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Some of The Greatest Hiking Boots Made

Updated on August 26, 2011

What Makes a Great Hiking Boot?

I often get the question: "What's the best hiking boot?"

And I usually give the answer, "it depends on what you're looking for in a hiking boot."

You see, not every hiking boot is best for every person. Each of us has different feet and we use our feet for different things. Just because you're going hiking doesn't mean you'll need the same hiking boot that another person who is going hiking will need.

It will all be determined by several items:

First, how far are you planning on hiking?

Second, what kind of terrain are you going to be walking over?

Third, How sensitive are your feet and how experienced a hiker are you?

These three questions must be answered before anyone can determine which is the "best" hiking boot for them. Why?

Because there are a plethora of from extremely high quality to cheap, worthless hiking boots available on the market.

Needless to say, if you are going to be hiking three hundred yards, to a neighboring cabin or house, on flat ground, three times a day, you will not need the same type of high quality hiking boots that an experienced hiker will need to walk 20+ miles per day, over various types of terrain and landscapes, including the crossing of water sources, on a fairly frequent basis, say four or five times a year, for instance. See what I mean? A pair of cheap, thin shoe store hiking boots will work fine in the former case, while the frequent, long distance hiker will need to really top-notch, high quality waterproof hiking boots that are not cheap but very durable and protective. They must also fit the experienced hiker almost perfectly before he ever goes on the trail with them.

The cheap, local shoe store hiking boots, we will not bother to describe. However, we will recommend a number of the top quality women's waterproof hiking boots and you can make up your own mind by visiting our web site for more information by just clicking on the link you just passed (go back and click on the highlighted area).

One of the most enduring brands of top quality hiking boots, that have been around for a very long time is Merrell. They have several top models that are very popular among highly experienced hikers, backpackers and campers on every continent.

Merrell used to make exclusively heavy leather hiking boots which were very popular, indeed, but they had the reputation of being very heavy. Though they still make these exceptionally wonderful leather hiking boots. they've come out with some lighter, fabric hiking boot versions that are becoming very popular.

One other brand of contemporary hiking boots that are becoming very popular among the very experienced hiking crowd are the Wasatch hiking boot varieties. They make both very durable and surprisingly light waterproof hiking boots and leather/fabric combination boots that are quite light and also extremely durable. You might want to read the review of the Wasatch GTX boots.

Look for further reviews of the best hiking boots available in the world today.


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