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Soccer vs Basketball

Updated on April 28, 2008

I want to start my article by criticizing myself for calling football as soccer. Although I hate calling football as soccer I know that most of audience is Americans and what they call football isn't football. (As a sports admirer I watched American football matches and kind of like the game but I am against a game played with hands being called football:)

There are two kind of people soccer lovers and basketball lovers. What is the differences between those two games. (I can hear you saying: "One is played with foot, other with hands.":)

  • Soccer is more of a team work. A team playing in great harmony is more likely to win over a team with one super star.
  • Basketball is a game of superstars. One man can change everything. (Michael Jordan. No other word needed to say)
  • Soccer is a game of strategy spread over all 90 minutes, leaves not much room for suprises.
  • Basketball is a game of breaking points. The whole course of the game can change in last 10 seconds.
  • Soccer can be played by anyone. It doesn't matter how tall or muscled you are. Every kid can dream of being a soccer star.
  • Basketball is for big guys. If you are short you can dream of being a basketball critic.
  • Soccer can be played everywhere. I remember playing with crushed coke cans as ball and goal made of two stones.
  • Basketball needs equipment. You have to have good ball and a hoop at least.
  • Soccer is an outdoors sport.You can play soccer in green fields or under snow.
  • Basketball is an indoors sports. You have to find a good weather or a good place.
  • Soccer is a continuous sport. You go out and play for 2 halves of 45 minutes without any period other than 15 minutes half time. You can only change 3 players (5 in some countries) so at least 8 of players remains on the field for 90 minutes.
  • Basketball is played over 4 quarters and teams can take breaks and there is a circulation of players all the time.

As you can observe I am a man of soccer. If you have any more item to add to this list feel free to comment.

And yes one is played with foot other one is played with hands :)


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    • profile image

      AI3 2 years ago

      You are saying about its a game of stars and saying Michael Jordan as your example you need to do you research, Jordan had two player Scottie pippen and Dennis Roman who helped him gain his 6 championships throughout his career. When you were commenting on you have to be tall to be good at basketball once again not true, muggsey bouges was 5'3 and played many illustrious seasons in the NBA, Nate Robinson stands at 5'9 and has won the slam dunk contest 3 times, Isaiah Thomas stands at 5'9 and attended this years all star game, spud Webb is only 5'7 and won the slam dunk contest and he was up against players that were 6'6 and even 7'. And believe it or not I'm rooting for basketball and I'm from the uk

    • profile image

      Ert 2 years ago

      First of all, basketball is by majority for tall people very few short players make it to the top. Soccer players on average are all those short players wanting to make it big keep dreaming...get yourself out of that Napolean Complex the way go Lakers

    • profile image

      You are wrong 3 years ago

      1. You can play basketball outside

      2. Basketball is a team sport people can be ball hogs but same with soccer

      3. It doesn't matter what size you are I've seen a kid 4 years younger about 3 feet shorter that just crushed them obviously you don't know about basketball

    • profile image

      iamnotbias 4 years ago

      First off, the author of this article is obviously bias towards soccer, I understand both of the sports,and to be completely honest I love bball, the thing about bball is you don't need to play it indoor, it's possible to play outdoor (park), I even played bball in the rain and it didn't seem to matter much to me, the strategies of both sports are pretty similar, except for the physical demands, soccer players resembles more of a middle distance runner (lean, muscular legs), while some basketball players are lean, they have 30-40+ inch vertical which is amazing and as we all know vertical leap comes from fast twitch muscles, the more fast twitch muscles, the faster and more explosive you are. In conclusion, soccer and basketball are both enjoyable depending on what you like better, both are physically demanding while basketball requires you to reach full speed in few seconds and then stop and leap up and then turn around to get back on defense, and also not to mention moving sideways when defending can be pretty tiring as there aren't any breaks other the end of quarter, timeouts and subs. soccer is a continuous sport that requires less explosiveness compared to basketball but requires endurance to run for a long period of time and also speed. So pleaseee don't criticize basketball if you dont know anything bout basketball :) thank you.

    • profile image

      SOCCERISAWESOME 4 years ago

      soccer is AWESOME!!!

    • profile image

      BALLisLife 5 years ago

      Basketball needs more teamwork. You can't set up a good play without having all your guys around, unless if it's a fastbreak, which is exciting.

    • profile image

      RizeCrispy 5 years ago

      It's not just about scoring goals it's about the game.Watching the players control the ball,passing,and shooting opportunities.

    • profile image

      Sammy 5 years ago

      Listen I don't want to be mean...BUT YOU SIR ARE A DUMB ASS. Basketball requires a lot of teamwork. Kobe doesn't do it all alone. His whole team helps him. Oh and short people CAN play basketball what about Mugsy Bogues? Or Chris Paul? They are short and they are SUPER GOOD!!! I understand you like soccer a lot but it doesn't mean you have to say shitty things about basketball when you PROBABLY DON'T EVEN WATCH IT!! Oh and you CAN play basketball without equipment you dumbass. Get a water bottle or a soda can and use a trash can you son of a bitch!!! I just wanna punch you in the face so hard and I'm sure Kobe Bryant does to. And I do not want to offend any of the soccer lovers. I am a fan of soccer to! I just like basketball more.

    • loythegreat profile image

      loythegreat 5 years ago

      Basketball is a sport...

      But football/soccer is a religion!

    • loythegreat profile image

      loythegreat 5 years ago

      I've been a long-time basketball fan... until I discovered football (soccer for Americans LOL). Since then, I'm addicted to football. People saying that football is boring and that nothing happens most of the time, don't know how beautiful a sport it is. There's a reason why it's called "the beautiful game." You have to be a football fan to appreciate the sport. You just don't look at the scoring aspect, but the intricate passing and movement that leads to scoring chances. Also, it's amazing to watch football players control and dribble the ball like artists to trick their opponents into making defensive mistakes. Basketball is action-packed and exciting, but no other sport compares to the beauty of football.

    • profile image

      Basketball 5 years ago

      Also to add to that in my comment above I gave some of many examples of how basketball requires teamwork, and I don't see any soccer fans giving any examples. There must not be any than, and passing the ball to each other does not count, there is just as much of that in basketball.

    • profile image

      Basketball 5 years ago

      I can critique just about every comment you made. Basketball is definitely more of a team sport than soccer, but you just don't realize it. You have guys setting screens for there teammates, cutting to the basket always trying to get open, and guys who get rebounds are getting more possessions for their team. Plus in basketball everyone is always talking to each other so you can help your teammates without touching the ball. Michael Jordan is a great b-ball player, but he got help from guys like Scottie Pippen and Bill Cartwright and all his other teammates. Also, if your with yours friends and you have to choose between a professional soccer stadium and someones hoop in the backyard, most people would choose the hoop cause you always hear "Wanna shoot some hoops" and never hear "Wanna shoot some goals". Also anyone can play basketball if they put their heart into it. One kid on the high school team who is probably one of the shortest kids in the grade is the starting point guard. He is able to make threes from Jimmer range easy and can get by anyone. Basketball is a game of skill, not height. Last thing that I'm going to say (although I have so much more) is that soccer can be decided in the last seconds of the game, and basketball not so much. The score is so low in soccer that one goal usually either will put you in the lead, or tie the game up. In basketball even if it's a close, but high scoring game, like 100-96, and there is 20 seconds left on the clock, and the winning team has the ball, then the game is just about over. And even when the score is decided in the last ten seconds of the game, at least it's exciting. Soccer is wait 30 min, cheer for 2 min, wait 30 min, cheer for 2 min. While in basketball it's wait 30 seconds tops, cheer for 10 seconds which proves that basketball is a lot better than soccer.

