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Snorkeling Sets

Updated on March 22, 2011

Snorkeling is one of the most relaxing and exciting water sports. Visualize yourself floating around and enjoying the view of the marine life. Feels like you want to take a dip now and leave your troubles behind. With all the pressure and rush you need to unwind every once in a while. Snorkeling is a better alternative to scuba diving since everyone can afford to do it, no extensive training, no expensive gear. You need to procure snorkeling sets, so that you can snorkel as soon as possible.

Snorkeling sets comes in two kinds. The basic set is made up of a mask and a snorkel. The other set is similar to that of the basic set only there is a pair of swimming fins that are included in this set. Snorkeling sets are inexpensive and it is better than buying each item separately. You can find a decent set of snorkeling set for such a low price of $50.

The downside of acquiring snorkeling sets that are mass-produced is that they are may not specifically fit your size though it is still practical if you don’t have the urge to keep on snorkeling. A viable alternative is to rent a gear wherein you can find something that would fit your specifications but you may have hygiene issues when it comes to sharing a snorkel with strangers. It’s like borrowing toothbrush from a stranger. In addition to that, you can buy a snorkeling set for the price of renting the gear for a day or two.

Cheaper sets however do not come with the silicone facemask skirt or even a mouthpiece. But you do not have to sacrifice quality for a lower price. There are different options that snorkeling set offers like the ones below.
If you check online, has snorkeling sets that cost only $29.99. The snorkeling sets are composed of the basic stuff like the mask, snorkel and fins.

You may also find the Travel Snorkeling Set that includes a mask, dry snorkel, and the unique Travel Trek Fins. It goes for less than $59 including a snorkeling bag to carry it all.

Tusa—a popular snorkeling gear brand, is another option. This may be the snorkeling set for you if high quality is on top of your list. The set is made up of a quality mask, semi-dry snorkel, the top of the line Tusa Xpert Zoom fins and a bag to carry it all.

Buy a Snorkeling Set online

U.S. Divers Cozumel Mask, Seabreeze Dry Snorkel, and Proflex II Fin Snorkeling Set
U.S. Divers Cozumel Mask, Seabreeze Dry Snorkel, and Proflex II Fin Snorkeling Set

Consisting of the Cozumel mask, Seabreeze Dry snorkel, and Proflex II fins, this bundle from U.S. Divers is a must for recreational snorkelers of all stripes.



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