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Sports Role In Society

Updated on February 8, 2011

Sport Affects Everyone

It doesn't matter whether your an athlete, someone who plays tennis everyday or you do nothing at all, you don't even need to enjoy watching or participating in sport for it to affect your life in some way.

Within everyone's life they would have come across some form of sport, whether it be on a television screen, at school or spectating. So it is not far from crazy to say that sport can affect the individual, if it has input in your life it will affect you some way. This affect will be different for everyone, it will have different levels of affect, for some it may be only a temporary change, but change none the less.

Usian Bolt in his world record race
Usian Bolt in his world record race | Source

The Taking Part

Obviously there are different levels to of which someone can take part in sport, from the grass roots to the elites of the world, but taking part is taking part. There are many different sports, run by many different people which allow, you, the average Joe to benefit from it.

The likely benefits of participating in sport are not just to do with fitness, you need to look beyond what it just does to your body; nowadays the majority of the public are aware of the physiological advantages, its taught in schools, advertised and discussed; the knowledge is there. What most do not see is what happens beyond this.

Sport allows people to express themselves in an environment away from their normal day; sport lives inside a microcosm if you will, it is part of our society but separate all the same. Which is good. This allows individuals to ignore the stresses and demands which get placed upon them in their day-to-day life. Fun can be had, creative ideas brought to life in a perhaps otherwise uncreative world and relaxation to be won. Participating in sport allows personality to be conveyed in a constructive, fulfilling and exciting way.

Engaging in sport doesn't just allow for the creative freedom of an individual to be unlocked but for the nurturing and development of certain characteristics. The learning of new skills can be frustrating and can take a long time yet the overwhelming feeling of fulfillment once you do and the new found confidence in oneself is greatly beneficial. Confidence should not be overlooked and once found can be distributed to all aspects of someones life. Sport also helps develop determination, persistence, patience, competitiveness and respect.


Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 world cup final
Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 world cup final | Source

The Spectating

In our society, and many others, there is always an underlying form of segregation, the separation of different groups, yet when it comes to sport these separated groups join together, now with one single purpose; supporting a team, which with it brings along a sense of pride and that sharing of pride for the same team can help bring people together individuals.

Take for example the world cup, whenever it is held the entire country gets behind the team, flags are flown, banners held and even for those players who at club level are great rivals now play alongside each other.

Spectating can bring a sense in pride of being part of something as a group, it develops a feel good factor, especially following success. It units a community or a nation to support those individuals who represent them.

Just think about this; whenever the Olympics come about how much do people talk about them, how much is the pride of the nation lifted, how many people tuned in too watch Kelly Homes win double Olympic gold, England in 1966 or the RBS six nations, and most of all how do those moments of glory, of genius, of excellence make you want to be an athlete? That's the power which spectating sport holds.

For The Non-spectators And Non-participants

However not everyone participates is sport to keep fit, some go to the gym, for a run or simple just walk to work and for some watching sport is not of interest or relevance in their life and that's fair enough but sport still affects them.

Sport is a financial viable business nowadays, with sports clubs, professional athletes and coaches. These jobs allow for more people to be employed, and it may not leave a huge gap but it frees up the so called 'office jobs'. Also those businesses that take sport as a niche in the market put back into the community, they pay taxes, provide jobs and provide a valued service. Sport can help the economy, especially when a nation holds a world games; the extra income due to tourists, supporters and the general advertisement of the nation is a boost to the economy.

Thank you very much for reading my blog I hope you found it interesting and insightful.



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