    • profile image

      dan 5 years ago

      basketball requires much more physical toughness than football (soccer). ive played both sports on high levels and am from germany. there are many small players who play really well all across the world and even in the nba youll find more players between 1,75 and 1,83m that play really well as stars or role players. if you touch the arm of somebody with a ball thats a fould but you guys have no idea how many uncalled hits you take as a basketball player to your face, head, ribs, legs, etc... in a game. thats also why the height/weight index of an average pro basketball player is higher than of a football player. put lebron james and rio ferdinand into a ring, james (or any other starting five player against any football player) would multilate him even if ferdinand had the same size. the only physical aspect in which a football player tops a basketball player is normally stamina. plus: the philosophy in football is i cry yell shout flop and dive to make the ref call a foul while you try not to show pain in bball to demonstrate to your opponent "you aint got shit on me" and to your coach and teammates that you are tough and deserve to be out there. even though there are SOME examples like munich vs man U 1:2 there are way more boring draws or zero games in football than youll find in basketball. bball is more intensive and much faster. football is just traditionally dominant in europe and i cant see this changing, that hasnt anything to do with the quality of the sport tho. @brian: 175 is NOT tall. u too short or what? lol but i have to say that i still think football is a nice sport, it can also be a joy to watch and i got respect for the stamina that is required for this sport. pluss its a social event here in europe, some cultural thing. even tho its a bit inferior / obsolete in many training / athletic / tactical / strategical aspects compared to basketball, ice hockey, american football, rugby (inmo). the only thing about football (soccer) which is more exciting than basketball is fan culture. but i want to watch a game, not the people on the sideline. so id take bball over football 10 times out of 10 even though im a bit small for the game i love which just means that i have to work a little more than others to be good. but that suits my character anyway. choosing football as my no.1 sport wouldve just been the easier, softer way.

    • profile image

      brian 5 years ago

      hey, basketball is for big guys thats true, for those people who says short guys can can play basketball, FUCK! Chris Paul is 175cm do you know how tall that is,, can i compete against Chris Paul if my height is 5'7.. your stupid if you said YES!!! Soccer is the Best,,,

    • profile image

      Darth Vader 5 years ago

      This is the most retarded and pointless disagreement I have ever seen in my life........

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      A good look at all sports in the major arena shows the differences. If you are a hardcore fan of each then baseball is going to win. Nothing like a George Brett versus top reliever in the Bronx in the fall. Football has pauses and the sudden death rules are cruel. Football has a lot of pauses. Time the plays and the time in between sometime and it will blow your mind how little action there is. Basketball is way to long in the end and each basket is two or three points. You only need about 30 to 50 to win so why get excited over one? Hockey is men on ice skating all over the place at mach speed and is the fastest but the scoring in painful and a defense has to break down most times for a score to happen. Soccer well there is constant action but I have never yet seen anyone score from their own end. A last second full court basketball shot of hockey shot(minus empty goal situations) is in the same arena. In football you can score all the way across the field but the chances are not real good. Baseball, well it depends on the hitter but a lot of guys can go yard on any pitch. The best can go yard on any pitch. As far as playing, well that is personal preference but until you can skate and hit a puck or turn on a curveball or do some of the crazy things that soccer players can do(those headshots are unreal) you gotta say those are the manufactured skills that make real money worth it.

    • profile image

      Nomena 5 years ago


      I grew up playing both football, basketball and other sports from 6 to 16. But more basketball untill my 20 age. The two sports are fun to play but i have more fun plaiyng football than anything else.

      Basketball is repetitive like rap music but football is more like jazz. Coming to america, i watched basketball of Michael Jordan all the week. Then when i feel like i see everything, i'm back to my love: football

      But all i can say is that kicking the ball is more fun for me than throwing it.


    • profile image

      Marco 5 years ago

      I have played both sport at a very high level and I was also a varsity at both sport. For starters I am a fan of both sport but I think that basketball is so much harder. I was a striker at my football team and it's not really hard, all you need is footwork,coordination,skill,and extreme cardio. Also in football the field is very big so you don't have a problem with spacing. While in basketball there are 5 players in a 94 feet by 50 ft (28.65m by 15.24m) court, that is not even half of the football field so surely you'll be having a hard time in protecting the ball and rotation. In basketball you run back to back for about 200 times while in football 50 times. So it's much more harder.

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      For all the idiots that keep mentioning "short people" dominating in basketball you might wanna rethink your wording on that one. They're both team sports but the biggest difference is that everyone mentioned here is not short. Chris Paul is 6'0", Allen Iverson is also 6'0", Nate Robinson is 5'9" all these guys (except maybe for Nate Robinson) are NOT SHORT. In fact, they're above average size. The thing is players in the NBA are so huge that a six footer looks short. The normal height looking players like Kobe Bryant are ranging from 6'4" to about 6'7" and then the big guys all the way up to Yao Ming fill the category. You show me a 5'3" player in the NBA that dominates the floor and hits shots over a 6'2" point guard or better yet a 6'6" shooting guard and I will agree with you.

      Meanwhile the greatest soccer player on earth by a LANDSLIDE is Lionel Messi he's 5'7". Diego Maradona is widely considered to be the greatest soccer player ever is 5'5" and he dominated the 1980s and almost single-handedly won the 1986 world cup for argentina.

      The greatest NBA players ever are

      Michael Jordan 6'6"

      Kobe Bryant 6'6"

      Earvin Johnson 6'9"

      Jerry West 6'2"

      Larry Bird 6'9"

      Wilt Chamberlain 7'1"

      Shaquille O'Neal 7'1"

      Bill Walton 6'11"

      Oscar Robertson 6'5"

      Bill Russell 6'9"-6'10"

      Isiah Thomas 6'1"

      Nobody is under 6 feet here.

      The 3 most dominant players in the NBA right now are

      Kobe Bryant 6'6"

      LeBron James 6'8"

      Kevin Durant 6'10"

      Soccer's most dominant players are

      Lionel Messi 5'7"

      Xavi Hernandez 5'7"

      Cristiano Ronaldo 6'1"

      Andres Iniesta 5'7"

      Johan Cruyff was one of the greatest players of all time and probably the best soccer player of the 70s and he was 5'10"

      I am trying to stress that basketball is a big man's game

      Soccer usually favors smaller guys from the 5'5" Maradona all the way to the 6'1" Cristiano Ronaldo.

      Bigger guys in soccer are usually goalkeepers.

      Petr Cech 6'5"

      Joe Hart 6'5"

      Costel Pantilimon (Man City's backup keeper) is 6'8".

      I personally like both equally and I am an American.

