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Soccer videos - Top skills in football history

Updated on August 25, 2015

After watching what are the best goals in history of soccer, we also need to check what are the best skills ever.

Skilling is not only bypassing the oponent and get further in the pitch, it is also how to make soccer beautiful.

The best skills are the ones that make us love the game, the ones that make the supporters scream of excitment and the oponents feel embarassed.

Here is what in my opinion are the best skills.


The nutmeg is such a basic skill but still so beautiful, especially if you combine it with different skills. It consists in bypassing the oponent by passing the ball between their legs. This leaves the player completely out of the play, since he will not really understand what happened.

Effective and beautiful!


Rabona is a skill that involves shooting the ball putting one leg behind the other. Confused? I'm not sure I can explain better, but the video above sure does. It is one beautiful trick and amazing goals have been scored with the help of this skill.

However, this skill is not so easy to do, as we can see in the next video.


The name comes from the portuguese "rubber band" and it consists in pretending you are going somewhere with the ball but quickly turning to the other side. Again, it's not an easy skill and only the best players can pull this off. But man, isn't it just wonderful when it works!

Can you understand the reference to "rubber band" by watching this skill?

McGeady Spin, The roulette and the spin move

I grouped all these skills together since they all involve in one thing: spinning. It leaves the other players wondering where you are and where you are going, especially if you do it fast. It's a nice skill practiced by the best players.

Sombrero Skill

"Sombrero" comes from the spanish "hat". This skill consists basically in passing the ball on top of the defender to the other side. It can be done in many different ways and when done correctly this skill is impossible to predic and almost impossible for the oponent to get back in the play.

Bonus Skills: Street football, futsal and freestyle

What is the best skill in soccer?

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I hope you enjoyed this. Please leave in the comments what do you think are the best skills in the game.


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