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Buy The Best Sleeping Bag, Down Sleeping Bag, Double Sleeping Bag or Kids Sleeping Bag

Updated on August 22, 2011

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags have come a long way over the years, no longer paper thin were you freeze to death but quality down sleeping bags for warmth, kingsize sleeping bags for a cozy night in and designer sleeping bags for the kids.

Whatever the weather there is a sleeping bag for all seasons. Staying on top of a cold mountain; no problem, buy a sub zero sleeping bag, taking a holiday on a family camp site, double sleeping bag for you and a mummy sleeping bag for the kids.

In this article we will review sleeping bags to suit every purpose and every pocket.

Four season sleeping bag, down sleeping bag, double sleeping bag, boys sleeping bag, girls sleeping bag and designer sleeping bags. Whichever sleeping bag you choose buy the best you can afford and watch the weight if you are carrying it when backpacking.

Below is a guide to approximate sleeping bag standards, if in doubt check manufacturers recommendations.

Sleeping Bag Season Guide

Degree Approx 
 +35 degree
Indoor and Summer 
+10-+35 degree 
Spring Warm  Nights
-10-+10 degree 
Winter Freezing Nights 
-10 or Lower degree 
Sub Zero Alpine Conditions

Cheap Sleeping Bag

This section is called cheap sleeping bags, don't be fooled into thinking these sleeping bags are poor quality because they are not.

You may have seen really cheap sleeping bags in your local store or online, sleeping bags as low as $5. Be honest unless you have found the bargain of the century something must be wrong; probably the quality. Imagine how cold you could get in a $5 sleeping bag.

The sleeping bags we have here offer good quality at a low price:

  • Envelope Style
  • Fleece
  • Polyester
  • Two Sided Zip
  • Machine Wash
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Warm Weather Camping

These sleeping bags are ideal for light use in warm weather camping. They offer great value for money considering the quality of the sleeping bag.

Kids Sleeping Bag

There is a massive selection of kids sleeping bags, most are absolutely useless for staying out in the wild. This is a bold statement I know but the children's sleeping bag market is saturated with character sleeping bags that are not fit for purpose.

When choosing a child's sleeping bag start with practicality first and if it has a character on it that your child likes then consider that a bonus.

In the kids sleeping bag range are:

  • Mummy Sleeping bags
  • Character Sleeping Bags
  • Disney Sleeping Bag Range
  • EZ Bed Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Bag Set

Which ever one you decide to buy think about where it will be used, character sleeping bags are OK for sleepovers and fair weather camping, if your children are sleeping in more changeable weather then consider a good quality standard sleeping bag instead with a character blanket thrown over the top.

Double Sleeping Bag

I remember the days when a double sleeping bag meant zipping two single sleeping bags together; inevitably it was uncomfortable and the zips would come undone at 3am when it was freezing. You would then spend half the night trying to separate the bags to at least try and get some sleep.

Camping has moved on thankfully and so have double sleeping bags. You can now get massive sleeping bags that will fit two adults and one child, not recommended but hey ho!

  • Mammoth Sleeping Bag
  • King size Sleeping Bag
  • Double Sleeping Bag
  • Stronger Zips
  • Multi Season Sleeping Bags
  • Built in Pillows

As you can see there is a great range available, you can camp out, in the warm, with room to move and have fun at the same time. Maybe you are happier sleeping in a double sleeping bag on your own; that's fine too.


1 Season Sleeping Bag

It is possible to buy cheap sleeping bags with a rating of +35 degrees, for the purpose of this article we are looking at the quality end of the scale.

We are concentrating on the specifically designed sleeping bag because they are more likely to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

  • Envelope Sleeping Bag
  • Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Choice of Insulation
  • Double Zips
  • Draw String Hoods

The bags are ideal for warm nights, lightweight so perfect for backpacking and reasonably priced.

2 Season Sleeping Bag

This section of bags are best described as general purpose sleeping bags, they are still reasonably lightweight with the advantage of keeping you warm in cooler spring nights.

Sleeping bags for family camping trips in the spring come under this section, there are various designs, styles, materials, insulations and prices.

3 Season Sleeping Bag

If you are planning on camping in the winter or in an area were the night temperature drops considerably; this is the sleeping bag for you.These sleeping bags are often heavier, much warmer and more expensive.

Having spent many a night freezing in a field these bags come highly recommended, they are surprisingly successful at using your body temperature to heat the bag and maintain a comfortable heat.

Made from a variety of top quality insulation you are guaranteed a pleasant nights sleep.

4 season Sleeping Bag

These are the specialist sleeping bags, anyone prepared to camp out in sub zero tempratures is pretty special in my opinion.

These bags can be rather expensive but for good reason. The techology involed in designing these alpine sleeping bags is straight out of NASA. Some of these bags cost nearly $1000, imagine how could these bags must be.

One thing you can expect from a bag of this quality is warmth, they work in conjunction with your own body heat to maintain a constant temperature throughout your stay in it.

A word of warning, only use one of these bags in sub zero conditions as you run the risk of over heating in any other temprature.

The Best Down Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag review wouldn't be complete without a special mention to down sleeping bags.

It is widely accepted that down is much warmer than synthetic insulation, so much so quilts and coats are made out of down.

Down is usually duck or goose feather tips, lets be honest if it's warm enough for ducks and geese then it's warm enough for us.

Down sleeping bags need more looking after than synthetic sleeping bags, you really can't afford to get them wet as they take longer to dry and weigh a ton; oh and they are horrible to sleep in when wet. Dry down weighs less on average and will fold down into a smaller roll for transporting or storage.

Down sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes, take care when choosing and buy the right bag for you, don't let price dictate your choice.

Talking about price you will notice they are generally more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags but they are worth it.

Sleeping Bag Summary

So there we have it, a full sleeping bag review. It surprising how much choice you have when picking something as simple as a sleeping bag.

The secret is to understand what you need a sleeping bag for, for sleepovers a basic one will do, if you are planning a trip in the Himalayas then a more specialist bag is required.

I hope you have found this article on sleeping bags useful, if so please leave a comment, vote it up and share it with your friends. You may also like to read some of my other camping related articles on the right.

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