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Soarin' Over California Ride at Disney's California Adventure

Updated on March 20, 2014

Soarin' over California

Soarin' Over California Ride at Disney's California Adventure

This is a simulator ride. It is located in Disney's California Adventure Park and in Epcot in Florida. To date it is one of the most popular rides that Disney has to offer. Everyone loves this ride, me and my family included. Every time we visit Disney we must ride this! It is a gentle ride that lifts you up in front of a huge screen and sends you on a magical trip over California.

As you enter the ride area you will notice pictures of aviation in California, this ride is a tribute to California's history and aviation. Just as you get ready to enter the ride area you will get to watch the pre show. Patrick Warburton will tell you to buckle up and keep all your belongings in the net pouch under your seat. As you enter the ride you will see a ski lift type seating, you enter your row and buckle up. The ride gently lifts you up to about 40 feet on the top row and about 10 feet on the bottom row and the lights go dim. When you have come to a stop the ride begins. You find yourself in front of a huge IMAX screen and surrounded by blue sky and clouds. The seats sway gently as it simulates a hang glider.

As the clouds clear you find yourself over the Golden Gate Bridge, the scene will take your breath away. The ride continues and you forget that it is just a ride. You feel as if you will get your feet wet as you dip over the Redwood Creek. Then on to a balloon ride over Napa Valley, view the coastline of Monterey Bay and ski at Lake Tahoe. The adventure of this ride goes on over Yosemite Falls, Palm Springs golf courses and the Anza-Borrego desert. The scenery is accompanied by different smells as well, adding to your pleasure and surprise. While you are over the Redwood Creek you will smell the scent of pine, then later on as you glide over an orange grove the smell of oranges will delight you. As the ride continues you find yourself watching surfers in Malibu, viewing the San Diego skyline and the busy L.A. freeway just before you end up in Disneyland! The ride comes to and end over Sleeping Beauty Castle. Then you are ever so gently sent back to the ground.

This is a ride that you will talk about for a long time and I am sure you will share your experience with your friends and family. This is a DO NOT MISS!

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt


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