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Famous Water Slides Around the World

Updated on July 31, 2017

Near every city has Raging Waters or Sun Splash water park where everyone converges with wearing bathing suits and sunscreen. They get soaked in water while going down huge slides and floating in man-made waterways. Then, there are some cities that are super lucky and have one of the most well-known water slide parks in the country or world. With that, Let’s take a look at some these amazing, mouth dropping water parks everyone is splashing to visit.

Aquatica (Orlando, Florida)

Orlando, Florida is the location for the popular Aquatica Water Park with dual wave pools side by side. Next, the unbelievable Dolphin Plunge water slide transports visitors from beginning to end a dolphin habitat. If you get tired of swimming and tunneling, Aquatica hosts a white sandy beach and gardens motivated by the South Seas with over 60,000 different plant species.

Aquaventure Water Park (Dubai, UAE)

A markerDubai, UAE -
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Aquaventure Water Park puts the Middle East on the map of world records for the wildest water slide, longest river ride in a Water Park and the country’s longest zip line. Water coasters and a private beach attract the crowds including the park’s Shark Lagoon.

Austria’s Area 47

Area 47 is built around an Alpine lake as an outdoor Water Park. Visitors will jump on the water rides, amazing diving tower, and a very fast hydro-speed slide. The rule for this park is “Hang on!” The location is gorgeous and pristine.

Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

A markerFortaleza, Brazil -
Fortaleza - Zone 1, Fortaleza - State of Ceará, Brazil
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First thing when visitors arrive is jam straight to the ride called Insano. Insano is clearly the tallest and fastest water slide on the planet. Folks don’t stop after that ride. They continue to bloodcurdling Kalafrio, a humungous half-pipe slide.

Siam Park

In Spain, we arrive at the Siam Park on Tenerife Island. The Thai-themed water park draws crowds because of its almost 100-foot-high Tower of Power. The tower has a vertical drop causing flip flops in your tummy right before firing through a tank filled with sharks and stingrays. A lazy river and surf lessons in the park's wave pool offer slightly more sedate activities.

Watercube Waterpark (Beijing, China)

All of the rides at Watercube Waterpark were designed overseas and shipped in. In the city of Beijing, visitors flock to the Tornado ride with its funnel-shaped tube. Next, the visitors get fired out of the Aqualoop slide and Bulletbowl within huge bowl. As visitors float around and relax after taking the super fast slides, they can look up and see humongous jellyfish suspended from the ceiling.

World Water Park (Alberta, Canada)

Alberta, Canada is not the warmest place on Earth, so naturally, World Water Park is housed within Alberta's West Edmonton Mall. Claiming to be second-largest indoor water park on the planet, visitors take to the largest indoor wave pool in the world. If you have been thinking of bungee jumping in your bathing suit, then this is the place to do it. You can bungee jump from the tower, which hangs over the wave pool. Does that sound safe?

Yas Water World (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

A markerAbu Dhabi, UAE -
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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In the Middle East, Yas Water World is another well-known Water Park for its size and grandeur with 43 rides and venues. The engineers got busy and designed five exclusive water slides just for this park. Dawwama is the first ever hydro-magnetic-powered water slide. What does that mean? It is a fancy term for a smooth ride for everyone. Visitors will also spin, loop and surf in the park on the other rides.


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