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Slovenian speedster. Rise of Kevin Kampl

Updated on January 6, 2015
Kevin Kampl in the jersey of Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg.
Kevin Kampl in the jersey of Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg. | Source

Kevin Kampl once already was a part of a Bundesliga club - Bayer Leverkusen. German-born Slovenian went through all the youth ranks of North Rhine-Westphalia based side. As many families from Balkans, Kampl family left their homeland and immigrated to Germany where Kevin was born in 1990. His elder brothers also played football and it seemed as a logic choice for Kevin to try himself in this sport. However, first steps weren't easy. Leverkusen had a plenty of talented players in its squad and when Kampl was promoted to the senior team, he mostly had to spent his time with the reserve squad or on the bench of first team. This was a sign that changes need to be made.

Kampl decided to try himself in a less fancy squad of VfL Osnabrück. Club played in 3.Liga of German football system and there young Slovenian had more opportunities to showcase his talents.

Soon he was discovered by the scouts of Aalen. Club that was just promoted to the 2.Bundesliga. However, this proved to be just a short-time spell for Kampl. One of the leading Austrian sides Red Bull Salzburg soon came up with an offer to Aalen. Austrians were ready to pay 3.5 million euros for then 22 years old Slovenian winger. Deal was soon finalised and Kampl finally was on the right path. Red Bull was well-ambitious side and club management had a faith in young Slovenian. Coaches gave him plenty of opportunities to play and attract even more attention with his performance. Kampl himself was keen to reach new heights and come up closer to his dream.

"My dream is once play in the jersey of Arsenal - the club that I like very much because of their style of football. Sometimes when I watch their games, I close my eyes and dream of how it would be if I was there playing for them. This certainly is a dream and I hope that one day it will come true for me which is why I'm always giving my all during training sessions. England has its own charm and London is a unique place," Kampl once said in an interview.

Slovenian football fans also hope that Kampl will improve his game and bring some bright moments in the jersey of national team.
Slovenian football fans also hope that Kampl will improve his game and bring some bright moments in the jersey of national team. | Source

Season by season, Slovenian improved and became of the most popular and regarded players in Austrian Bundesliga. He was exciting to watch on the pitch and Kampl knew how to attract fan attention outside of it. Outgoing guy who loves to surprise with some crazy haircuts and spend his free time somewhere near water fishing, which is one of his favourite hobbies outside football.

In three seasons with Red Bull, Kampl won the Austrian Bundesliga and Austrian Cup, scoring 29 goals in 109 games for the club from Salzburg. It was time to move on and look for a new challenge.

At the end of 2014, Kampl was linked with several clubs - Southampton, Everton, Liverpool and some German Bundesliga sides, such as his former side Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund. In the end, Kampl joined BVB for €10 million. BVB's sporting director, Michael Zorc was delighted about this move, telling to press: "Kevin Kampl is a versatile attacking-midfielder who we have been observing for some time. His style of play fits in perfectly with our own. He's an exceptional player with a lot of versatility, who has developed brilliantly in the last two and a half years. We wish him the best and all the success in his new challenge."

Looks like a great deal for both sides. Borussia really needs someone that could shake up the situation and help them to get past all the struggle they had. From the player's perspective, BVB was also a great choice. Jurgen Klopp knows how to work with the young players and get out all the potential they have. He could definitely help Kampl to bring his game on the next level and move closer to his dream about Arsenal. Slovenian is a very light, quick and technically gifted footballer. He has a good character, hard worker. That's definitely not a player that might cause any trouble for the image of club. Same as Marco Reus. Very talented and positive guy. You can easily use him in a multiple positions on the pitch. In centre of midfield or in the both flanks. He will adapt if it's needed and find the way how to help his team win. Exciting player found his way to play for an exciting team. Might become a great success story in future. It's worth to give him a follow.

Austrian highlights of Kevin Kampl


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