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Southeast Deer Forecast 2012

Updated on September 20, 2012

Healthy Young Buck

This is a typical 21/2yr old buck, caught on camera hanging out with his bachelor group.
This is a typical 21/2yr old buck, caught on camera hanging out with his bachelor group.

Deer Hunting forecast

Although much of the Southeast has been under drought conditions from less than normal rainfalls, the deer populations seem to be holding their own. Quality deer management and hunter awareness have helped increase the health of many deer herds. We're seeing deer over 3 years old much more often. Wildlife managed areas are seeing a much healthy deer herd than years past. The coyote population is still a big problem, they take as many as 70% of the fawns out of the herd. Deer that get past that first year usually don't have to worry about coyotes unless they're injured.

Farmer's Almanac is predicting a wet cold winter which could help kick in a better than normal rut. The moon phases for this hunting season will mostly be overhead during daylight hours. That should make for some great deer movements during midday hunts. Early scouting looks like another good acorn crop, warmer weather has led to early picking of agriculture crops. This leads us to believe it should be a very good year for deer hunters. Try to schedule your hunts around the weather and moon phases for best results.

Hunting Season begins

September: Deer are loosing their velvet, cooler are starting to show, agriculture crops being harvested early because of the warm spring we had. Some unsettled weather, possibly tropical down pours may catch the end of the month. The best feed days are September 26th-30th, these will be great days for hunting food sources.

  • September Moon Phases

September 22nd: Autumn begins: Moon is over head at 3:41pm and is in the first quarter.

September 29th: Harvest moon: Full moon is over head at 11:19 pm.

October: Deer social activities picks up, later in the month signs of rut should begin. The first cold fronts will bring some chilly rains and be quite windy at times. It will quickly turn to mild, drier days after a front. Octobers best feed days are the 7th-8th and 26th-27th, look to your acorn and soft mast food sources for feeding deer.

  • October Moon Phases

October 8th: Moon is in the last quarter, it's overhead at 3:33 am

October15th: New moon is at 8:03 am

October 21st: Moon is in the first quarter, overhead at 11:31 pm

October 29th: Hunter's moon, the full moon is overhead at 3:50 pm (This is the moon that typically kicks in the rut)

Early scouting pays off for deer hunters

Hunting season is full swing

November: Does are coming into heat, bucks are becoming love sick, cold fronts and frost have changed feeding habits. The Farmer's Almanac has November, starting mild, with some fronts and showers but unsettled weather. They have much of the Southeast getting cold but quickly turning mild in November, much like last year. The best feed days are November 3rd-4th and 22nd-24th, with the rut kicking in look for bucks where your does are.

  • November Moon Phases

November 6th: Moon is in the last quarter, overhead at 7:36 pm

November 13th: The new moon is overhead at 5:08 pm

November 20th: The moon is first quarter at 9:32 am

November 28th: Full moon is overhead at 9:46 am (This should make for some great hunting)

December: Bucks should be returning to check scrap lines, most does are back to their routines. Hot does will not attract much attention, most does have been bred. Chilly rains are predicted early, with it being generally fair until late into the month. They are predicting very cold weather with frost down into Florida before Christmas and staying the rest of the month. The best feeding days are December 1st-2nd, 20th-21st, and 28th-29th. Does should be feeding at the freshest food sources available, it'll be a good spot to find a buck checking for that last hot doe.

  • December Moon Phases

December 6th: Moon is in the last quarter, overhead at 10:32 am

December 13th: New moon is overhead at 3:42 am

December 20th: The first quarter moon is overhead at 12:19 am

December 28th: The full moon is overhead at 5:21 am

2012 Looks to be another great season for deer hunters in the Southeast

Our hunting club shares information with several other clubs throughout the Southeast. We have combined our scouting reports and found deer herds appear to be extremely healthy this year. Game cameras are getting some good mature deer hitting mineral beds and food sources. The warm winter last year combined with agriculture crops being planted early, seems to have the herds much fatter than normal. If you've done your early scouting, it should be a better than normal hunting season. Good Luck to all you Hunter!


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