s record is 30-5-3 with 18 KO’s.

The Showtime boxing team of announcers gave great commentary, boxing insight and historical information about the featured pugilists.


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