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Spain Beat Italy 4-0 To Win European Championship

Updated on July 12, 2012

In a very good, open final Spain got the goals and the win that they deserved.

Italy didn’t try to sit back and defend in numbers against this quality Spanish team like so many others and were made to pay with four quality goals conceded.

While in the end Italy were well beaten Italy shouldn’t feel ashamed of their performance. They gave much to this game as they had to the whole tournament and on another day might have scored a goal or two themselves.

Spain again started without a recognised centre forward but this didn’t seem to hinder them as their passing and possession were creating spaces in the Italian team and some scoring chances weren’t too long in coming.

They had already had a couple of shots before taking the lead in the 14th minute. Some sharp passes pulled the Italian defence out and Fabregas raced goalwards and put in a great cross which David Silva headed into the net.

Italy tried to get back into the game and had a few attacks which Casillas had to deal with and the Spanish defence had to be alert to but Italy suffered another early blow when experienced defender Chiellini had to go off injured replaced by substitute Balzaretti

They maybe thought they could go in and regroup at halftime only 1 goal down but a couple of minutes before that they went 2-0 down. A tremendous defence splitting pass from Xavi set up talented young left back Jordi Alba who raced through to hit a first time shot for his first goal for Spain and the Spanish now had a tremendous half time lead and were playing very well.

The second half started with Di Natale on as a substitute for Cassano and twice in the first few minutes he had chances to pull a goal back for Italy but couldn’t take any. After those early minutes Spain again had a lot of control with plenty of possession and their quality passing really making Italy have to work to try and get the ball back..

Despite trying hard Italys dangermen couldn’t get into the game. The previously impressive Balotelli,MarchisioMontilivo and De Rossi were almost non existent and the fantastic playmaking skills of Andrea Pirlo which had so dominated earlier matches were nowhere to be seen as he struggled to have many touches of the ball.

On 56 minutes Italy made their final substitution as they strived to get back into the game,replacing Montilivo with Motta but disaster struck just a few minutes later when he pulled up injured and had to go off injured. With about half an hour to go against Spain in this dazzling forn it always looked a difficult task to get back into the game and now with only 10 men and noticeably tiring it would surely be impossible.

Spain were still making Italy suffer. Passing the ball freely with great timing and superb angles created all the time. In the last 10 minutes they made them suffer with 2 more goals scored by substitutes Fernando Torres and Juan Mata. The final score of 4-0 seen a deserved win for Spain although maybe with their bad luck with injuries here the scoreline was a little tough on Italy.

But in the end Spain had shown their class and won a second consecutive European Championship and 3rd consecutive major title in all. This win also ties them with Germany with most Euro wins with a total of 3. With his late goal Torres also scored in both Euro wins and is equal top scorer here along with 5 other players on 3 goals. You wonder what might have happened had a he got a lot more game time here.Spain were also to finish as top team scorers with 12 goals from their 6 games.

Also Spain’s great defensive record continues as they conceded just the 1 goal in the tournament which was in the first game to Di Natale of Italy before they came back to draw and have not conceded any goals in the knockout stages of these 3 tournament wins which now stands at a tremendous 10 games.

Now Spain can go away and really celebrate their trophy hat trick. To think just over 4 years ago Spain seemed the great under achievers now they are one of the major football nations of all time.

After 3 will captain Iker Casillas need to lift another trophy in Brazil in 2 years time?


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    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Yes that was disappointing. France never attempted to make a real game of it.

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      Especially France, I love Les Bleus, but Blanc to me treated Spain with such adoration. I am sorry, I know Xavi, Iniesta, theyoung Alba, Busquets, Silva and Cesc are great players. But to think that Ribery, Nasri, MVila, Diarra, Valbuena [who never got to play] Menez and Benzema couldn't play with them is crazy and was the low point of the tournament for me. France like Italy have the players to challenge Spain's midfield. The media is crazy to state it otherwise.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks a lot for the comments. It was a strange game in that Italy actually played well and even though they got beaten 4-0 they put up more of a fight than most otherteams who seem to just accept their fate.

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      It wasn't very good. Prandelli's starting 11 were incorrect. And, the ten men Italy killed the rest of the match. It was good, not very good. It would have been very good with Di Natale in for Cassano and Balzaretti in for Chiellini and ITaly playing a 352 like the first match. Forcing Spain wide and congesting the center defensive area tighter.

      Rememeber, Italy had already proven they could face Spain after the first match so why would they try to sit back and defend in a 442 with a deep 44 now?

      We have to stop chastizing the lack of a true forward. Spain play a 46 with midfielders flying into forward positions, primarily Fabregas and Silva and Alba. You can play with 4 defenders and 6 midfielders, but the weakness is, if you get scored on first and the opposing side go into a defensive shell, you are in trouble if your midfielders dont have an indiivdual speed and dribbling capability. Fabregas had enough speed and got the equalizer in the first match.

      In the final he made the run on the playing injured CHiellini, and I fault prandelli for starting chiellini and cassano who both seemed not as crisp with the better Di natale and Balzaretti for speed's sake.

      you should have mentioned specifically the pirlo corner. If Casillas , saint Casillas doesn't touch that de rossi gets a header goal, De Rossi's timing was perfect. And, it was too one of Spain's weaknesses corners. Spain have a slow back line and don't defend corner's well, which make sense because Real and Barca don't defend corners well. But, they play to possession.

      the ball through by Xavi wasn't great, Barzagli should have made the stop and didn't. Poor defense. Alba's run was too straight, Xavi just gambled and got lucky. at juventus Chiellini usually plays in that role and would have slid that ball away.

      The first goal by spain was glamorous, the second was an italian error, the third and fourth were italy down to ten men pushing madly.

      Fernando torres would have cost Spain the tournament with more time. People seem to think Spain is good with a true forward. But Barca don't have a true forward. Alexis and Messi are midfielders with pace and dribbling skills who can jump into the forward position. Henry was a true forward as is Eto'o but both chose to play wide. Torres isn't a wide player.

      he is best at the central forward and that makes spain weaker. Spain would rather 6 midfielders moving, than 5 midfielders moving, Spain get an extra pass with a 46 that they lose with a 451, and Torres can't hold up play so he is less functional.

      Spain are still historically underachievers. If they don't win another major tournament for 40 years and in that span Italy , Germany, and Brazil win 3 each is Spain the best ever. They are currently the best in UEFA, and the world. But, no country or club is the best all time. That is why we have tournaments, so that the best right now can be chosen.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Yup at least they tried to play attacking, very unlucky to go to 10 men cos of injury

      Voted up and Shared via hubpages

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 5 years ago from India

      As the victory of Spain was predicted, but not like a margin of 4-0. They showed that they are the real champions and lifted the third consecutive major tournament trophy. Congratulations to Spain.