      As for Sky's comment. Dude soccer is not the easiest sport, you have to stay on the field for 90 minutes, 120 if the game goes into extra time. In basketball you play stretches of 5 maybe 8 minutes and sit on the bench. The luxury for basketball coaches is they have unlimited substitutions and when a player leaves the court he can take a breather and check back in. In soccer if a player is subbed out he can no longer return to the field for the remainder of the match. Why is defence in soccer way easier? If you note that in basketball you cannot reach in, if you make any kind of a contact with the ball possessor's hands or arms with your hands it is a foul. You run into a player it is a charge or a blocking foul. You shove a player it is a loose ball foul, you move into another player's way it is a moving screen. In soccer players shove each other, pull each other's shirts, and contact with another players legs no matter how hard it is, is most definitely not a foul as long as you are able to secure a touch on the ball before hitting the man. In soccer you take harder knocks (except for the occasional brutal fall from a failed layup) than in basketball. Soccer's defending is harder because you cannot use your hands. Rarely in the NBA do you see a 1-on-1 situation where the defender is made to look like a fool or is just absolutely blown away by the attacker (except for a fastbreak layup/dunk). In soccer you see the greatest player take on 2,3,4,5,6 defenders in one run. You never see a player in the NBA dribble in juke out all 5 players on the opposing team on the way to the basket. Because having a halfcourt setup in basketball helps ease the containment of the great players. Often the measure of a great player in basketball such as Kobe or Michael is their ability to shoot over people and make seemingly impossible shots. Body control and to some extent passing ability are also measured. In soccer to label a player as an all-time great especially in midfielders and strikers is their dribbling ability, speed, pace, ball control, shooting ability from far, finishing, ability to time runs and be able to beat offside traps, passing ability especially through balls and long passing. The criteria for being a legendary player in soccer is a lot more scrutinizing.

      I also disagree with the point that soccer is not a talent game. If you take a superstar and put him on a mediocre team that team will almost always beat the good team that is good as a team but has no superstars. Often times you see a boring match with the ball being disputed entirely in midfield and rarely any shots on goal. Then the manager makes a sub and this player provides the spark the team needed and suddenly that team is completely on top of the other team attacking and attacking relentlessly.

      I like both sports but I hate hearing how soccer sucks because you don't score 100 per game. I honestly will say that sometimes when I tune in to watch the NBA I will change the channel for a few minutes because all the possessions begin looking the same. Especially when no one can get a stop or when nobody can get a field goal.

      Soccer is awesome and so is basketball. I just wish that Americans can see that one day.

      By the way Soccer is a lot more competitive in terms of teams that can win an international tournament than basketball.

      When the olympic games come around and you see

      Kevin Durant

      LeBron James

      Dwight Howard

      Kobe Bryant

      Chris Paul

      as the USA men's basketball team starting 5 against another team who has 2 NBA players and the other 3 play in international leagues how is that USA not going to win that? There is no way this other team can beat the USA.

      I believe a central problem of soccer in the USA is that we Americans are egomaniacs.

      The NBA is the gold standard for Basketball

      The MLB is the gold standard for Baseball

      The NHL is the gold standard for Hockey

      The NFL is the gold (and probably only) standard for American Football

      The MLS is a shitty league, it probably isn't even top 20 in the world.

      The U.S. national soccer team is like 30th or something in FIFA's world ranking.

      We didn't even make it to the 2012 London Olympic games.

      We as Americans are too used to being #1 in everything. We are the winning-est nation in Olympic History. We have the best leagues in the world in 4 individual sports. Almost every olympic record is held by American Olympians.

      We suck at soccer and so we shun it as well. I'm not saying that's the only reason but it is a BIG reason.

    • profile image

      Sky 5 years ago

      i love both sports but 4 me the easyest sport is soccer because in basketball you need to do so much and it is very intence (not to mention all the hard d-fence that there is and that is involved in the game, plus in soccer..... well it is just easyer)

    • profile image

      to MarioGotze8 5 years ago

      daamn, you're as biased as one can getXD and srsly, only one country plays basketball? get your facts straight bro

    • profile image

      MarioGotze8 5 years ago

      And face it, even you watched the World Cup 2010. The world cup broke a record for being the most widely watched sport around the globe. And is there even a World Cup in basketball?

      South America, Europe, Africa & Asia play football and only 1 country plays basketball.

    • profile image

      EdenHazard 5 years ago

      And in response to CJ,

      You're talking about 'serious injuries'? How about deaths? People have died on a football pitch but very few have died on a basketball court?

      And who cares that a player needs to get good grades to enter the NBA? Most footballers get scouted to their respective teams even before the enter middle school! Petr Cech got scouted at age 7, Mario Gotze got scouted aged 8, and Marc-Andre ter Stegen got scouted aged 4! Almost every player got scouted in their early teens.

    • profile image

      Neymar 5 years ago

      OMG You idiots!

      Basketball: tiny indoor-cooled court maximum capacity:20,000

      Football: Huge outdoor field maximum capacity: 100,000

      Basketball: A push is a foul.

      Football: Franz Beckenbauer was playing in the world cup with a broken arm!

      Basketball is for women who need a break every 15 minutes and football is for men who can last 90 minutes.

    • profile image

      olol 5 years ago

      "Basketball is for big guys. If you are short you can dream of being a basketball critic."

      Uhmm let see,

      Spud Webb

      Nate Robinson

      Earl Boykins.

      and they're all under 6 ft.

      So basketball is not just for big guys.

      I personally like Basketball better the Soccer.

    • profile image

      McNugget 5 years ago

      What is kind of funny to me is that everybdy keeps saying basketball snt physical. people trow so many elbows and stuff in basketball. At any time you could EASILY get a broken nose or a twisted ankle. in soccer all that happens is you get kicked in the legs, but you have pads. No pads in basketball. Soccer players: prepare for some scratches on the back of your leg.

      Basketball players: prepare for a broken nose.

    • profile image

      dee-kay 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Pill Popper 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Joao silva soccer 5 years ago

      soccer IS BETTER THAN basketball

      basket is excitement ya but some many Americans said football soccer is not excitement fu man is not just 48 min its 90 and we don't have time outs and of course the players get tired.

      cr7 and Messi ARE BETTER THAN mj and Larry bird

    • profile image

      aklsdjfl; 6 years ago

      Michael Jordan did not win 6 championships by himself. Ever heard of Scottie Pippen? Dennis Rodman? Or guys that went under the radar like Kerr, Kukoc, Paxson, Armstrong, Grant, Cartwright, Myers. And the biggest reason of all: The biggest reason the Bulls won was because of their defense. Michael Jordan cannot guard 5 guys by himself. It takes a team effort.

    • profile image

      bitc 6 years ago


    • profile image

      bitc 6 years ago


    • profile image

      To the guys above me or anyone else for that matter 6 years ago

      Care to explain exactly why soccer is better??

    • profile image

      Mr.Bean 6 years ago

      Soccer is awesome and Basketball I hate

    • profile image

      Borat & Asmarat 6 years ago

      Soccer rocks because it is the best and you run llots

    • profile image

      sgl 6 years ago

      soccer is a game of smarts, basketball is a game for meat heads, i can say this because i have the privelige of being able to play each sport.

    • profile image

      bob 6 years ago

      hi, how r u? i have no idea how 2 play any sports at all. :)

    • profile image

      kyle 6 years ago

      This is to he above comment....

      Go suck a non-American dick thami swagg navigator, maybe then you'll find out what sport is played most around the world.

    • profile image

      thami swagg navigator 6 years ago

      come on people we all know that most of people play b.ball. football its too slow in tha making anthert side b.ball is takeing it in this 1........

    • profile image

      Tugba 6 years ago

      1 thing i luv abt soccer is that a match can end 4-nil that wil make the team that didn't score at al looks lik total losers n makin it a very ignominious defeat cause they didn't score. n we cn talk abt hw chastened they'd b 4 nt scorin. can the same thing happen in basket? lol no. Althou there can be a great differnc in points..both teams always scores!.

