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Sports Trivia Questions - Baseball Trivia

Updated on March 30, 2010
Are You Baseball Trivia Wiz?
Are You Baseball Trivia Wiz?

Baseball Trivia Hub

On this Hub you'll find a variety of facts and trivia about baseball, it's origins and various baseball trivia questions in different formats including a flash quiz, video trivia and printable trivia questions.

Enjoy your stay!

History of Baseball

While some of the history and lore surrounding baseball's beginnings may remain steeped in mystery, research in recent years has helped clarify baseball history. Part of the difficulty in pinning down an exact location and place when baseball started lies in the fact that similar games have been played all over the world. Take a simple ball, made of a variety of materials (depending on the country) and any stick or other object which can be used as a bat and you have the potential beginnings of baseball.

Although it took years for the fully developed form of American baseball to develop, some could argue -quite convincingly - that hitting a ball with a stick and running from base to base were earlier forms of the sport. When it comes to legend, Abner Doubleday of Cooperstown, New York, has often been credited with creating American baseball. However, others say that this is not fact and comes more from a sense of romance and a desire to find a single person and place associated with baseball.

There is stronger evidence that baseball has some connection to the British game of cricket. What is also known is that American children played many types of ball games in the early days of the nation's history. What about the first written reference to the actual game known as "baseball"? A book written in 1744 has a poem that refers to baseball (two words). In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a written law that is 200 years old forbids baseball from being played near buildings.

That law serves as proof that the sport existed in the late 1700s. More controversial finds come from various cards (long before baseball cards were collector's items) which show children playing with bats and balls. The balls resemble baseballs but the sticks are shaped differently from traditional bats. Even so, these cards could be proof that the sport was played in the 1800s.

But what about baseball evolving into a sport for adults who played competitively? The Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York has a written account of a baseball event, which took place in the mid 1800s. This may be the first time that baseball was noted for the record. After that, it didn't take long for various national and local meetings to take place to discuss the various rules and points of order for the sport. The National Association of Base Ball Players was even formed.

At this point, there weren't lots of baseball fans but the sport was gaining interest. In the years to come, passion for the sport would rise and fall, mostly due to serious issues facing the country. A major concern was the Civil War, when the country was more focused on the war than sports. Even so, some soldiers turned to baseball for relief when they could and they helped spread the sport across the country. After the war, interest in baseball picked up again and it soared in popularity.

Over the next century, many baseball associations and leagues would form. These included the very early American League (which consisted of 13 teams), the National League, the Union Association and the Players League. Even though the leagues seemed to come and go quickly, the rules and strategies of baseball were changing. An important development was a new ball which could be hit further than earlier ones. From that point on, baseball was far more exciting, heralding the days of famous players such as Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson.

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Baseball Trivia Questions

In 2000, which player received the largest free-agent contract in history?

Answer: Alex Rodriguez scored a 10 year deal with the Texas Rangers. It was worth $252 million dollars.

Which father and son were on the field at the same time for the same team?

Answer: Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr played for the Mariners. They also were the only father and son team to hit back to back home runs.

Which baseball player turned down a $1.5 million signing bonus from the Red Sox after he graduated from high school. Hint: he later enrolled at Georgia Tech and signed for $9.5 million dollars with the Rangers.

Answer: Mark Teixera turned down a $1.5 million dollar offer from the Red Sox but later signed for $9.5 million dollars with the Rangers. Credited with incredible business and sports skills, his instincts paid off .

Who was the first St. Louis Browns pitcher to hit two home runs in a game?

Answer: Branch Rickey. At one point, Rickey was also general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Can you name the last team to win Game 7 of the World Series while on the road?

Answer: The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, while at Baltimore.

Only three first basemen in history have hit more than 30 homers and driven in 100 runs for five consecutive seasons before the age of 28. Can you name them?

Answer: Jimmie Foxx, Albert Pujols and Mark Teixeira.

Which player was signed to the Cleveland Indians in 1948, had a 6-1 record and helped the team win the pennant? Hint:he was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 1971.

Answer: Satchel Paige. A member of the Negro League, he helped to forge new possibilities for black players.

When was the League Championship Series changed to a best-of-seven form?

Answer: In 1990.

What is the most valuable baseball card in history?

Answer: Honus Wagner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, sold for more than $1 million. It was put in packs of cigarettes to help motivate people to buy more packs. In time, it became very rare. It was first released in 1909.

What was the first year when American League players were required to wear batting helmets?

Answer: 1958

Which pitcher had a 6-0 World Series ledger, a 2.86 ERA and said his success was due to " clean living and a fast outfield?"

Answer: Lefty Gomez

Which pitcher came up with a no-hitter during his very first start?

Answer: Alva "Bobo" Holloman. The year was 1953. Amazingly, his no-hitter was his only complete game ever!

Which team has only been to one World Series since 1919 (and lost)? Bonus: Who is their all-time hit leader? Who is their all-time wins leader?

Answer: The Chicago White Sox. Luke Appling is their all-time hit leader and Ted Lyons in their all-time wins leader. Nellie Fox won the MVP for them (1959). Tommie Agee won the Rookie of the Year for them (1966).

Who holds the record for the most strikeouts in World Series Play?

Answer: Mickey Mantle, with 54 strikeouts, proving that even the best have some records they would rather not brag about.

Which baseball player almost didn't make it to his Hall of Fame induction because his bosses wouldn't let him off work?

Answer: Don Drysdale. He was a radio and television announcer with the White Sox. However, he was told that if the took the day off for the induction that he might be fired. Strange - but true.

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Sports Trivia Questions - Baseball Trivia

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