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Skewed Views and Stewed news

Updated on November 9, 2009

Giants Fall Back to Regroup

Some say the NY Giants are done for the season. I say that they were done for yesterday's game only, right after Tynes missed the gimme chip shot field goal yesterday. That miss set the tone for the rest of the game. Many naysayers questioned why Coach Coughlin did not have super star running back Jacobs just run it in for a touch down because it was 4th down and one yard to go. 4th and 1 is never a sure thing. Usually you drop back and kick because a field goal from within the red zone is the much higher probability call.

However, NY Giants placekicker Tynes missed what just about every other kicker would have made. The Giants had just completed a long sustained in your face, smash mouth, eating up the clock drive, and to come away with no points after making all of the right calls was disheartening to say the least. Sure there were some offensive and defensive lapses later in the game that may or may not have turned things around, but all of those "lapses" are moot if Tynes had made that chip shot.

Some say that going into the bye week with this crushing defeat (losing by 1 point in the final seconds) will squeeze the life out of the Giants. I say that the Giants have shown character, particularly in their super bowl championship winning years (like trying to beat New England in the final game of the season instead of just trying not to get injured). The two weeks off will give the Giants a chance to heal injuries both physically and mentally. With some starters back there is no reason why the Giants can't end up 11-5 or possibly even 12-4 and make the playoffs either as a wild card or division champion.

Hope springs eternal. The season is half full, not half empty. Much will be determined after the bye week. I believe that the NY Giants will make the playloffs and then that is the scond season and i will make predictions after 16 games have been played,

That's the news and my skewed views. What are your views?


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