      I luv soccer becuz its a sisyphus sport n al da borin americans can suck on that xD

    • profile image

      Kean 6 years ago

      Yeah, thanks to you too. Peace out mate =)

    • profile image

      to kean 6 years ago

      nevermind, filipno was the first thing that popped in my head when u said asian ^^ hehe

      But thanks for ur peaceful reply, and ill try to be a little more rational in my future comments.

    • profile image

      Kean 6 years ago

      No, you didn't bash it, sorry about that too. But like I said in my last comment I can almost feel the vibe that you don't really like Football although you claimed otherwise. You can hate the sport, that's not a problem in the slightest. You can like or hate whatever you want and others will just have to accept and live with that. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. However, if you intend to argue with someone in order to defend what you like, try to be a bit more rational.

      And once again you are right, somehow it's really silly of us comparing the two sports, seeing that both has huge differences. One played with hands, in stark contrast to the other that is played with feet. Like you said, it's also somewhat about personal preference, therefore no matter how long we debate on the pros and cons to both the sports, we just won't be able to come to a conclusion. I mean let's face it, there is no easy way of measuring which is better.

      No, I'm Japanese-Maldivian. Why do you ask?

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago

      I want to see a soccer player get up on a basketball court and shoot at least a free throw. Or left-hand layup.

      I want to also see a basketball player get up on a soccer field and shoot a goal.

      You need teamwork & good coordination for both, so stfu : Don't judge the sport until you've actually played it.

    • profile image

      Hi kean 6 years ago

      yeah i hear u,i copied the part about parenting from yahoo btw, so please don't be too hard on me. and did i really bash on soccer itself so much? just tried to point out some differences.

      But back to main point. the part about time being to rest, yes tis true, but as someone wrote above me:

      "Basketball has timeouts to rest players. Logical because stamina is used for 24 seconds. Bursts of power need rests. Soccer has no such timeouts...because the action is always where the ball IS and where it WILL GO. The bursts of speed and power come in increments, build up,die down...very free-flowing."

      just wanted to point that out^-^''.

      But again we see how different these sports really are, and there is really no great way to compare these two sports. lets just say people have different likes and dislikes regarding sports and leave it at that.

      u filipino btw?

    • profile image

      Kean 6 years ago

      Hah! as if I didn't know that. My point is, no matter how you look at it, it's still counted as resting since you're not moving, the discussion is not irrelevant in this case, dumb-ass. It's true that in Football they are practically on their own without having the coach intervene the match every once in a while to tell you what to do, but then again that is also one reason why we love it: no interruption. In my viewpoint, it's takes a lot more mental exertion to score in Football than in Basketball. And don't associate sports with parenting. Actually the fact that you are equating sports to parenting does not speak highly of your intelligence. Neither does your ignorant praising of Basketball. And I don't hate Basketball at all too but I don't particularly like it because I find it boring and it doesn't necessarily means you should find it boring too.

      I'm Asian and unlike you I was raised playing both sports. As a matter of fact, I played Basketball in a more competitive level than football, in other words I played Basketball way more than I played Football. It's just about what your opinions on Football which made me think you were an asshole. Even though you said you like "Soccer", your disdain for the sport was kinda obvious. Just because you hate the crazy football fans doesn't mean you should bash about the sport stating out utterly one-sided opinions.

      You were right about one thing, nevertheless. Contrary to popular belief, Football is not "always" a better than another sport. Like you already said, there are fans who tend to think Football is the only good sport on this planet (just owing to it's popularity or for a similarly dumb reason), which is absolutely wrong. To be frank, they annoys the hell out of me too. If you ask me it's a complete disgrace to Football that we have them but then again every sport has fans like that. As for me there are sports that I love aside from Football, and one of them are Hockey. However, I personally prefer Football to other sports.

      Oh and I profusely apologies about the asshole part and calling you an American idiot, I now feel like the asshole. Your peaceful comment was exemplary and that made me feel like the stupid fuck around here. And you deserve my respect. To be honest, I am ashamed of myself. Your approach on reasoning with me did not turn out how I expected and it's admirable. I leaned my lesson, if you are going to argue with someone at least try to be temperament and prove your point in a dignified way. Don't get me wrong though, I still don't agree to what you said.

    • profile image

      (my opinion guy) 6 years ago

      to kean

      Hey, i don't hate soccer at all. Im european and was raised playing soccer. Like the sport, but the fans are the onese who usally annoy me. they tend to think soccer is the only good sport on this planet.

      btw, the timeouts doesn't acutally serve as restin pauses as u may think. its more for setting up plays and tactics or to stop the opposing teams momentum.

      The timeouts serve a distinct purpose in the communication between the team and the coach. If you were ever a parent or had a pet, you know that you get the best results when you correct something the minute you see it, not after the game or before the next game.

    • profile image

      The Rest OF The World 6 years ago

      And this is for the one who commented above Kean.

      Reasoning with monkeys are better than reasoning with Americans about their culture and sports. I once read this article on a news website which said American sports and culture were far more superior than that of Europeans and as if that doesn't sound bad enough, they were actually comparing Basketball, American Football and Baseball to world Football. Can you fucking believe that? o.o I gotta tell ya, I'm actually kinda impressed with their guts. They just never give up. Also this one time I came across an American on a site who went out of his way to convince the other ones commenting on the article that American Football is the most exciting sport in the world and that Football is boring cause they don't score a lot. He said "Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, yet anyone who thinks it is the best in the world is sadly ignorant of better sports. The reason some are compelled to "bash" people who like soccer is that we're genuinely searching for a reason why soccer is popular, when other plainly better sports exist." I was like "WOW" and it left me wondering "How retarded and egotistic can an American get when it comes to defending or convincing that their sports are better?". It's like he was really glad to fight a losing battle. And it was kinda amusing too since his argument was completely invalid cause he's American, not to mention that the rest of the world doesn't really give a fuck about Americans opinion on WORLD football. I repeat world football, cause some of these Americans believe it's a European sport while it's not. But I gotta admit he's a real fighter, I mean you have got to give credit where it's due, right. What an asshole!

    • profile image

      Kean 6 years ago

      This is to the above comment.

      Bandwagon? Pfffff don't make me laugh!. You must be freaking mental if you really think that. In Basketball you get a time out every 3 minutes and they play for like 48 minutes...What the fuck? Even though it's just your opinion the information is kinda misleading so shut the fuck up, you clearly knows nothing about Football you (probably) American idiot.

    • profile image

      my opinion.. 6 years ago

      Its funny how people say its easier to control the ball in basketball, but when they try bouncing the ball themselves, they suck big time.

      Yes,soccer fields are much bigger, but players have time to rest when the ball is on the other side of the field.Don't tell me that EVERY player on the field are on the other side on offense.

      In basketball you constantly have to guard your man on defense and you have to move with the team on offense too. And even though the court is small, there is more bursts of energi when they run, and players always moves, after every pass or cut.

      And there is actually a lot of physical contact in basketball, but it depends on how well you defend. There is for example a lot of contact when players post up, or box out for the rebound.

      And yes, soccer is more popular, but i see it as the sport of bandwagoners.

