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Simple advice for acquiring shelter when stranded in the wild

Updated on October 30, 2015

What to do to get shelter

This following advice is written to be general and is targeted at what you should do if you're stranded in any environment.

1. Most appropriate location: Find a pre-made shelter that is already there.

Look around your surroundings, find a suitable location that will best shield and protect you from the elements. One of the important things to consider is that this location provides the best protection out of all the others you have scouted, and also this location should best be 'on route' to your evacuation or exit from your survival situation. The location should be as free from danger as possible - This includes weather risks, predators, disease causing organisms, etc. Secondly, try looking for some sort of shelter over your head to protect you from rain, and an elevated platform off the ground to protect you from losing body heat and from insects and biting animals such as snakes, etc. If after scouting for location, and the best one doesn't fulfill the above mentioned things to look out for, its okay, we'll move on to the next thing to think about and work on. Read on...

2. Build / renovate your shelter

If you don't have a pre-made / natural shelter out there when you're in the wild, you can build a survival / primitive shelter from scratch, or renovate your existing shelter that you've found that best protect you from the elements and dangers in the wild. Gather whatever useful materials you can find out there. Work on covering your shelter further to protect you from the weather, and a platform off the ground to avoid losing body heat, and getting bitten.

3. Build a campfire

The shelter isn't totally complete without a good long lasting campfire to deter and keep away predators, mosquitoes, biting insects, snakes, and pretty anything that wants to eat or bite you alive. It also helps to keep you warm if it's cold out there, and gives you some sort of psychological comfort.


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