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How To Heelflip | Skateboarding Trick Tips for Beginner Skaters

Updated on December 3, 2014

Once you've learned how to Ollie, 180, and Pop Shuv-It, the next trick you might want to learn how to land is a Heelflip.

Like any other trick, you have to be patient and have fun learning this trick. Doing this can help you land your tricks quicker and easier than you might expect.

Watch this video of PJ Ladd teaching you how to do a Heeflip:

Heelflip Trick Tip Video

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How To Do A Heelflip
How To Do A Heelflip

How To A Heeflip: Trick Tips

Before doing a Heelflip you should know how to Ollie very good.

When you POP your Heelflips jump straight up, and not in front of your board. When you jump forward and your board flicks behind you it's because you're bailing, otherwise know as being a chicken.

Jump straight up and flick your heelflip underneath you!

Your board will be flipping right under your body/ feet and that's where you want it.

Now for the flicking part...

You've got to be able to flick your ankle right in the little groove before the nose of your board aka the corner.

It's all in your FLICK.

Flick your ankle towards the corner of your board when you're at the peak of your ollie, and flick it down obviously.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Position your upper half of your back foot on the tail... comfortably.
  • Position your front foot straight across the board, halfway on the board with your toes hanging slightly over
  • You should really make this whole process just feel natural. Just get your board and pick the right foot positioning right off the bat like you've been doing this for hundreds of years... and then...
  • Bend your knees/ crouch dow and POP! Smack your tail down really hard on the ground while sucking up your legs.
  • While in the air at your peak, flick your ankle toward the corner groove of your board and flick it sorta down, so that board flips under your feet like it should.
  • Jump straight up as you're doing this too
  • Catch your board above the bolts, stomp it, and roll away like a PRO
  • Then come back here and tell me you landed a heelflip =]

Last Minute Tips For Landing a Heelflip

You wanna learn a heelflip? Here's some tips for you...

  1. Stop telling yourself can't do a Heelflip and start believing YOU CAN
  2. Imagine yourself doing a perfect Heelflip over and over again in your head
  3. See yourself executing and landing this trick over and over again
  4. Act as if you can already land a Heelflip and feel like you already have
  5. Once you believe you can, go for it FULLY with no hesitation

Now go outside and make it happen! Believe in yourself, picture it happen, feel as if you know you're about to land a Heelflip, then take action!

Hope this helps ...let me know in the comment box below.


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    • profile image

      Malicious 5 years ago

      I can heelflip but I don't get what this guide is saying cause i don't "flick" at all. I "kick" outward (straight off the board) when i do it. But i guess that's just how I, and my friends do it...

    • theBanman profile image

      theBanman 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hey Nevin, you might have to wear your shoes in a bit first, but also keep practicing flicking your ankle towards the top corner of your skateboard. Flicking your heel takes work, but stay with it and you'll figure it out.

    • profile image

      nevin 5 years ago

      im trying really hard but my front fooot is not flicking forward could it bececause i got new shoes or what i can't filick it forward XD

    • profile image

      skateman 7 years ago

      thnxz i sure this will hlp me a lot

    • profile image

      jordan 8 years ago

      thanks im sure this will help a lot. I cant go skate right now, but i will go out and try it tomorrow. As soon as i get them down i will comment to tell you that i did.