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Sports Fitness Tests

Updated on March 24, 2013

Fitness tests help the trainers and athletes know the physical weak points and strength. It lays standards on which training programs can be designed to suit individual athletes. In the absence of any kind of evaluation it is difficult to determine the areas that require extra effort. Performance of an athlete is an ideal way to study the accomplishments and weakness.

Tests and measurements help collect data and this data can be used to evaluate performances in the future and alter fitness programs.

An evaluation process involves six phases, cyclic affair that involves- the identification of characteristics that need to evaluated, the selection of the method you will be using for measurement, data collection, examination of data, making final decisions and execution of these decisions. The above mentioned stages must be done with the athlete.

Fitness tests must be an important part of a good conditioning plan. A collection of related tests helps build a good physical outline of the athlete. A standard can be fixed for each element of fitness. Standards and norms help in identifying areas of weakness of the athlete that need to be worked upon. Not all athletes exercise every day, they follow exercise regimes that can give them maximum results in short durations of time. It is difficult to identify the demands of the sport and work on each area separately.

Then latest approach to sport is setting goals and trying to achieve them makes an athlete fitter. It helps reduce sprint time and makes him faster. The goals must be practical and realizable. Athletes who spend time on fitness regimes, will want to do so in a more effective and efficient way. Regular testing will help athletes know if a training method is helping them or no. It will help them identify their weaknesses and work on them.

Important measurements will highlight the progression of an athlete before and after the training period. Seeing proper results can be inspiring and can make the athlete stronger, faster or fitter. Fitness testing is important for athletes at all levels. Before planning a training program you must also plan to under go the required battery of fitness tests.


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