    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      In soccer, football you are doing everything with your feet, chest or head. the smartest thing someone has is his hands. We are born to use our hands, to throw things is easier than to kick things to a target. Controlling the ball is way easier in basketball

      In basketball, a shot that went in isn't much of a difference. It's not that exciting when you see people go back and forth scoring all the time. A goal matters way more in soccer. You can just tell by the size of the crowd or the player celebrates.

      The united states is and was always the best as basketball, there is no comparison. However in football soccer, the rankings keep changing and it is very competitive. It is also the worlds most famous/favorite sport.

      in stamina wise, it's bullshit saying soccer players can be wimpy and basketball players become stronger and stronger. Soccer requires way more stamina than basketball. It takes about 20 steps to get to the other side of the bball field. Soccer players have to save their energy, always look behind, and change tactices and improvise the tactics.

      There are 11 players playing in soccer and 5 in basketball. and they both have one ball only. soccer is a bigger sport and players are paid more.

      In soccer, a bump, a tug, a slam or slap is not a foul. No time to stop for bullshit when the player can endure it. In basketball, you swap for the ball and he moves his arms and you slap him, it's a foul. all that muscle and can't take a slap? In soccer, you can lean on the opposing person, bump or slam into him, slap him tho that never happens, or sway him off. A hard tackle leads to a yellow or a red card, and 2 yellows lead to a red which leads the person out of the game making his team 10 vs 11. In basketball, after all these small fouls, ur out and a sub replaces you.

      In soccer you need 2 equipments, shin guards and cleats. cleats aren't comfortable at all. but the ground is slippery and you often change directions and turn around and do step overs. In basketball, it is indoor and the ground is so sticky it makes a squeaky noise when your running across it. You don't need shin guards in bball because you don't need to kick the ball. Even with shin guards, players break their legs. that's how intense soccer is.


      Playing: Soccer is greater than Basketball more fun

      Watching: Soccer is greater than Basketball more fun

      Difficulty: Soccer is greater than Basketball

      soccer is much harder.

      Stamina: Soccer is greater than Basketball more tiring

      Intensity: Soccer is greater than Basketball

      soccer is much more intense. the whole world is watching

      Portability: Soccer is greater than Basketball

      soccer is more portable. can be played anywhere.

      Popularity: Soccer is greater than Basketball

      Soccer is the most popular sport

      Availability: Soccer is greater than Basketball anyone can play. tall short etc

      OVERALL: Soccer is greater and better than Basketball

    • profile image

      hi 6 years ago

      u do know soccer originated from England, right? oh the irony

    • profile image

      Kak√° 6 years ago

      To all the american fools who think "omg i watch a football match for 90mins and all you see a match ending up in like 2-1"

      Common sense...idiots..because theres atleast 1.5billion people who want to play pro football. And most of the best get picked, so obviously its going to be more tensed not like basketball, where only like 50million people who want to be in pro b-ball..

      Football is much much more fun to watch...not bloody watch someone bouncing a ball while jogging to the other side and throw it srsly? i could do that in my mum's womb!

      and my last point "what's so himiluating about getting past someone with the ball in soccer and what's sp fun bout it"

      A lot

      MAINLY ITS WITH YOUR FEET NOT HANDS........fools.....

      You havn't reached the world's "sport" like...when you do you'll notice..

      Soccer is the sport of all sports

      And its freaking called football not soccer.......fools

      Btw nah messi will remain top-in a few years time wen i hit 16...then yup obv me...wait im 29? im Kaká!

    • profile image

      Lionel Ronaldo 6 years ago

      Add this to the above comment:

      Soccer requires more skill, endurance and litterally everything you need in sports.

      More many basketball? give a little nudge-FOUL! omg...

      You freaking slide someone with metal foul carry on..or sometimes...GREAT TACKLE!..You can barge someone and it doesn't matter where they end up and least you took the ball.

      Sport is about being free, not billions of rules..i've played basketball at school once for like 10 mins and it was boring! It stopped like every 3 mins because something happened...wrong dribble or somestuff like that wtf?

      Basketball player also have no stamina and endurance and there's proof, a commercial break like evry sometime, lol they pnly play for like how long 46mins? One football half is usually that long, WITH NO BREAK, and you run much longer, and play much harder, get hurt more...

      round it off, FOOTBALL is better than BASKETBALL

      And nah Gotze future star!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Christiano Messi 6 years ago

      Football (soccer) Vs basketball?

      Why compare them?

      Football Vs Religion or is God real? more like it...

      Basketball vs baseball etc...

      And to most comments on if in football you'r winning 1-0 doesn't prove you've won...Italy vs Germany world cup 2006, last 2 minutes= 2 goals...

      Football, is the most played most famous and most intresting and wealthies game ever, and shall be forever. No sport can link it, simply because it's great.

      I live in U.K, and i know U18 from Brazil who are top footballers, but i know noone except Micheal Jordan from basketball...that's true in most cases.

      Basketball is like only a thenth of what football is, firstly because a fat long man, who can't run fast and has no stamina can play it. You can literrally walk basketball through to score.

      Plus, football or soccer and some people call it, is the GAME. The true meaning os sport is Play watch and live soccer...

      Neymar future star of footbal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Davis 6 years ago

      This might sound awkward plus very irrelevant to the article but I just need to know why someone would consider me gay if I say that I don't like the cheerleading shown on every American sport? :S I'm perfectly straight and it's not as though I don't like hot cheerleaders. In fact I love them. But just because I don't like the art of cheerleading doesn't mean I should be labelled as gay, righ?

      Oh and Football over Basketball any day! :)

    • profile image

      Jenny 6 years ago

      I was forced to played basketball in highschool because of my hight and both my parents are all time NBA fans. Although I like football better I must agree that basketball is fun to play and very exerting too, but then again, why people find it interesting than football is beyond me. Unfortunately my parents didn't allow me to play football is because I might get a deadly injury. According to them football is one sport they wouldn't allow their children to play because it's way too dangerous. Please excuse my english by the way :)

    • profile image

      Jordan 6 years ago

      Americans are ignorant when it comes to soccer. They do not want to even consider how hard of a sport it is. Please be free to go run 3-4 miles in 90 minutes a long with the quick thinking having to be done before the bal gets to you and after the ball gets to you.

    • profile image

      hello guy 6 years ago

      I've been in Canada for 8 years and England for 5. And when I was 6 I turned TV on to watch cartoons but the first channel I turned on was basketball I watched the whole game and missed my favorite show and now play it even though I played soccer since I was 3 but basketball is the best

    • profile image

      From china 6 years ago

      Soccer fans around me are willing to stay up very late to watch a match,however basketball fans would not like to do so

    • profile image

      from china 6 years ago

      football(soccer) matches are much more exciting,when FIFA world cup begins?nbas final is going.At that time if you are a basketball fan you should find news about NBA with a microscope

    • profile image

      christian1300 6 years ago

      who Votes for soccer? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee(etc.) for basketball? ...........................

    • profile image

      Thanh 6 years ago

      I have a problem with your essay about basketball, this part : Soccer can be played by anyone. It doesn't matter how tall or muscled you are. Every kid can dream of being a soccer star.

      Basketball is for big guys. If you are short you can dream of being a basketball critic.

      I am a short guy, for my age and still I play great in basketball, I made it to my school's team 3 years in a row and we win lot of game so you don't need to be tall to play basketball. Basketball is also a cooperate game, watch NBA if you want, sometime you can solo up on your own. Basketball will practice you stamina because you will need to run back and forth to score, soccer you have 11 player in a field so you don't quite need run that much. I am a basketball guy :D (this is my opinion, ppl have different ideas)

    • profile image

      Oscar 6 years ago

      Anyone can shoot a basketball from a 3-pointer line, but shooting a soccer ball from 30 feet, that takes a lot of talent.

