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Soccer, Classic or Catastrophic?

Updated on October 24, 2017
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A glimpse of what this World is really like

This honestly is ridiculous. These are grown men, not five year olds, but looking at this picture I can't tell a difference.
This honestly is ridiculous. These are grown men, not five year olds, but looking at this picture I can't tell a difference. | Source

Watch It!!!

First of all, I am not standing by the use of diving, in any way shape or form. And for all of you who look down on soccer in scorn, just remember, I WILL cover other sports, later on, so you are not being missed, skipped over, and most importantly, you other players of sports DO NOT have anything extremely wrong with your sports, but I'll get around to it, trust me.

Why Flopping Happens

Flopping has really caught on just because of how much of a difference a foul in the box can cause. In case you don't play soccer, or simply don't know, when a foul is committed against the offensive player while they are within the box surrounding the goal. A PK (penalty kick) then takes place, a penalty kick is a direct shot about 15 ft from the goal, with no defenders allowed. Most of these penalty kicks go in and therefore has a large influence on the game as compared to basketball, for instance, in soccer, not nearly as many goals go in as shots in basketball and every individual point means much more. For instance, during the euros previously, Portugal won, but not because their offense was amazing, or that they came up with some formation, or that their players other than Cristiano Ronaldo are that skillful, they won just because they got a single goal, or didn't, but packed everyone in the back so that the other team could not score against them, that way, all they needed was one goal, or they would try to take it to penalties and would risk the entire game on their ability to make more of their five shots from the pk spot than the other team. When teams play so defensively, players will go down and "dive" as it is called to draw a foul, because if they get the call, it can influence the outcome of the game greatly. A show of acting found in a soccer game is so greatly exampled by Arjen Robben. Players will also go down at any contact if they know they do not have a chance of keeping an attack going, or if they no that they will no longer be able to score.

No Excuses

Now, I'm not making excuses for the divers such as Neymar, Busquets, and yes, even Lionel Messi. Despite what all you fans of these players might think when you come down to it, these players are placing the chance to win over their honor. It's a choice, and no Neymar and Lionel Messi fans, I do not support Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact, I do support Barcelona FC (just as a way to prove my loyalty I shipped a Barcelona phone case from Europe to America, so yes I am a true fan) every soccer player does it to some degree, even Wayne Rooney.

Messi Is No Angel

I never said Lionel Messi wasn't guilty of this.
I never said Lionel Messi wasn't guilty of this. | Source

Cristiano's No Better

Here's one for all you Cristiano Ronaldo fans as well, enjoy.
Here's one for all you Cristiano Ronaldo fans as well, enjoy. | Source

What do you think on this subject?

Is this the fault of the players, no one, or the refs?

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A Theory

I have a theory as to why this takes place, I think that the answer to this is fidget spinners. Much like how I saw the majority of kids at a baseball game, (read the article here Maybe the soccer players have been secret spinning them for years with the Illuminati who obviously came out with this object that they are mentally diseased. This would explain quite a bit about players like Paul Pogba who obviously have taken one too many headers...

This disease is spreading, but hopefully his hair won't follow suit.
This disease is spreading, but hopefully his hair won't follow suit. | Source

What's you opinion of Paul Pogba?

What do you think about Paul Pogba's hair and celebrations?

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Ending Statement

When it comes down to it, soccer is being completely disgraced, nowadays soccer players are acting like they are not playing/practicing for the world cup, but rather for the Olympics. I have realized that in soccer, most are not shooting, or dribbling, or passing, but are training to dive. As shown below.

The Truth

Soccer nowadays.
Soccer nowadays. | Source

What do you think?

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      Avi F. 

      15 months ago

      Great article! : )


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