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Specialized Hotrock A Real Mountain Bike For Kids

Updated on April 27, 2013

Specialized Hotrock Boys and Girls Models

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3.8 out of 5 stars from 17 ratings of Specialized Hotrock

Specialized Hotrock

Specialized Mountain Bikes Hotrock

Specialized Mountain Bikes is one of the better known names in the mountain biking industry. Their Hotrock mountain bike is the kids version of their adult models. They build everything from simple mountain bikes to get you around your college campus to full race bikes and everything in between. So, it's only natural that their Hotrock kids bike would be in a special class by itself.

Kids Mountain Bikes

Kids mountain bikes in general are in a class dominated by big box store brands. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Heck I learned to ride on one of these as a child. What that comes with though leaves a lot to be desired, can you say heavy. Not to mention the fact that most kids mountain bikes come with no gearing of any kind and if they even have one a lackluster suspension fork once again can you say heavy.

Hotrock Video

Specialized Hotrock Bikes

Specialized Hotrock 16

One of the great things about this little bike is it only weighs about 18 lbs or so. and for a little boy or girl who is riding it that little weight makes all the difference. It also comes with a Cane Creek headset and bottom bracket and aluminum rims you cant say that for a lot of the bikes you buy in the big box stores or the ones I learned to ride on either. This will be a bike to learn on then probably pass down to the little brother or sister when your little one get ready for their next bike.

Specialized Hotrock 20

The Specialized Hotrock 20 comes with several options. The 20 either comes with a coaster brake or a freewheel for those ready to move up or also it has the option of 6 speeds with shimano shifting just like what's probably found on your bike. This bike also comes with a suspension fork

Specialized Hotrock 24

The Specialized Hotrock 24 is the largest model of the Hotrock and it's the last stage before you move up to an adult size bike it's perfect for about an 8 to 11 year old kid boy or girl they make both models. Some of the features are the same as what you would find on your own bike. It has 24 inch wheels and comes either with 7 speeds or 21 speed depending on what you choose. Shimano shifters and derailleurs also come standard. It also comes with an RST Capa Suspension fork with 51 mm of travel this fork comes with a lockout and preload adjustments to change as your child improves or trail conditions change. There is even a full suspension model called the Hotrock A1 FSR that has a coil over rear shock thats adjustable to your riding conditions and riding style. Overall this is a very capable mountain bike for the little one in your family because let's face it they are not as little as they used to be and their skills are getting better and better. With a better bike they will start to keep up with dad or mom on the trail especially with the gears it makes keeping up with you on the hills that much easier.

Hotrock For Kids

Final Thoughts On The Hotrock

     This is a very capable bike. I wish I had a bike like this as a child, of course a lot of these technologies didn't exist when I was a kid like front suspension or shifting reliable enough to put on a kids bike. Where you know It will take a beating but it has to just keep working. Aluminum frames back then were only for adult bikes, very expensive adult bikes at that. So overall the Hotrock is very good kids bike it will take your son or daughter far. Hopefully they will graduate from this Hotrock 24 to an adult mountain bike and enjoy a lifetime of riding. 


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