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Sorry Kobe. Tim Duncan may take your place as the most successful after Mike

Updated on November 1, 2014

The man won his 5th title against the team that took away one of them. Look how excited he is.....yup excited......


Kobe fan's cover your eyes

Judging the competition in the NBA right now it’s hard for an NBA fan to see teams besting the Spurs. There are your die hard team fans who will find ways to convince the world that a team like the Warriors can win it all in 2015. Yes the, “splash brothers” can be seen as the best 1-2 punch the NBA right now but this sport doesn’t have pity for players who depend on jumpers to win rings now does it? Understanding the game vs. being a fan of the game are two different things. I've been a Chicago Bulls fan for as long as I can remember. Since the days we couldn't be stopped as our Titanic ship sailed winning ship after ship. Then our ship sunk and our captain was named, Marcus Fizer. Remember him? Spurs on the other hand is like a game of chess. One slips up from the opponent’s team and expects to pay. Leading the way of the team is a non-verbal, emotion missing, no swag Tim Duncan. When you think of great power forwards you think Dirk Nowitzki, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Kevin McHale and the list can go own and own. All of those players are vocal leaders as well as talented. Duncan is still nicknamed the greatest power forward that ever lived. HOW SWAY!!!!

Understanding the game vs. being a fan of the game also separates the “Stat fans” and the people who understand the importance of a player. I am a diehard Ray Allen fan who played an important role on any team he played for yet he isn’t your Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, or Shannon Brown…..Jokie joke….Stat fans will beat you down with stats on a player on why he is individually better. Yet this is a team sport. Make your teammates better if you are in fact that gifted in playing this game. That is something Tim Duncan was great at. Arguably the best player on the team yet in his 5 championships (and counting) career 2 finals MVP’s were not his name. Any giving day another player besides Tim Duncan can give you buckets. This obviously isn’t Duncan in the huddle telling Leonard or Parker to step up their offense. Yet they get the idea that the big fundamental that can dominant any big man in scoring will need assistance for the dream to work. Simply Greatness.

Injuries have been above normal this year. We lost a rookie and star players all in the beginning of the season. I am fully aware that these players will be back in basketball shape before the playoffs but how often do players wait in till they are 100% to return? The only one was Derrick Rose who fail victim again, waited till he was 100% and fell victim last night with a sprain ankle. Most players would wait till at least 71.4% then check back in the game to help their team. (That percentage isn’t real by the way) They will have to find out how they fit in with their team and play hard through a nagging injury. Mean while those Chess players (Spurs) are identifying the errors and capitalizing from it. Old school basketball from a seasoned team and I love it.

Sadly Kobe wanted to become Jordan/pass Jordan so bad. In 19 years of play he still has that monkey on his back that he can’t beat Jordan using Jordan’s move. This is sad from his point of view and ours. Mike only playing 15 years as well as retiring twice and this seems to be the main talk between Kobe and Michael Jordan. Seems kind of unfair when Kobe came from High School as well as has an extra 4 years but that’s just my opinion. (Bulls fan over here!!!) Instead of focusing on his stacked Lakers team his career fail under the bus between whose better with Jordan’s moves? Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? While Tim Duncan has sketched out his own lane and created his career his own way we do not have comparisons and bashing going in his career. His team is still a contender while the Lakers are struggling to rebuild because of a gigantic contract they gave the 36 year old player self defiant player like Kobe Bryant.

Kobe is now in the days of the 06-07 Lakers where he played the leading role. Can he do it again now being 36? I doubt but I’m pretty sure there are Lakers fan’s who think they can still manage to make the playoffs. Good luck with that. Clippers being another team in L.A who are exciting to watch but not too much fundamental basketball to stop the Spurs. Fun to watch but besides Chris Paul not many players can think the game on that team. OKC will be the best bet to stop the Spurs chance for a 6’s ring. Kevin Durant is currently out with a broken foot which can be worrisome. 6’9 running up and down that court can be vicious. Westbrook is now out with a fractured hand. They both should return before the playoffs but I doubt they wait till they are 100% to get back in the game.

NOTHING over East is stopping the Spurs to repeat. NOBODY. I’m expecting to see these guys celebrate and ESPN talk about this achievement for Tim Duncan rather than LeBron or Kobe in this wonderful sport. I could be wrong though!

And to think Tim Duncan wanted to be a Olympic gold swimmer?

Kobe Bryant: "You maybe the greatest power foward of all time....But I'm Michael Jordan!"
Kobe Bryant: "You maybe the greatest power foward of all time....But I'm Michael Jordan!"
And that 1 is Tim Duncan
And that 1 is Tim Duncan
Speaks for itself.
Speaks for itself.
Since Kobe with the fro days!
Since Kobe with the fro days!


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