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Sidi Cycling Shoes - Lead the Pack with Sidi Bike Shoes

Updated on June 24, 2014

Are Sidi Bike Shoes The Preferred Choice?

Sidi cycling shoes are the preferred choice for many of today’s top professional cyclist. They can be found leading packs of cyclist, pelotons and podiums of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Tour of California and all over the backroads of the world. Wherever cyclists are churning out the miles, Sidi shoes can be found.

Sidi bike shoes are hands down the most popular of all road cycling shoes. Their designs are flashy, robust and modern while at the same time maintaining the classy appeal that Sidi has become famous for.

But more importantly, today’s cyclist chooses SIDI cycling shoes not simply because of their style and design but also because they provide cyclist of all skill levels the foundation for a comfortable and extremely efficient pedal stroke. A must have for tough competition races, dazzling sprints to the finish line during a neighborhood group ride or for those 100-mile charity century rides requiring long days in the saddle. Sidi’s technical staff is constantly researching new materials and upgrading their design, so that they can deliver exactly what their customers want…a comfortable, efficient and great-looking road bike shoe

Sidi Cycling Shoes - The Last True Italian Cycling Shoe Manufacturer

Sidi was founded in Italy in 1960 by a young competitive cyclist named Dino Signori.  In the early days, the SIDI workshop specialized in mountaineering footwear but soon shifted focus became a leader in the cycling shoe market for both professional and armature cyclist all over the world. 

For the past five decades, all Sidi cycling shoes models have been handcrafted and made from state of art technology.  The 50 years of experience and technology set the foundation for a shoe that is reliable, comfortable, durable and also affordable. They are developed with many intricate features like patented Techno II buckles and High Security Velcro straps provide riders with precise fit even while riding.  The Heel Security system is designed to prevent the heel from lifting and stealing valuable power transfer to the pedals.

Sidi has you covered on all your cycling needs.  They specialize in road cycling shoes as well as mountain biking and triathlon bike shoes.  They also feature a full line of accessories and replacement parts for all their lines of cycling shoes.

Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon
Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon | Source

Some of Sidi's Most Popular Road Cycling Shoes

Sidi Ergo 2 Carbon– This is Sidi’s top of the line road cycling shoe with more features than most road bikes have!

Sidi Genius 6.6 – A sleek and comfortable shoe what just happened to be worn by the 2010 winners of the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia

Sidi Genius 5 Pro – The preferred shoe for thousands of weekend warrior road racers and group riders who want to dominate the lead packs.

Sidi Nevada and Zephyr– These are Sidi cycling shoes preferred by most entry-level cyclist who want performance without spending a lot of money. Don’t let the price fool you! These road cycling shoes are still handcrafted, durable and very efficient for beginners

Sidi Hydro – Always thinking outside of the box, Sidi developed a high performance shoe specifically designed to be worn in winter weather and rainy days. Now you can make wintertime. Training time while keeping your feet warm, cozy and dry!

See a fantastic review of Sidi Genius 6.6
See a fantastic review of Sidi Genius 6.6 | Source

Stop Drooling!

Proud to be the Europe’s only true designer and manufacturer of road cycling shoes that are still exclusively made in Italy. Sidi cycling shoes are designed for people who spend all day in the saddle so if the professionals can win classics and tours in them then you can be assured that you’ll be tearing up your Sunday group ride too!


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