    • profile image

      jordan from oz 6 years ago

      i grew up in Australia a place were nether soccer nor basketball reigns supreme my dad loves the NBA so i grew up on the stuff i was born in 94 back then MJ23 was the best that's how i get my name i played b'ball from the moment i could walk for 14 years about a 2 years ago at school an Irish mate asked me to play goal keeper at school cause i was tall and could jump i instantly feel in love with the game i found myself watching epl playing indoor soccer and loved it i all these people saying soccer is boring play the game then talk its great i still love b'ball but soccer is right there to just like basketball when you're playing time is just to short

    • profile image

      RouenJP 6 years ago

      naah... basketball has only few similar tricks, dunking and shooting on a 3 point angle.. but soccer has a curving ball, a fast ball, a heading goal and an own goal...

    • profile image

      soccerfourlifeboi 6 years ago

      all u don't know that basket ball suck all u like doing is handling them balls Soccer is way better!

    • profile image

      Djvxt ut cztfx zs g 6 years ago

      Honestly, being a soccer player all the way, I feel that basketball is a waste of my patience

    • profile image

      027 6 years ago

      the summary of all this is:

      basketball is interesting when watching

      but football is better and interesting when playing

    • profile image

      CJ 6 years ago

      In response to "TheBosnian", a basketball game is 48 minutes not 46. Please do us all a favour and shut up and check your facts. In a basketball game, ray allen had his eye poked and needed surgery. In a game a while back, a player actually had his eye gouged out due to a defender trying to swipe the ball from him. In basketball, you are just as likely to be injured than in football with the same injuries. Every game, somebody has a broken leg or sprained wrist due to them landing awkwardly on a jump for a shot or block etc. Also, nobody cares if a uniform turns black, have you heard of a washing machine??? It is "Careers" not "Carriers". A few spelling lessons wouldn't go amiss. In response to your invalid cisse argument, basketball players play with injuries aswell. Ama're Stoudemire played with back spasms, Rajon Rondo dislocated his elbow mid-game, went off to the paramedics but loved the game so much that he came back and played the game going on to score points with one hand. In basketball, you have to have achieved reasonably good drades to play. Although i think Wayne Rooney is a fantastic player, his grades weren't all that good neither is his behaviour on and off the pitch. Now in basketball, you have to take a few exams to pass and most players get recognised by playing college games. That says that you must be in college to be recognised. Not having appropriate grades would automatically blow your chances of entering into the NBA. Any inexcusable behaviour on the court results in a technical foul or supsension if it is off the court.

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      In response to "Artan", avoid sexist remarks calling basketball a "Lady's sport". If it is a lady's sport, would you possibly be able to explain to me why most of the players are massive in both height and muscle mass in basketball whereas in football, you can easily go professional being 5"3 for example and weighing 120 pounds???

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      I am a soccer fun. but i am going to admit that some of you are righ. Watching guys run behind a ball for 90 minutes for the game to end 0-0 is a waste of life. That's one of the reasons i quit watching soccer matches. i figure that i can do more usefull and exiting stuff in those 90 minutes. and yes baketball is more exiting, even though i cant play it, now i at least enjoy watching it

    • profile image

      Monta Rondo 6 years ago

      you remember playing soccer with a crushed can, what did you do when you where done with the game, you most likely shot it like a basketball into a rubbish bin. soccer is for bitches and basketball is boss

    • profile image

      Scott 6 years ago

      Can't agree with you more Teleute. Soccer remains unpopular in America because the majority of the population suffers with a mental illness that prevents them from accepting any sport not created within the last 2 hours that they are not good at. Hence the reason why they invented and call football 'soccer'...'SOCK-KER'.

      One more thing, Formula 1 racing is clear and convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that "European culture and sport" is vastly superior. I mean, NASCAR, c'mon - why do they even bother with steering wheels!? XD

      Football all the way!!!!

    • profile image

      Soccer 6 years ago

      I luv soccer I've played for 8 years and im stil playin!! And it isn't jst bout runnin and kicking a ball its bout having fun teamwork and it gives u a tough skin!! Unlike b-ball wich makes u be wimpy cuz u cant push other players without gettin in trouble so I have to agree with this page thanx for ur time and effort!!!

    • profile image

      Teleute 6 years ago

      I love how culturally threatened Americans feel by soccer, and hence their obsession with bashing it.

      Soccer is by FAR the greatest game in the world. It's the most watched, most played, most loved, most money making, most wealthy, most discussed, most followed and most respected sport.

      Its superiority is proven by the fact that it towers over all other sports in popularity.

      Trying to bash and insult soccer is like trying to insult heterosexual sex. 95% of the people on this planet like soccer and heterosexual sex. You are never going to convince them that they are boring, so why even try? You just make yourself look incredibly out of step with the majority

      How more simple could it get? Try to be objective for once. You are saying that soccer isn't a good sport or inferior to basketball. But if it wasn't it wouldn't be watched by billions of people around the world, now would it?. If there was a more entertaining sport to watch, people would certainly watch that sport instead. The MAJORITY chooses to watch soccer instead of Basketball or Baseball or American NFL or Sumo Wrestling or Cricket because that majority believes that soccer is the greatest. These stupid Americans think that rest of the world doesn't know a thing about their sports or other sports and go with soccer just because it is popular but that's not true at all. People actually do know of other sports, and they WILLINGLY CHOOSE to watch and follow soccer. No matter how culturally threatened you feel by this as an American, it won't change. Soccer will always be more watched that any American sport because it is inherently more entertaining than any other sport, thus people watch it rather than other sports. The only reason you think your American sports are better is because they are AMERICAN, its blind pride and patriotism that prevents you from admitting to what almost the entire planet agrees on. In my humble opinion, to say these billions of people are wrong to find soccer entertaining is not only INCREDIBLY ignorant, its downright arrogant too, prototypical "ugly Americanism". Period.

      I don't know how I could say it any simpler.

    • profile image

      FIFA 6 years ago

      I watched a basketball game for 6 minutes. There were 4 commercial breaks. Which for the players are...breaks. I participated in a basketball practice and wasn't fazed while other people half-passed out from 'sprinting'.

      Tell you what. I will say basketball is a manly sport when u can make any physical contact without it being a foul. Seriously you hit someone in the arm it's an instant foul! Soccer rules. Cry about it.

    • profile image

      SSjKidGoten 6 years ago

      You don't know much about basketball...I like soccer and basketball a lot but I think basketball is better. Basketball DOES include teamwork and you use all parts of your body. You have a risk of losing even if your 40 ahead. And not ONLY tall people can play. Small people can play to...And wow in soccer you play for 90 minutes and no breaks? Basketball has 4 quarters you get more breaks. One man can't change everything in basketball.If someone could then someone could in soccer! Basketball includes a lot of teamwork. And you could play with a can and a normal basket or trash can if you like. And it doesn't depend on the ball. No balls suck unless their made from a bad company. All of the balls are good except they all look different. So how about you learn more about basketball. Ok?

