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Smart Transfer Moves: Chelsea FC

Updated on June 15, 2013

Silly Season is here! Chelsea have started off their signings with Andre Schurrle from Bayern Leverkusen, and it doesn't look like the transfer will end there, as the Blues are being linked to loads of players every day. Here are some smart choices for Chelsea to sign over the summer, along with players to sell and loan out.


BUY: İlkay Gündoğan (Borussia Dortmund)

Position: Midfield

Market Value/Estimated Cost: 20M/20-30M

Other Interested Teams: Arsenal, Tottenham

Overview: After a rough start at Dortmund, Gundogan has become one of their most consistant players. The 22 year old midfielder has a superb passing game, and is known for his technical ability. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said that Gundogan would be a good fit for Chelsea while Mourinho was at Real Madrid, and now that he is back at Chelsea, the rumors have been swirling. With 6 goals and 5 assists for Dortmund last year, he could be the final piece in Chelsea's already fantastic midfield, and would fit in their passing game perfectly. Gundogan has seven caps for the German National Team.

A Replacement For... Mikel/Ramires who are both good but inconsistant.


BUY: Gareth Bale (Tottenham)

Market Value/Estimated Cost: 42M/50-55M

Other Interested Teams: Real Madrid

Overview: Seriously. Chelsea are being linked to high transfer fee players like Edinson Cavani, while Gareth Bale is sitting in their backyard. The 23 year old from Wales can play anywhere, and has already proven that he can torment EPL defenses. Bale scored 31 goals for Tottenham last year, along with 17 assists, and would love the opportunity to play in the UCL. For a team lacking a potent attacking threat, Bale is the perfect choice.

A Replacement For... Mikel/Ramires (See above)


BUY: Yaroslav Rakitskiy (Shakhtar Donetsk)

Market Value/Estimated Cost: 12M/13-15M

Other Interested Teams: Arsenal, Bayern Munich

Overview: The 23 year old Ukrainian has almost as many caps (20) as years in his life, an impressive feat for a 23 year old. The centre back can also play left back or defensive midfield, and has draw comparisons to Branislav Ivanovic. Rakitskiy had four goals last year, including one in the UCL, along with 4 yellow cards. He would make a good back-up and future starting defender for the Blues.

A Replacement For.... Azpilicueta or Terry


BUY: Julio Cesar (QPR)

Market Value/Estimated Cost: 3M/4M

Other Interested Teams: Arsenal, AC Milan

Overview: Harry Redknapp has confirmed that Cesar will leave QPR in the summer saying "He's not a player for the Championship". While Arsenal are the front runners, could Chelsea swoop in and nap him from Arsenal's grip? Chelsea fans certainly hope so, as without Cesar, QPR would have been relegated much quicker. Cesar has started to become one of the top choices for Brazil at the goalkeeper position, and would be a fantastic back-up for Petr Cech.

BUY: Other Smart Choices

Iñigo Martinez - Real Sociedad

Marquinhos - Roma

Robert Lewandowski - Borussia Dortmund

Stefan Kießling - Bayern Leverkusen

Hiroshi Kiyotake - FC Nurnberg


SELL: Fernando Torres

Market Value: 25M

Interested Teams: Napoli, Barcelona

Enough is enough. Chelsea have seen Torres' market value half since joining the club for 50M, only scoring (for the most part) against teams like Aston Villa and FC Basel. Napoli and Barcelona seem to be interesting in the Spaniard who is clearly past his prime, so the Blues should let him go. A player doesn't have a performance dip for just a long time. Fernando Torres is not the Torres he used to be, and it's time to move on.

Replacement: Lewandowski, Kiebling and even Bale would all make good replacements for Torres.


SELL/LOAN: Marko Marin

Market Value: 7M

Interested Teams: Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Barcelona

Overview: There are three words to describe Marin at Chelsea so far: What a shame. The (former) German international joined Chelsea playing for Germany on a consistant basis and being labeled the 'German Messi', now he seems to be forgotten in the background. Chelsea should sell, or at least loan out Marin, who has loads of quality and is wasting his talents by sitting on the bench at Chelsea.

Replacement: Hiroshi Kiyotake, Gundogan and Bale are all great choices to replace Marin at Chelsea.


LOAN: Oriol Romeu

Romeu was mainly used in the Capital One Cup last season before getting injured, and he's not gaining any experience by sitting on the bench. Instead of loaning out the EPL's 6th top scorer (Romelu Lukaku), give Romeu a chance to go out and get some playing time before being named on the Chelsea squad. Plenty of teams should be interested in a potential loan, even if it is a short one.

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    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 4 years ago

      :) cool :)

    • nlazar profile image

      N. Lazar 4 years ago from USA

      @Richard-Murray: I updated it to include that. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 4 years ago

      I wish you would have made a swap scenario- out for in. instead of whose out whose in. state who leaves and if they leave- who comes in for them plus minus money