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Snowmobile Riders Do it On Lakes

Updated on June 8, 2012

If you are an avid owner of a snowmobile and have put it away for the summer, pull it back out and head for lake. That's what many are doing in Minnesota, a state with plenty of months to frolic in the snow. There are many taking their snowmobiles onto the lakes in the summer and are equal to jet skis. So, instead of having two machines for two seasons, a snowmobile will provide the pleasure as long as you are keeping the speed up. That is the drawback.

Moose Lake in Minnesota is home to the annual lake race with snowmobiles. Some 800 patrons watch the event and this year 57 raced in it on the oval course hitting speeds up to 75 mph. This event is not real new, the first was in 1977. One racer new to this race was shocked how well a snowmobile is a jet ski on water. Most people have no clue about this. Drivers indicate it is like driving in powder snow at high speed, otherwise, you will sink. Racers start on land, churning up dirt and blasting into the water. It is like a drag race with cars. The racers don't sit - they stand, maneuvering the machines at improbable angles.

If the snowmobile does sink, it is not a loss. Just tow it out, turn it over, drain the water from the engine area and refuel.


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