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The Exciting, Boat, And Motorcycle Enthusiasts, The Ideal Get Away Sodus Bay

Updated on March 26, 2017
Linda Robinson60 profile image

I have been a writer now for nearly 30 years. Just love writing about all the amazing picturesque tourist attractions in Central New York.

The street side of the Sodus Bay lighthouse.

Big Sodus Lighthouse
Big Sodus Lighthouse | Source

Greig Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555

Greig Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555
Greig Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555 | Source

A vacation destination, Sodus Bay

The Great Sodus Bay is a bay on the south banks of Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes. Sodus Bay is located in Wayne County, New York. The majority of the bay is in the quaint Town of Huron, but the western portion is in the Town of Sodus. Sodus Bay is now and then mentioned as “Great Sodus Bay” to separate it from “Little Sodus Bay,” which is east of Sodus Bay in the community of Sterling, Sodus Bay is the midpoint between the two cities of Rochester and Syracuse.

Picturesque Sodus Bay is one of the Lake Ontario’s great embayments detached from the crystal blue lake by a 7,500-foot in length barrier beach. The bay is in Wayne County, New York. This foremost point of entry to Lake Ontario embodies 12 marinas, 13 waterfront eating places, 2 public access locations, a beach that is opened to the public, and a sailing institute. There are a number of bodies of water that drain into the bay, first creek, second creek, third creek, Sodus creek West, Sodus creek East and Clark creek.

The “Crown Jewel of Lake Ontario,” is well noted for its exceptional fishing lake, home to the brown and rainbow trout, salmon and steelhead, perch and walleye. Additional variety of sports are available in the vicinity, some of these activities include boating, kayaking, swimming, picnic lunches, adventurous camping, excellent walking and cycling. There are wineries, farmer’s markets, and an array of vintage shops close by and the entire area is packed with aquatic facilities, sightseeing cruises, trolling charters, charming stores and outstanding restaurant, to please everyone’s food tastes.

The visitors to the Sodus Bay will be in awe with the choices of dining in an upscale restaurant or grabbing a leisurely bite, a favorite roasted hot dog, or a tasty cold ice cream treat, or capture time on the beach enjoying a picnic. One of so many people’s favorite hobbies, fishing, taking a boat journey, ice boating, or snowmobiling are fun exciting past times. Relax in one of the comfortable, immaculate bed and scrumptious breakfasts that they offer, each one providing its own enchanting and breathtaking panoramas outside your windows. Or another possibility is to rent a cozy cottage on Sodus Bay or Lake Ontario. The only dilemma is having so many choices……….but wow the endless fun.

The area around the Great Sodus Bay was first established by European immigrants in 1794. To identify one of the immense and deepest bays on Lake Ontario, the federal branch of the government constructed the Sodus Point Lighthouse in 1825, compelling it to become one of the few early seamanship aids on the waters of Lake Ontario. The lighthouse stood a 40 foot tower built of rough split cobble, covered with an iron lantern, was engineered. Inside the lantern sat ten of Winslow Lewis’s patented lanterns backed with reflectors.

To indicate the mouth to the Sodus Bay, pillars at the entrance of the harbor were fabricated between the years of 1829 to 1834. Over a period of a few years, congress allowed $7,750 for the purchase of two seamarks. One was positioned on the pier on Sodus Bay, the other a pier on the Genesee River. The completion was July 1837. Due to the unaffected features of Sodus Bay, it was believed to be an ideal harbor to export products. In 1852, a formal suggestion was put forth to develop a railroad linking Sodus Bay and the coal terrain in Pennsylvania, admitting coal to be deported via the Great Lakes.

The lighthouse museum commemorated its 30th season in 2014. Among a community achievement, the Sodus Bay Historical Association opened the doors of the museum in July 4th, 1985. Thirty seasons afterward, the lighthouse museum has become one of the most recurrently vacationed spot attractions in Wayne County, New York, taking in tourist from all around the world. You can plan a visit to this stunning and historic lighthouse museum, enroll as a member or give a contribution to continue supporting the efforts to conserve this cherished building for this generation and future generations.

The lighthouse grounds have reserved accommodations for wedding photo sessions for a minimal charge. The property is perfect for a scenic wedding exchanging your vows on your special day at the most exquisite site on Lake Ontario. The plush green lawns and flourishing colorful gardens of Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum would make any wedding day unforgettable. You are allowed to utilize the lawn and garden areas for photos for a time of 30 minutes.

Spectacular summer remarkable trendy bands for concerts by the bay, there is no charge for the concerts, Sundays between the Fourth of July and Labor Day. You are required to bring your own seating for the performances. There are refreshments available while enjoying the concert. Also making it very convenient is additional parking available also including a shuttle bus. All of your big band popular such as Miller, Dorsey, Goodman, Barnett, Ellington along with amazing vocal and instrumental artists, one of the preeminent big bands in Western New York.

The Fourth of July exuberant celebrations is excitement for the entire family. There are so many activities of the day for all ages, a red, white, and blue kid’s parade is held and the participants are given ribbons and beverages and treats. There is an early bird lighthouse 5-K run, the runners who sign up by the 30th of June, are eligible to pick up their bibs and t-shirts in the lighthouse gazebo. The Village of Sodus Point puts on a firework extravaganza, which the lawn of the Sodus Bay lighthouse supplies an ideal location to view the magnificent fireworks, which are shot off on the Sodus Bay canal landing.

Sodus Bay Lighthouse

Street Side view of the historic Sodus Bay Lighthouse.
Street Side view of the historic Sodus Bay Lighthouse. | Source

Local beaches around Sodus Point

Just one of the many beaches surround Sodus Bay
Just one of the many beaches surround Sodus Bay | Source

Bay Side of Lighthouse

The Bay Side Of the Lighthouse
The Bay Side Of the Lighthouse | Source


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hello Robert no we don't unfortunately have any winter photos, at least not yet. The absolute perfect day or vacation get away. It is an amazing place to visit if you are into delicious variety of foods, quaint shops, motorcycles, boating, and music that fills the streets. Take care Robert. And thanks for leaving your welcomed comments. Linda

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      It seems a great place to visit. The pictures are beautiful. You mentioned some winter sports. Do you have winter pictures?

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hi Poetryman6969 thanks so much for your super comment, happy that you enjoyed the photos. Bill, my husband is an amazing photographer and has so many incredible photos to share in his collection. And you would absolutely love it there, we ride there and go there at least a few times a year, definitely one of our favorite spots. Did you see the one of Oswego Harbor? Well so nice hearing from you. Take care. How long have you been with I look forward to reading all your hubs. Enjoy your night. And thank you again. I hope that some day you will get there to see it in person. So much history there.

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      Some nice photos. A visit to picturesque lighthouses is in my bucket list.