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Smith & Wesson Sigma .40 Caliber Review

Updated on December 22, 2013

Written Review

The Smith & Wesson Sigma series handgun that I own in .40 caliber is a very nice weapon. It's been a very reliable weapon that closely resembles the Glock handguns.

One of the downsides many people point out with this weapon is the really stiff trigger. Admittedly, the trigger is stiff and long compared to the Glock, however it also has no safety whatsoever on the weapon. Because of this, I feel the stiff trigger is an acceptable trade-off. I use mine for concealed carry, and if I wanted to walk around with a round in the chamber, I could do so with absolutely no fear of the weapon accidentally discharging. The trigger does take some getting used to, so if you're considering buying one of these weapons, I recommend renting one and taking it out on the range and practicing with it first.

I've had absolutely zero problems out of my weapon, and I've put over 1,000 rounds through it, and on one occasion I put 300 rounds through the weapon in less than an hour and it didn't once jam or misfeed or anything, even though some of the ammunition looked a bit old. In addition to it functioning very reliably, it is also very accurate. It takes some practice to get used to the trigger, but once you do the weapon shoots very consistently.

The .40 caliber version of the weapon comes with a 4" barrel and two 14 round magazines. The handle is just long enough so that it is as long as my hand is wide, and the handgrip feels very comfortable in my hands, even more so than other similar handguns.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Smith & Wesson Sigma .40 caliber handgun. It has proven very accurate and very reliable. I would recommend it as a concealed carry self defense weapon to anybody, but I would not recommend it to anybody shooting in competitions because of the stiff trigger. With a 4" barrel, it is a little long for concealed carry in a traditional holster. For that reason I bought an inside-the-pants holster, and would recommend that anybody wishing to carry this weapon concealed purchase a similar holster that makes it easy to hide, or at least get in the habit of wearing longer shirts.


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    • Dave Regala profile image

      Dave Regala 2 years ago from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

      When my dad was a corrections officer they were issued the Sigma in .40 S&W when they went on transports. He said it was the simplest most reliable little gun he'd ever seen. You'd think for the price they wouldn't any good, but my dad actually liked them better than the Glock! Very informative article, Sir.