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Review: Sportly Table Tennis Accessories - Spintermediate Ping Pong Paddles

Updated on July 7, 2015


I received Sportly Table Tennis Spintermediate Ping Pong Paddles for free in exchange only for my honest unbiased review of the item.

Sportly Table Tennis Spintermediate Ping Pong Paddles

The Sportly Table Tennis Spintermediate Ping Pong Paddles are perfectly balanced paddles made according to ITTF regulation colors (red and black) for either competitive or leisure play. These Sportly Table Tennis Paddles are both fast and light; they only weight 5.7 ounces. They are durable 3 ply, 6mm blade is strong and lightweight. The Sportly Table Tennis Paddles have 2mm sponges which gives players the advantage of lightning fast ball speed. The surafce had sticky rubbers with smooth pips offers added spin and control. The sportly Table Tennis Paddles have a comfortable shakehand grip with a unique inlay. All these advantages together make these Sportly Table Tennis Paddles the ideal racket for victory.

Performance Ratings



While I do enjoy spending an hour playing a few games of table tennis (ping pong) with family and/or friends, I have never been a professional player. However I can tell the difference between a cheap paddle from Walmart that is likely to break if it gets dropped too many times and a quality paddle that will hold up to the wear and tear that comes from using it. The Sportly Table Tennis Spintermediate Ping Pong Paddles fall into the second category without a doubt. I was able to tell that this is a quality paddle just by holding it ( you can see me holding it in the pictures to the left). As you can see in the pictures this paddle has the mandated red and black sides. There are no nicks, scratches, or dings on the paddle or its handle. The handle itself fits very comfortably in my palm and the design is beautiful. I have never had a table tennis paddle before that had a handle designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortably functional.

Since getting this paddle I have only played one game of table tennis to test the paddle out and I was amazed at the difference between my older (cheap) paddle and this quality paddle. This one allowed me to get a higher serve and it increased the amount of control I had over the direction I wanted to send the ball in. I would recommend these paddles to anyone who enjoys table tennis (ping pong) and is looking to improve their game with a high quality paddle. These paddles would also make a great gift item for any table tennis (ping pong) enthusiast.

If you want to win in Table Tennis you must hit every ball with a purpose

— Daniel Ives

Table Tennis Basic Rules


  • A match is five games with the winner having to win three of the five games. The game is one when one player scores eleven points, However for it to be a win the margin must be at least two points.
  • A point is won after each ball is put into play (not just when the server wins the point as in volleyball).
  • The legal table surface includes the edges of the table tennis table, but not the sides.

Flow of the Match

  • Serving is switched after two points unless the score is 10-10 in which case the players switch after each serve.
  • Players switch table sides after each game and if the game continues into game five then the players switch sides after one player reaches five points.

Legal Service

  • When serving the ball must sit on the open palm of the server until it is tossed. The ball must be tossed at least six inches into the air and be hit so that it bounces first on the server's side of the table and then on the opponent's side.
  • If the serve matches all of the above parameters, but it hits the net then it is labeled a let serve. This means that it is not scored and the serve is to be redone.
  • The paddle must have a red side and a black side.
  • The ball must be either orange or white.
  • The ball must be 40 mm in size.
  • The table must be 2.74 meters long, 1.525 m wide, and 0.76 m high.


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