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Ski Racks For Sale - Buy Ski Racks For Cars, For Home, and For SUVs Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

One of the most difficult parts about skiing is not the actual act of maneuvering down a mountain; no, for all intents and purposes, that's the easy part. The hard part is getting to the mountain, driving up the icy and snowy roads, fitting everyones ski gear comfortably in the back of the car.

You know what I mean?

If you're a skier or snowboarder then I know you do. And that's where ski racks for cars come in. Ski racks - and snowboard racks - are the ultimate solution for transporting your skis to and from the ski hill. Car ski racks are easy to install, affordable, and very protective of the skis. In fact, as some may tell you, having your skis on top of the car is safer then having your skis cluttered together in the trunk - plus there's more space for everyone.

It used to be that only a certain kind of ski car rack existed (similar to auto roof racks) and that only certain cars were compatible. This, however, has changed in recent years: you can know buy ski racks for home, ski racks for SUVs, ski racks for all types of cars, a hitch ski rack, and even a bike ski rack.

All this means one thing: if you ski often, own your own pair of skis, but don't own a car ski rack, well, it's about time you buy a ski rack.


Ski Racks For Home

Although getting skis to the ski hill successfully is an important aspect of skiing, safely keeping your skis protective and in the highest quality at home is just as essential.  And that's where ski racks for home come in.

Ski racks for home are a great way to keep your skis protected in the months of the year when you're not skiing.  Many ski racks at home will be big enough to fit three or more skis, including poles (and if needed snowboards).  They are usually very cheap ski racks, making them an excellent way to store skis. 

Ski racks at home look like ski racks you see at most ski hills.  A couple bars connected and crossed together; made of solid steel that is hard to move.  They don't look very flashy - they don't really have to - but a few ski racks, like Yakima ski racks, are a little more creative.  In the end the type of ski rack for home you want is up to you. 

Ski Storage Racks

Another option to keep skis stored at home is to buy ski storage racks.  Ski storage racks are much different from ski racks at home (which consist of wall mounts, and portable holders) but are much more long lasting, and much less mobile.  By this I mean that a ski storage rack, once installed, won't ever be moved.  This makes for a less convenient option, but also one that makes for cheap ski racks. 

My favorite ski storage rack is the garage grid ski storage rack.  It only fits one pair of skis, ski poles and goggles, but is very affordable (less than 20).  It can be mounted directly to walls, and has a foam padding and finishing to avoid any scratches. 

Ski Racks For Cars

The most popular type of ski rack are car ski racks.  Car ski racks are the most affordable option and are a lot different from ski wall mounts and other ski racks at home.  Ski racks for cars go directly on the roof of the color, allowing you to hitch on the skis securely and take them to wherever you want to go - this means you don't have to ski at just one hill all year, but travel and experience numerous different slopes. 

There are many different kinds of ski racks for cars that you can buy, some cheaper, some more compatible than others and some that are much more stylish.

One of the best kind of ski racks for cars in the Yakima ski rack.  Yakima ski racks are a little more expensive than most car racks, but, for the money, they're worth it.  Most Yakima ski and snowboard racks can hold up to four skis and snowboards, with one button access that allows to quickly remove the skis.  Built with soft rubber and foam you are almost guaranteed to never have any scratches from driving with your skis; plus the universal mounting hardware will all you to hitch any type of ski or snowboard. 

Another option for ski racks for cars is to buy a bike ski rack.  A bike ski rack is a combination rack that allows you to mount both skis (and snowboards) and bikes.  This kind of racks are usually a kind of hitch ski rack; this means that they don't, like Yakima ski racks, have any further padding or special locks. 



Other Ski Rack Options

If you don't want to spend any money on buying ski racks for cars, homes, or anything, then you might want to pursue some other options. 

  • Ski rack rental.  Many companies offer the ability to rent ski racks for a day and even for a season. 
  • Use ropes and bungee cords to tie down the skis.  Many people do it the old fashioned way and use ropes and cords from home to tie the skis down.  This works, but remember - it's not the best way to transport your skis. 
  • Auto Roof Racks:  Some cars will come with roof racks built in.  When buying your car ask about auto roof racks:  you may be surprised how viable an option it is. 


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