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Skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado

Updated on February 6, 2018

Skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado

I watch the snow gently fall to the ground during the long chair ride up to the top of Peak 6. The glistening snowflakes make the ground sparkle as the crisp cool air fills my lungs. It is going to be a beautiful, snowy powder day.

As I get off the chair lift the wind hits me like a ton of bricks. I feel the cold numb my face as I decide which run to ski down. Should I take the deep bump run or the steep powder run? This is a tough decision. Both runs look like so much fun.

Peak 6 is my favorite peak to ski. First, it is the newest of all the peaks in Breckenridge, which means the runs are always an adventure because I am new to this area of the mountain. The landscape seems so foreign to me as I choose to take the steep and deep run.

It seems that my husband and I are the only people on this peak. Because Peak 6 is an expert area people tend to shy away. For the experts this peak is a skiers dream. It is full of endless runs, each with its uniqueness which makes them difficult.

There are no restaurants on this peak. To take a break there is a little warming hut but after a few hours skiing endless powder run after run I get hungry. It is time for me and Jason to head on down to fill our tummies wit some drinks and food. For the rest of the afternoon we take it easier and eventually we head home.

Peak 6: Breckenridge, Colorado

Peak 6 is one of my favorite peaks to ski in Breckenridge, Colorado. There are just so many beautiful, untouched runs to have a fun adventure on. My husband enjoys the tree runs while I enjoy the bump runs.

Because Peak 6 is the newest peak in the resort it makes it great for people who are tired of the same old runs on the other peaks that we have been skiing for years. It is always great to have new terrain to ski and new runs to look forward to.

If you are vacationing in Breckenridge I highly recommend checking out Peak 6. You will love the steep, deep bowls and the hiking to get up to even steeper terrain. This peak is full of endless runs that you can play on all day.

Heading up top! Not even close to half way.


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