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Sports Science (Part One)

Updated on July 8, 2013

How much effort does an athlete need to put before he can stop practicing for the day? The long hours spent on the field would yield minimal results, unless he starts believing in it first.

Here is a common example:

“A seed outlives the growth pattern from a sapling to tree during its entire life-period”. The moment you start practicing anything, it starts shaping the course of destiny.

A sports professional, let’s take a cyclist, need to ride the bicycle for certain miles every day. He makes a routine and follows it from heart.

There are ten other professionals who have also been selected for the competition. They all have one or the other trick up their sleeves. You know that it won’t be easy to stay in the hunt and come out on the top.

“Practice alone does not turn you into an invincible hero”.

The road always welcomes a traveler who has something to offer back to the journey made. The time spent travelling on the road shall not only belong to one person or entity in total. It should leave behind a common destiny for everyone (to learn from it).

At times, we often believe that a road fails to take us to the desired destination. We know that it is the only path to reach there but we still end-up missing it.

There are other roads which offer us an experience to fulfill the destiny of our lives. Isn’t it what every road should be doing? It is meant to take us some place, at least.

A wise person (an educated mind) knows that roads never fail to lead us. They lead us without failing for a single time.

You should have an unwavering faith in your ability.

The best thing a cyclist can do is to invest in his or her belief. The day you start practicing, you should adopt such a training regime which is going to make you grow, both on and off the field, as a person and sports professional.

The mind is only concerned about the level of consciousness you are at- where even smallest of the incidents make you feel enriched with its experience.

It would be the cumulative sum of these experiences which is going to prepare you to be a top performer in time.

How does it help me? How would training my mind can help me to win the cycling championship?

“A mind holds the power to instill a feeling of accomplishment”.

Believe in the purpose: You should believe in the purpose. What makes you happy? The first step is to attach value to every training activity you practice daily. It matters a lot that what you are playing for.

Not everyone who wins became a legend. Do they? Sports professionals who play the game for reasons other than love and passion often find signs of mediocrity and failure to take bigger decisions, when it matters the most.

There are different stages of winning.

There are several examples to show that how some sports professional even after winning fail to secure the status of a champion.

Where do they lack? What holds them back?

I think that it has to do with the approach they followed throughout the playing career. You look back at their career and the cracked layers start opening one-after-another. They never bothered to add ‘personal values’. You have to (in a polite manner) bring a sense of personal pride attached to it.

The audience sitting in front of the television sets can sense the values you are playing for.


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