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Spin Doctor Essential Tool Kit Review

Updated on December 4, 2017

If you ride your bike often, like working with your hands, and like to save money the Spin Doctor Essential Tool Kit might be for you. It has just about every tool you could possibly need for entry level bike maintenance. It also comes with a handy, custom molded plastic carrying case to easily transport and organize your tools. It retails for $79.99 so for 24 tools, that’s a great price! When comparing competitor’s entry level tool kits such as the Park Toll SK-2, the Spin Doctor Essential Tool Kit comes with more tools and is less expensive. A Chain Tool is one of those things that you never thought you would need until it is too late. The chain tools job is to push the pin though the links to either break the chain or put it back together. This particular chain tool is good for up to 9-Speed chain which will work perfectly on just about any bike under $1,000. If you plan on getting a newer or more expensive cyclocross, road or mountain bike or a bike with a 1x drivetrain setup you might have to upgrade to an 11-speed chain tool. I have found the Chain tool to be very durable and long lasting. The next tool included Integrated Bottom Bracket Wrench Adapter which most people will rarely use unless they run into serious rust problems with their bottom bracket. A must have for any tool kid is the Double Bit Phillips/Flat Head Screwdriver, you will be using these for a wide range of jobs big or small. The 6-Piece Hex Wrench Set (2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm) is a great addition to the tool set because it will allow you to work on your headset, cables, breaks and derailleurs. I have found this tool to be basically useless and wish that this was capable for working on fixed gear bikes Chainring Bolt Wrench/Crank arm Dust Cover Tool. Flat Head Screwdriver, although most screws have a Philips head, still a worthy addition to the kit. The 8mm Hex Wrench with ½” Driver is a durable too that is used for setting and releasing the bolt that hold on the crank arms, it is also useful for tightening down noisy crank arms. The 2-Piece Tire Lever Set included with this kit is absolutely useless. I was disappointed to find out that they moved from 3-peice tire lever set to only providing people with two. The tire levers that come with this kit are made of plastic and are not durable at all. If you own a decent tire such as Continental’s GatorSkin Ultra you might risk breaking the tire levers. If you want something more reliable, you will need to upgrade your tire levers to a brand such as Pedro’s. The 15mm Pedal Wrench is also another tool included in that kit that I was dissatisfied with. The metal that was used to make this wrench is very soft and should not be trusted. I’ve rounded off a couple bolts using this wrench before I finally had to stop using it. I ended up replacing this tool with a 15mm wrench that I bought at a flea market for a dollar. The 14/15mm Socket Wrench is a nice addition to the tool but after using the 15mm wrench, I’m not sure if I fully trust the socket set. The Sprocket Removal Tool that is included with the kit is useful if you need to gain access to your bottom brackets axle. Since there are many defendant types of bottom brackets on the market that are built for a variety of price ranges, this tool kit include a lot of bottom bracket tools that you may not ever have to use. The Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool and Integrated Bottom Bracket Wrench are a few of those tools that you may never have to use depending on what type of bike you have. I have found them to be useless on bikes that are five years or older or if the MSRP is under $800. Pared with a chain whip, the Cassette Lockring Tool is great if you want to clean or replace you cassette. I usually pull off my cassettes for cleaning a few times a year so this tool gets a lot of use. It also has a rubberized handle which is good for getting a grip with one hand. Some of my bikes have cartage hub bearings, but most of my bike hubs contain loose ball bearings. For that reason, the 2-Piece Cone Wrench Set (2 x 13/14/15/16mm) is a great addition to the tool kit. My only suggestion for this would be to make each size have its own wrench, Instead of putting two sizes on one wrench. This would definitely increase usability. The 3-Sided Spoke Wrench is cornerstone of any good bike kit. If you ever find that that your wheels are a little wobbly, this is the tool for the job. This is great for doing minor repairs, and if you ever feel like wheel building or doing serious wheel work, this tool will be able to help with that tool. Unless you clean your bike a lot like I do, the Crank Extractor might be a little useless. Although you might rarely replace crank arms or chain rings, this tool is important to have if you plan on doing any work around the bottom bracket. I have found this tool to be very useful. Some newer bikes might or higher end bikes might have torx bolts. These tools are starting to catch on because they don’t round off as easy when compared to a Philips screw. This is why I think that the T-25 Torx Wrench is a good addition to this tool kit. Back when bike tubes were more expensive people would often patch their inner tube. This bike repair kit includes a Patch Kit which some people might find extremely helpful and others might find it useless. Personally I have found patched tubes to be unreliable and if I have one that is damaged it just gets replace. Although there are tools that I wish had made the list, this kit is worth it for the relatively little amount of money that a person would spend on it. The Spin Doctor Essential Tool Kit is a great investment, and if you plan on doing any work to your bike you should defiantly have this in your arsenal.


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