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Specialized Allez

Updated on February 2, 2014

To provide the professional racers and bicycle riders a well-revolutionized bike that emphasizes on quality and racing performance, the market has released the new Specialized Allez models. The introduction of these specialized bikes has gotten everyone into a looping frenzy to try and find out how good these bikes really are as their producers have claimed them to be.

The Allez models have seriously turned the interest of many heads as they resist the urge to look forward to riding them. Although a little bit on the pricey end as many would say, these Specialized Allez bikes truly delivers competency, durability and racing feature qualities that every racing professional are looking for in an excellent bike they want to invest in the future. These bikes can range from 450 – 1300 Euros, expensive indeed, but definitely worth the investment.

According to bike experts, the increasing popularity of the Specialized Allez in the market today is definitely due to its minimal weight, advanced material component incorporated in its sleek racing design. Despite the racy appearance that these bikes possess, its sloping and bowed top tube actually keeps the frame lower, lighter and stiffer while taller at the front which actually provides the rider more comfort in terms of position. This has been a long time problem on other racing bikes however, the producers of Specialized Allez has came up with this solution that makes Allez bike models stand out in the market.

This Specialized Allez also allows you the option to upgrade your tires because it is created with ample clearances under that brake bridge and fork crown thereby making possible to fit a 23mm tire should you want to transform and equip your very own Allez with a rapid transportation mechanism.

These specialized bikes are incredibly fun and surprisingly comfortable even for long distance riding. Its perfectly shaped geometry and exceptional efficiency has made the Specialized Allez the most favored bike models of today.

All Allez bike models like the Specialized Allez Sport, Comp, Triple, and Elite are created with sturdy aluminum frames and carbon forks that can sustain prolonged pressure of rough usage. This feature is one of the most significant ‘must-have’ that professional bike racers are looking for in a great racing bike. Who would want to have that wobbling frame when you go as fast as 45 – 60 mph corners? That would be crazy and unsafe.

These materials not only deliver strength but also make it much lighter and easier to handle. The Specialized Allez Elite is the most in demand model among the four although all models appear to be very competitive in their price ranges.

The Specialized Elite has gears and brakes using Shimano 105 which a highly specified and of high end quality. Other regular racing bikes use Tiagra and Sora that are way cheaper but are easily damage with prolonged usage. Apart from that, the seat posts are made of forks and carbon fiber that contain Zert inserts responsible in transforming the whole riding experience a comfortable one.

For wise and safe investment that can give you your money’s worth, the Specialized Allez is the best bike to go for. It can give you the specific needs that you essentially want in a racing bike. It is a product that is a created from careful analysis of other bike reviews thereby eliminating the negative features found in other bikes and providing it with new ones that enhances your biking experience to a whole new level.


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