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Spin Bike Reviews - 7 Best Spinning Bikes

Updated on February 22, 2017

Intensively spinning for just half an hour of your day has been proven to offer a whole range of significant benefits from health & fitness gains (certainly a highly effective form of cardio to shift a few pounds gained over Christmas) to that of psychological improvements (through realising dopamine, seratonin and endorphins into your system) and in general acts to just positively boost your overall mood.

However, sometimes it is just impractical to go to spin class e.g. if it is only on once a week at a set time & your not be able to make it due to other commitments -- or sometimes you just feel in the right frame of mind for a workout or you just generally prefer to do a spinning workout session in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day. From this, you can quickly see why getting a spin bike of your very own for home use can generally prove to be an excellent investment in your long term health given the connivence it offers over a class. Here, we are going to explore the seven best spin bikes for 2014:

#1 Sunny Health & Fitness Spin Bike

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

To put it bluntly this spinning bike simply offers awesome value for money, now although it is a lot cheaper relative to some other spin bikes listed here -- it should by no means be considered a poor quality spinning bike (just seeing some of the bike's reviews will prove that point alone). For many, particularly those at entry level, this spin bike will be more than fine.

It is constructed with a solid steel frame & has basically been designed without all the bells and whistles -- Sunny Fitness have solely focused on producing a bike that offers a quality smooth & quiet spinning workout (via a 49 lb heavy duty flywheel), yet is still capable of allowing you to perform super intensive fat burning cardio workouts. You really can't go wrong with this bike in all honesty, especially if you are just a beginner looking to shred some fat.

#2 Phoenix Revolution Cycle Pro II Spinning Bike

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Revolution Cycle Pro II in my mind is designed to be the spin bike that's ideal for a beginner approaching an intermediate level (or for the more advanced beginner). It has been constructed to accommodate very intense cardio sessions whereby its been fitted with features such as the direct drive resistance system along with a 39.6 pound uniformly balanced flywheel. From this you can also adapt the velocity of your ride via the tension knob & also have the option to pedal either forwards or backwards.

As with most modern spin bikes (and general cardio exercise equipment) it is biomechanically efficient & correct, which basically means the mechanics of the bike have been tailor made for ergonomic purposes (hence the seat, frame and bars are all adjustable, the flywheel is positioned in a non-inhibiting manner etc.). Moreover, it comes integrated with a sophisticated braking resistance system and can be wheeled away with fitted casters for easy storage once you are finished with your spin workout, freeing up some potentially much needed room in your humble abode.

#3 Bladez Fitness PTS68 Master Spin Bike Trainer

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

This is definitely one of my favorite spin bike models due to the sheer amount of value for buck that it offers -- where for under $600 you are getting a near top of the range spin bike. One of the best aspects about is its versatility, it has the potential to offer a gruelling workout not just for those at entry level, but can more than hold its own against those who are almost at pro level too.

This PTS68 offers a much quieter operation than the models above, this is due to it being fitted with a heavy duty 40 lb flywheel integrated that offers the intensive resistance you need without having to hear the excessive mechanical shifting (although personally I tend to stick some music on aloud anyway to drown out the noise). Again, everything is adjustable and is easy to store away, so it definitely sticks out as one of the best spin bikes available for home use.

#4 SoleFitness SB700 Spin Bike

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The SB700 definitely kicks it up a notch with regards to features, specifications etc. in comparison to the previous spinning bikes featured. It is slightly more versatile whereby it has been added with adjustable resistance to 'mimic' an actual riding experience & is used by dedicated spinners and outdoor road riders (who need an indoor bike for when it is raining and the winter months).

This model is pretty much commercial standard -- it comes with a centralised console display detailing all your fitness diagnostics such as heart rate (where you can get fitted with a wireless chest strap), RPM, time, distance travelled, speed and so on via a 3 x 4 inch blue LCD display -- helping you to keep better track of your fitness gains and progress. Plus, it also is built to be a fair bit more sturdy than the other spin bikes (which is quite typical of SoleFitness as a whole) where it can hold a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs -- and in all, is extremely solid and reliable (you are highly unlikely to run into any mechanical issues with the SB700).

#5 BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Spin Bike Home Use

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

This spin bike wouldn't look out of place in a professional group class, it is pure quality. Every aspect has been constructed to last years e.g. its main frame being made from heavy duty steel that has layers of powered coated paint to protect it from rusting. The SPX operates on a hefty 46 lb precision flywheel with the perimeter being specially weighted for high inertia. In essence, this ensures your entire workout will run ultra smoothly & you will notice a huge improvement in the overall riding performance & experience (particularly in the more intense periods of your workout) in comparison to the previous spinning bikes featured.

All the SPX spin bike's components are top notch. It comes with a microadjustable handles bars & a steel seat with a tough yet comfortable velo saddle, which you can also adjust to suit your body and comes with aluminum alloy pedals with straps. In all, this is definitely one of the best spin bikes around both in terms of quality even relative to its quite high price tag (where in truth it could potentially be a lot more expensive).

#6 Schwinn A.C Sport Spinning Indoor Cycle

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

As with any Schwinn product, especially in the cycling domain, they are pretty awesome and this A.C spin bike certainly doesn't let itself down either. Just refer to the extremely positive reviews and you will soon get a good feeling about just how good this spinning bike is. This is their chain version and works on a magnetic resistance to try to replicate actual outdoor cycling, and it does a mighty fine job, might I add. Granted it isn't exactly silent whilst you are 'going at it', but it certainly can't be classed as loud either.

Although they refer to it as an entry level model, it can be used by all user types (regardless of spinning experience and fitness levels) -- that's what makes this model so epic.

It offers a great ride style & overall experience which can be attributed to the virtual contact technology which is a unique technology that acts to utilize magnets and an aluminum disk to provide you with resistance. Also with the A.C. Sport, Schwinn have made an effort to 'look after' their riders, providing an ultra padded seat (increasing your riding endurance), larger and more secure clip pedals and is completely solid in build having been constructed from galvanised steel. It comes with all the bells and whistles e.g. a computer, decent adjustment settings just like you would expect of a quality indoor spin bike.

#7 M3 Plus Parent Spinning Bike

Rating: 5 out of 5

This multi award winning, "10 years in the making" spin bike is what many seasoned spinners regard as pretty much the ultimate (relatively affordable) spin bike for indoor and home use. Usually those who are looking for the $1000 budget spin bike, often ending up choosing between either this model or the Schwinn AC performance (plus) model & it is usually this Keiser M3 plus that just wins out -- more often than not -- as everything just oozes utter quality, I mean it even looks stunning. Even just a quick glance at it, makes me want to hop on and do a spinning sesh.

Despite it being so expensive and quite intimidating (look wise) it is actually exceptionally versatile (surprisingly) and offers itself as a perfect spinning bike for the family. It operates to provide resistance through twenty four gear Eddy current magnetic resistance system (which is quite unique to spin bikes) and comes with a pretty sophisticated computer console which details calories, heart rate, watts, gear and so on. Again, everything is fully adjustable and has been built to last pretty much a lifetime. Just put it this way, this is the bike that professional athletes come to when they are unable to get out on their road bike during particularly drab days of the winter months. Expensive? Yes. But who can put a price on health?

Note: this isn't an exclusive list by any means, so if you have or know any other spinning bikes that you'd like to share & you think deserve a mention, then please do so in the comments below.


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