    • profile image

      the game 6 years ago

      look soccer is the best. You can play soccer if you are big or small. Soccer is a strategy game. unlike basket ball where you shoot the ball in a hoop.Those of you who say soccer is boring well you can go get a life

    • profile image

      theo_shelton(all-round.balla) 6 years ago

      Okay im not gonna write some long as shit for this, cuz rlly nd truly its a waste of my time. Someguy rlly shut the fuck up...seriously..its wat u like, get tht dumb ass. Im srry, its tru. FOOTBALL is ranked number 1 in the world but what if we never had a #2 or a #3 or #4 or #5, the guys that play these sports possibly cnt play football or dnt like the sport, but found something else that they liked and could use as a way to stay in shape. u kno rlly FOOLISH ppl come on this thing acting like they know everything, not sayin tht i do, but apparently, i know a whole lot more than 3/4 the ppl tht commented. Gman snips :/ is a contact sport dumbass... :/..ahmm yes it is tht interesting for a team 2 win by 20 or 40 points..if u watched basketball or knew shit abt it, tht doesn't happen a lot. so what the team just magically went up by tht much points rite? u know because the players never had to fight and play their hearts out to be leading by 40 points..WOW..tell me more abt magical way of winning games by huge margins.. dumbass...btw basketball much harder than football. u need a lot more practice as an athlete to be great at basketball. While you do need practice for football, not as much. Almost, every Jamaican guy is good at football..those same guyz would suck at basketball. Now the basketball players are at least good at football. Let's say tht there is an open goal in soccer and a real seriously amateur guy tries to kick the ball into the goal - Pretty Easy once he takes his time (it would eventually go in if he kicks it rlly slow). Compare that to if a rlly rlly amateur guy wants to take a shot from the free-throw line. Which do u think would probably score more times?

    • profile image

      Someguy 6 years ago

      Football(its not called soccer)is WAY better than basketball.





    • profile image

      soccer 6 years ago

      soccer is internationally ranked #1 in sports

    • profile image

      unanimous 6 years ago

      I used to live in il before i moved to fl we used to call soccer soccer now we call it futball or football weird

    • profile image

      gman snips 6 years ago

      soccer and basketball are both fun to play, but soccer is more fun because of the physical contacts. basketball is game for bitches. no physical contacts, what kinda bull shit is that? winning a game by 20 or 50 points is not really that interesting for bball because it happens, where as in soccer a team have to fight and fight just to score one goal is mor fun to watch and play.

    • profile image

      Ram 6 years ago

      go figur..yall yucks that post them ther basketball stuff don't even know how to spell ur stuff to complaing...I think that sez a lot bout how much u know...intellergents just doesn't go wif ur basketball comments..If you did had a little of what it takes to comment, you sure would have made a clear point with better english. I sure hope the students that I have spent many years and time with don't sound as ridiculous as those of you who can't spell, type or obviously share an intelligent thought. It is so sad to see that our education system has gone so far by the way side, that ignorance is what we are stuck with reading on posts like this.

    • profile image

      Egidijus 6 years ago

      Saying that some sports has less tactics shows about low knowledge of the one who says that. People who see football(soccer) rarely says: "oh, that's sport where 22 idiots are running after a ball", and then thoose who see basketball rarely says that it is "just run and shoot". Its big bullshit. Basketball has tactics, combinations in attack and in defense as well, after time out it may be changed totally. So way You see sports is very primitive if You don't see "team work", etc.

      Can't believe some says basketball is ladies sports. Tell it to face of Shaq. This "girl" will hit You that You will not wake up for long. THere are lot of contact in basketball, sometimes its unseen as You pay most of attention to the guy who has the ball.

      If someone wants to discuss write me:

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      I'm sorry but i'm against about what you've stated:

      "Soccer is an outdoors sport.You can play soccer in green fields or under snow.

      Basketball is an indoors sports. You have to find a good weather or a good place."

      actually sir the advantage of an indoor sports is that what ever the weather outside you can still play.

      you can't play soccer in snowy fields if there is a hailstorm right? while you can play basketball indoors even there is a hailstorm outside.

      so to make things short..indoors sports like basketball have no problems when it comes to weather...

      and about the good place you are saying...a stadium is always a good can't play soccer in a small street.

    • profile image

      Me :) ;) :D :P :B :'( 6 years ago

      Soccer vs Basketball

      Soccer and basketball are both similar in terms of popularity and skill level.

      The objective of soccer is to get the ball past the goal line in your opponent's goal. Once the ball passes this line, you score a point. It is also similar to rugby and football where the ball has to be brought past a line in order to score a touchdowwn. However, soccer is a less rowdier and more organised way of the game. Although it may not look interesting to some, it is how you perceive the game that is important. If you think of it as 22 men kicking a soccer ball around a pitch, of course it'll look boring. For some who haven't watched football (or think it is boring), they probably might think, "What's so interesting about a few men running past some lines to get to the other side while trying to avoid being taken down? I do that everyday to catch the bus, minus the ball, of course!", it's boring. Soccer is interesting because you get to see the flow of the passes, the build up before that one moment the ball goes past that line. You get to see the fouls and feel what the players are feeling. You get to say, "I bet he's going to pass it to the left wing and cross it over before heading it into the top corner," you get to predict and see how the game unfolds. You get to see the flight path of the ball and see it land back into that net.

      Basketball is also an interesting sport. 1 ball, two baskets and 10 men. 5 in a team and they will do anyting and everything to get that ball slammed into that basketball. Basketball, unlike soccer, is always fast paced (players in soccer pass to ope team mates in their half before tearing down the defense and forwarding it to the strikers). The ball goes to the left side, flys to the basket, before being caught and dunked. The excitement is in the ball. The way and how it moves is always an exciting thing to look out for in a game. The audience gets to see the ball fly in an almost perfect arc before swishing it into the net, most of the times, almost too miraculously.

      Soccer and basketball are almost too alike if you ask me. However, the differences do level up with the similarities. Obviously, the scoring system is different. A goal in soccer is one point be it outside or inside the penalty box. A basket is worth either two or three points depending on the position of where the shot was made and a free throw equals one point. Secondly, the playing area is different. A soccer player has to run up and down a pitch and can stop whenever he walk if the ball is in the other half near the penalty box, he just has to make sure his man is being guarded. For basketball, the court is smaller. But the outbursts of energy are more frequent. Lastly, the criteria different, especially the height. A soccer player can be short but a basketball player has to be tall but there are a few exceptions. The basic requirements for both sports: a player has to be agile, strong, have bags of stamina and have great court/pitch vision.

      In conclusion, the choice is up to you (but please keep in mind that you must enjoy the sport and not let others influence your choice) , whether we like soccer or basketball or maybe an entirely different sport?

    • profile image

      Extra idiot 6 years ago

      beach volleyball all the way

    • profile image

      F H 6 years ago

      Uh, Nate Robinson isn't short. He's 5'9", which is normal height. The fact that anyone 6'3" or under is considered short in basketball is very telling. Average height of basketball players? 6'5" or 6'6". Just because the occasional freakish athlete like Nate Robinson can make it doesn't mean anyone can.

      As someone who has played basketball and soccer, soccer definitely has more contact. In basketball, if you so much as touch the player with ball (unless their back is turned), it's a foul. In soccer, tackles, pushes, etc. is all fair game. I actually play both, I doubt you've ever played soccer.

