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Soccer videos - Top goals in football history

Updated on August 24, 2015

Here I present you what in my opinion are the best goals in the history of soccer.

The majority of this goals are recent which proves the following 2 points:

1- I am not old enough to have seen goals from the 60s, for example;

2- With the increasingly bigger investment on the sport, players are forced to train harder to get better results. This also means that their skills are better than their ancestours, which makes it more likely that the recent goals are better than the previous ones

Please find below the best goals ever.

Messi and Maradona

It's impossible to choose between these goals since they are basically the same. The 2 Argentians Gods skill-pass through all the defense, starting from their half of the pitch. It's just amazing. It's the beauty of the game right here.

Ibrahimovic vs England

Ibrah... what a goal! He decides to do a bycicle kick trick shoot from out of nowhere and the ball gets in. It's incredible! The commentator says "I have just seen the most insane goal" and I have to agree. Only Ibrahimovic to do something like this.

Ronaldinho vs Real Madrid

Well, it's hard to choose the best soccer videos, even harder to choose the best goals, but to choose the best Ronaldinho goal is mission impossible. His touch is magic and there's a smile on his face in every game. That's why we love soccer, that's why we love him. This goal against Real Madrid is one of his best.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Porto

A shot out of nowhere, as Ronaldo has proven multiple times he can do like no other. The placement is there, the strengh is there, the rivalry is there. Because of all that, this has to be considered one of the best goals in soccer, by one of its best players.

Van Persie vs Spain

This for me should have been the goal of the world cup. It's just fantastic how he can do a chip with a header. Because soccer isn't just to be played with feet. An amazing header by Robin Van Persie, who also has numerous incredible goals.

Do you agree with the top goals?

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Please let me know in the comments what is your opinion on the best soccer goals in history.


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