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Soccer's shady Underworld

Updated on August 29, 2011


The new slave trade where young African boys of Ghana are traded into a world of exploitation. These young men and their families are misled to believe they can make it as soccer stars. You want to ask, why believe in something so far fetched? Then you have to ask yourself how can you tell someone they should never buy hope when hope is all they have to live for.

Merchants of hope, sellers of hope where hope is like a needle in a haystack, 1 in a million. These young boys are taken from their homelands, leaving their families with the hope and distant expectations that they can become soccer stars. They are later in a new place, whined and dined until the moment of truth reveals that they aren't good enough, then they are abandoned and left to roam the underground streets in Morrocco to fend for themselves. No money to get back home, their families sold what little they had to buy a dream only to never hear or see their children again.

Social and economic rape-soccer slave trafficing. Victims to ashamed to come forth. Some being forced to sell themselves for money just to eat, to sleep. As human beings we are high on greed, no emotions, cold and umoved by our actions, inconsiderate of those affected. How many of us are willing to take a stand for humanity? One young girl in her twenties asked me where ivory came from-I told her. She was upset then I told her how Africans suffer from the greed of many people, many countries, diamonds, slave trafficing, exploitation of young men due to soccer being no longer just a mere sport but a business transaction she said to me I like animals more than I like people. I looked at her in disgust, then it hit me how many people are out there like her, that exist in this world? Humanity-lost.


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    • dewilliams30 profile image

      Donnetta Williams 6 years ago from jacksonville

      Me neither...until I saw the video and watching these young men break down into tears...stories like this always touch my heart.

    • roonited profile image

      roonited 6 years ago

      nice informative article, didn't know that it was happening.