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Jason Day Won The Players Championship Being The Longest Hitter But Missed A Lot Of Fairways With The M1!

Updated on May 16, 2016
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Vertical and horizontal weights and more.
Vertical and horizontal weights and more. | Source

Jason Day came into the Tournament Players Club ranked 24th on PGA Statistics for Driving Distance but was number one in Driving Distance at the The Tournament Players Club at Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida using the M1 Driver. Yet he was third from last in hitting fairways?

The Taylor Made M1 Driver is the number one driver used on tour. So what made him win - an extended version of the old adage "Drive for show and putt for dough" to "Drive for show and short game for dough!"

Back in August 2015, Jason Day, had a lot of trouble until his longtime coach and caddie, Colin Swatton, had him practice hitting to greens instead of cones or markers so he could see how the ball reacts on the green. He then went on to win the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights.

Colin coached Jason (who started playing with a rusty iron his mom gave him) when was a child and Jason has praised Colin for his great coaching and building his career.

Here's how the TaylorMade M1 debuted with Tour Players

Taylormade New M1 Driver

The M1 is made out of a carbon composite in the crown and a carbon fiber lattice product in the rear of the head and has a titanium front section. TaylorMade is promoting it well. Watch the foregoing video which speaks for itself from TaylorMade.

The next video is not sponsored by TaylorMade but an objective review from Golf Monthly.

Here's the first review of the M1

Golf Monthly's First Review of the M1

Joel Tadman, the Technical Editor of Golf Monthly was flown in from the UK to Connecticut to review the M1 to give an honest review of the driver. In his opinion the M1 added 10 yards to his drive. Joel gives a good detailed description of the club and its features and how you can adjust the center of gravity in ways you couldn't do before with the R15.


What are other golf manufacturers going to come up?

Over the years, we watch thousands of advertisements and because of numerous let downs we sometimes tend to disbelieve the majority of advertising claims. However, one true fact about this new driver is Jason Day hit a drive 360 yards using this new driver when he shot his round of 61 at the BMW.

But many of us find peace in know we're not going to hit a 300 yard drive even if we're downwind during a hurricane. We might spend big money for the M1 but we all know that unless you've got a lot of golf talent, it's not going to give you the excitement or satisfaction the advertising implies. Also, what are the other manufacturers going to be coming out with to compete with this amazing driver? There should be some exciting new drivers coming out in the market this year.

Many of us feel we don't have to hit the drive of our life - we just want to hit it straight and we're not ashamed if our drive is the shortest. It's the score that matters and there's no pictures on scorecards.

Rodney Dangerfield and Scott Columby, Caddyshack
Rodney Dangerfield and Scott Columby, Caddyshack

Okay, so even if I got the big driver, I still can't hit it like the pros?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, golf can be difficult. The crazy part is occasionally you hit great shots you didn't even know you could. We all know it's the good shots that keep you coming back. If you played well before, you're going to occasionally play well again. But, why can't you play very well (or at least almost very well) most of or all the time?

Well,isn't there's thousands, if not a million golf tips online that are suppose to help you? We all know the golf swing is personal because of all the different body shapes and sizes. Learning the right swing is like learning how to do a new dance step - someone needs to watch you and tell you how to do it and show you how to do it. A small tweak in your swing may be all that you need but you won't know what you're doing wrong unless someone with good golf knowledge watches you and tells you.

But golf lessons are expensive and most of us have been playing for years developing bad habits. And sometimes when you take a lesson your game goes south while you're adjusting to what you've just learned in the lesson. So what do you do?

The fundamentals are the core of the game.

Most of us try to keep improving till the day we die. There's added confidence and satisfaction in improving at anything. When we try too hard, we get frustrated and confused and things start to go downhill. Kind of like being an excellent dancer yet tripping over yourself trying to be an Irish Riverdancer. So a general tip to stop bad play golf agony on the course is to take a deep breath, and tell yourself your going back to the fundamentals. Watch Johnny Miller's foregoing video several times and keep it in mind when things go south on the course.

Instead of trying to improve by buying the latest big hitting monster club or learning a new swing, try going back to the fundamentals that you were taught when you learned the game. If the person who taught you how to play golf is around, get a session with that person and you'll be surprised how things will start to improve and be more consistent. You'll have more fun and be more refreshed after a round.

Going back to the time you first learned the game of golf will give you a refreshing change and will get rid of the bad habits you developed over the years. You learn the real enemy and problem with your game are habits you've fallen into and unaware of.

So, should we speak softly and carry a big stick?

There's still a lot of truth in the old adage, "If it's not broke don't fix it". But if the hype about this new M1 Driver is true, then it's more like saying what Ernest Hemingway use to say about improving yourself, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

With the new M1 now out the legendary R15 Driver which Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and others used, you can get the amazing TaylorMade R15 Driver at a big saving

Let's hear from you

If you're fortunate enough to try this new M1 Driver, leave an honest comment about it below. We want honest opinions only. We don't want any opinions from TaylorMade people or their competitors. We'd like to hear from the average golfer what they honestly think about this Driver. Thank you.

© 2015 Team Golfwell


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