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Specialty Coffee on the Trail

Updated on December 22, 2015

Cafflano Coffee Grinder and Filter

From left to right; Cup, Pourer, Grinder and Filter
From left to right; Cup, Pourer, Grinder and Filter

My Coffee Addiction......Guilty

I've been obsessed with coffee since I was young but more so since I was given my first espresso. The guy that served it to me was my boss and he had imported the beans from Italy.

Now I've married an Italian and she's opened me up to a world of coffee shops. I don't even bother buying coffee any more in Dubai, especially at 16 dirhams (4 US Dollars) for an espresso.

To be fair to the specialty coffee shops over here aren't bad as long as you can handle the price.

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee beans are graded 80 or above in the scale set out by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. You can find specialty roasted coffee beans in Dubai to use with the Cafflano or if you prefer you can purchase standard coffee beans from the supermarket.

Personally I prefer the specialty coffee as they are generally freshly roasted compared with the beans in the supermarket that have been sat there for months.

If you do decide to purchase specialty coffee beans you should try to purchase them freshly roasted and use within two months. You can store the beans in an airtight container and grind only as much as you need per batch. For best results you should aim to make the coffee immediately after grinding.

The Cafflano is ideal because it is portable and contains a built in grinder. The total weight comes to 473 grams + coffee beans so if you are trying to travel ultra light you should probably stick with the coffee sachets. If weight isn't a concern then go for it.

Cafflano put Together

Available in red or black
Available in red or black

How to Use, Step 1

Place the filter into the cup followed by the grinder. Fill with desired amount of coffee beans (choice of four indicator lines) and begin to grind. Check the grind size is ok and continue grinding. You can adjust to a fine grind if you prefer a stronger coffee but the water will take longer to filter through.

Step 1

Ready to Grind
Ready to Grind

Freshly Ground Beans

Medium/ Course Grind
Medium/ Course Grind

Use Bottled Water

96 Degrees Celsius
96 Degrees Celsius

Step 2: Blooming

Fill the pourer with required amount of mineral water and place into a metallic pot to boil. Use your mini gas stove and metal pan to heat to around 96 degrees celsius or 205 fahrenheit.

Transfer the water back into the pourer and slowly pour the water onto the ground coffee, just enough to make the grind wet. Allow to bloom for 60 seconds to release any gases. You will notice bubbles coming out of the coffee grind.


Step 3: Filtering

Pour in the remaining water in a circular motion until all the water has filtered through


Almost Filtered


Once fully filtered, remove the filter and discard the ground coffee. Rinse the filter before storing.


The Result

Do You Love Coffee?

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What Would You Take?

Fresh Filter Coffee or Sachet Coffee?

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