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Specialized Sirrus

Updated on February 2, 2014

What is So Special about the Specialized Sirrus

Working at Specialized Bicycle Component otherwise known as Specialized in Morgan Hill, California, do not only involve a routine job of bicycle or bicycle parts making. It is more of a passion that becomes similar to a religion. People at Specialized don’t merely work but instead they devote their lives and skills to pursue their interests. These are the people who had contributed to the company’s growth in the past fifteen years of its existence. Take for example Mike Sinyard, the founder, who misses and cancels meetings just to ride on the trail with a bike. Unbelievable but true. Yet, they created Specialized mainly because of their love for biking and to make products that will enable other people to love the sport as well.

Specialized started in 1974 when Mike Sinyard, a cycling aficionado, disposed of his Volkswagen Combi for $1500 to finance a cycling tour in Europe. While in Europe, he purchased stems and handlebars at the same time. Mike Sinyard started importing Italian bike parts that were deemed rare in the US at that time. It was only in 1976 that the company started manufacturing its own parts and had Specialized Touring Tire as its initial product. The company’s first mountain bike, the Stumpjumper was introduced in 1981. Currently, the company does not only manufacture bikes and parts, it has added cycling gears such as helmets, clothing, and tires.

Specialized is not only well-known as a company that manufactures bicycle parts but also because of its development of new technology in cycling. Their famous new products and technology includes FACT, BRAIN, Future Shock, AFR Shock, and of course the Sirrus bike. FACT which stands for Functionally Advanced Composites Technology, is their composite carbon fiber program used for making bicycle frames, seat post, crank sets, shocks, forks, and handlebars. The BRAIN is an oil flow inertial valve dampening system enables the suspension system to get firm so that power can be maximized during pedaling.

The Sirrus bike is a combination of these new technologies.  It possesses the low weight or ultra light, easy speed, and comfort characteristics of Specialized’s top performance bicycles. With its ergonomic design and flat handlebar, the rider is assured of stability on any terrain. The FACT frame is lighter than ordinary bicycle frame.  It incorporates vibration damping that takes away uncomfortable and nauseating shake during rides. Smooth rides can be credited to the hourglass speedstay on its frame.

The bikes’ aluminum forks have built-in rack and fender mounts that allows riders to attach gears and other equipments. The unique Body Geometry Fitness saddle assures riders of a comfortable ride. Not only does the saddle give enough comfort, Specialized has also considered installing Body Geometry Comfort grips that lessens painful and tingling fingers. Changing of gears won’t be difficult with the Shimano Revo 8-speed shifter which the Sirrus is equipped with.  This bike is also ideal for urban riders which can surpass cars stuck in downtown traffic through its easy maneuverability without compromising safety. The latest bike that Specialized released is the Sirrus Sport 2010 Hybrid Bike which is ideal for commuting, sports events, or fitness training. It has combined the agility and speed of a regular racing bike with the stability of a flat handbar.

Combining the factors that has made Specialized one of the leading bicycle company guarantees the safety and stability of the Sirrus Series.  Everything about the Sirrus makes it a special bike that should be top choice when you consider buying a bike.


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