    • profile image

      FU13 6 years ago

      BASKETBALL can be played by anyone. it just matters what positions they like to play, even if you're short. for example, what about nate robinson? hes short but REALLY a basketball star. if you're short, you're just more likely to play point guard or shooting guard. and there is NOT more contact in soccer than basketball. are you kidding me? basketball is ALL about contact!!!! soccer can be played by weak people too.

    • profile image

      F H 6 years ago

      Agreed with qazwx. I've played both extensively, and soccer is much tougher. There is way more contact in soccer than basketball, more running, and more skill involved. In basketball, the greatest advnatage you can have is just being tall. Guys like Ben Wallace, Shaq, and Dwight Howard don't have a whole lot of skill but because they're tall they are great at basketball.

      I doubt most of the basketball lovers here have played a lick of soccer, and if they did, they'd get slaughtered.

    • profile image

      qazwx 6 years ago

      Sasda, I have never heard anyone consider basketball players to be the "most athletic" athletes. As someone who has played both sports extensively, I have to say it's patently false, and I doubt you have played much soccer at all. The fact is, anyone so much as touching a basketball player while they have the ball is considered a foul. While there is limited contact in the paint, it pales in comparison to the constant jostling, pushing, and tackling soccer players face. It's not just a slide tackle, but it's a slide tackle, running at full speed, hitting one of the weakest parts of your body (Ankles). That is far, far more dangerous than anything in basketball.

      You saying soccer is much easier to learn than basketball is laughable, and anyone who has actually ever tried to learn both will know that soccer is much, much more difficult. It's not even a fair comparison. Some players are good enough to go pro in basketball after just a few years of playing the sport. In soccer? I doubt anyone could compete without at LEAST 10 years of competitive play.

    • profile image

      sasda 6 years ago

      It just depends on your natural ability. Soccer is a very demanding sport but doesn't require that you be a great athlete. If you are well conditioned they can find a place for you on the soccer field remember not ever player on the field attacks and defends and most players have a singular job. You do run a lot but you are not always running hard, you are not jumping every few seconds you are not in a squat position trying to slide and stay if front of a guy you can't touch. Soccer has a lot of stoppages in play as well, not as long but many more. Also since there is not shot clock teams are not in aggressive attack mode once they have possession of the ball so a lot of time what you get is the equal to a basketball team running a 4 corner spread with a cutter all game on offense and a 2-3 zone on defense. You do take contact here and there, but I'd rather take a slide tackle from a 140 pound guy while I'm on my feet then a body check, shoulder to the chest, hip check, knee to the thigh, etc from a 250 or 300 pound guy when I'm in the air or running full speed across the lane.

      At a high level since all players must attack and defend ever player on the court takes contact every play, not so in soccer, attacker take contact when they are attacking, defenders take contact when they are defending.

      You have to be bigger stronger and more athletic to play basketball at a high level. A well skilled basketball player will have a much easier time learning to play soccer at a high level then a skilled soccer player would learning to play basketball at a high level.

      This is why generally coaches and trainer consider basketball players the most athletic and well balanced team sport athletes on the planet

    • profile image

      Bball lover 6 years ago

      Okay this is ridiculous. BOTH sports have their challenges. I personally think basketball more fun to play, but that's just my opinion. But to say its a pansy sport is crap. Both sports involve a bunch of running. However soccer has a defense and an offense. In basketball you play both. So while your complaining about your 90 minute game without timeouts; remember that while you were just on defense you're taking a nice break while your teammate is on offense. So don't give crap about constantly running because be honest here, you aren't running up the field, you have to stay back.. People also think that in basketball you just throw the shot up. Half of the shot is using your LEGS to get the shot off. When you're tired that's when your shot is short. As for fouls, well you try putting a ball through a hole when someone is literally holding your arm down. We may get fouls easier, but at least we don't flop every play... If your team is ahead in soccer and you want to run the clock down you just roll around on the ground for a while and get up. And for timeouts, it's to put subs in. You guys have 11 players, while we have 5. Each player has different strengths, so they might be more useful against an opponent in a mismatch. And you damn well can be short and play ball. Tall people (and not all) tend to be sometimes sluggish and not as quick. That's how the little guys use their dribbling skills to outsmart their opponent and get it into the hole, because it's very possible. And last but not least injuries... It's very likely in both sports you will see injuries. I took a sports med class and learned that soccer has a higher concussion rate. It happens when you go up to head the ball.. But keep in mind in soccer you're playing on some nice soft grass. Sure you collide and break bones but at least you're not falling on to some nice hardwood floor or concrete. In basketball I collide with people all the time. Both sports are equally brutal. Although in soccer the whole point is to Put a body into your opponent and gain position. Who's to say that doesn't happen in basketball when the ref isn't looking? :) anyways I do enjoy watching soccer and basketball, I would just say don't necessarily dis on someone's sport without the facts. Like I said, both are challenging! And p.s. For all you ignorant brits out there who make fun of Americans calling football soccer: the term soccer originated from none other than... Drum roll please... ENGLAND. Don't believe me? Look it up. You guys started it, we caught on and kept it as soccer. End if story.

    • profile image

      Taina Wolf 6 years ago

      Soccer is Beast... no question there. people just don't appreciate soccer cause they don't get it. Soccer is a avery complicated game that involves a lot of thinking. People just don't get that, so it makes me mad when people diss soccer. Who are they to judge?!?! they haven't even played the game!

    • profile image

      Felipe Da Next Ronaldo 6 years ago

      Whoa Whoa whoa....! Basketball isn't as easy as it seems i play both sports and it took me awhile to be really good at basketball because not every1 can dunk, or jump really high like yu see on tv yu have to workout nd b extremely athletic and skilled to shoot the ball well and dribble. Trust me both sports are hard to pick up. And most people who only play basketball for fun think its easy because they don't play against tough/good competition which is like saying soccer is easy if yu shoot penalty kicks with no goalie! so before yu say basketball is not a tough sport or its easy, go play against people who r good and know how to play cuz i knoe for a fact it wud change yur opinion. basketball is as hard as the competition yu play against becuz wat makes yu a better basketball player is how much pressure yu get acustomed to playing under and of coarse yu have to do alott of training on yur own and be well cordinated and extremely athletic. And soccer is easier to train becuz yu can get used to the feeling of having a ball on yur feet over time. bt its still a very hard sport. bottomline i think basketball is harder depending on the level of competition yu play against bt soccer is harder in general bcuz it takes time to get used to doing things with yur feet. And just to point out basketball is played worldwide( not only in the US) in fact it is just as popular as soccer. They have basketball leagues in europe, china, japan, brazil, and just about every country. BOTTOMLINE: NBA>Soccer pro

      its harder to go pro in basketball then it is to go pro in soccer becuz soccer has more leagues and not every1 is tall,extremely athletic and well skilled( nt saying short people cant play bball bt its harder if yur short, Im 5'9" and I'm relly gudd at basketball bt i cant dunk nd its hard to drive and layup against tall defenders so im better at soccer

    • profile image

      AnonyomousSportLover 6 years ago

      Nobody is ever going to stop this? I like soccer/football but I LOVE basketball! But I don't see what's wrong here because BOTH ARE GREAT SPORTS, people just have DIFFERENT TASTES!

    • profile image

      Who cares about my name 6 years ago

      F*ck u basketball plp, u dnt understand shit about soccer, soccer takes moré skills then the sport 1st n you'll see how it is, just keep talkin shit plp

    • profile image

      bebop 6 years ago

      soccer doesn't reallly suck but basketball OWNS it one of a million reasons CONVINIENT