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Sports and Recreation Template

Updated on October 21, 2014

Sports and Recreation Hubs Have Great Opportunities!

As it happens, HubPages sees relatively few truly great Sports and Recreation Hubs published every month, hence you have great odds of creating a Hub that stands apart from the crowd (both on HubPages and elsewhere).

To make your Hub a real winner, we recommend:

  • Making the text portion of the Hub as thorough, detailed, fact and stat heavy, and polished (no grammatical or spelling mistakes) as possible
  • Breaking your text into multiple Text Capsules with descriptive subheadings to make the Hub easy to skip around
  • Providing as many original images as possible, and properly using and attributing images that do not belong to you
  • Sharing your expert advice both as in-depth analysis and in the form of bulleted summaries and Table Capsules
  • Polling your readers to gauge their opinions on the subject you're covering
  • Providing relevant video footage to provide additional information and/or guidance

The Boston Red Sox in 1916. Just one of many historical sports images found via Wikimedia Commons.
The Boston Red Sox in 1916. Just one of many historical sports images found via Wikimedia Commons. | Source

Looking for a Historical Sports Image?

Many Hubs cover the history of a sport and end up improperly using copyrighted images in an attempt to provide visual coverage of their subjects.

Only use others' images when you have the legal right to use them. Doing otherwise may be a violation of copyright law and could expose you to undesirable legal complications.

Wikimedia Commons offers a great library of usable images (that is, images with Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses) of sports events throughout history. It even provides a "use this file on the web" button on every image page that provides citation templates you can cut and paste into the source and URL fields of the Photo Capsule.

For more recommendations (as well as tips on properly using and citing others' images), stop by our Learning Center guide to proper image use.


The Importance of In-Depth Analysis

Anyone can share quick, informal tips on sports and recreation- people do so every day via blog posts, tweets, throw away articles, and Facebook status updates. Doing the same is not going to help you progress to top rankings for major related search results.

What will make you break apart from the crowd? In-depth analysis. Consider adding the following elements to your Hub before publishing:

  • Historical context and background
  • Stats on specific players and their histories
  • Information on the mechanics of specific sports moves or an important action, such as swinging a golf club
  • Analysis of the best types of sports equipment to use
  • Information from an expert from whom few people have heard
  • Original photos and video of demonstrations and plays that are have not been widely captured and distributed
  • Health considerations related to various sports and recreational activities
  • Information on particular locations (climates, arenas, cities, training centers) relevant to a specific sport or recreational activity
  • Analysis of costs associated with the subject addressed in your Hub

The Additional Importance of Summaries

  • Summaries Help
  • People online have short attention spans
  • They want quick tips and information fast
  • If they like what they can see at a glance...
  • ... They'll stay for more

Tables Also Offer a Great Means of Summarizing Important Information

Sports Move
Difficulty Level
The crusher
Limit the opponent's mobility
The ballerina
Confuse the opponent
The jolly baker
Distract the opponent
Easy (but humiliating)
Render the opponent unconscious
You may, for example, use the Table Capsule to summarize key moves associated with a sport while providing more instructions and analysis in a Text Capsule.

Can't Find Specific Images Related to Your Subject? Use Broadly-Related Images to Set the Scene

People love pretty pages. Give the people what they want.
People love pretty pages. Give the people what they want. | Source

Your Audience Matters. Let Them Voice Their Opinions!

"People love to voice their opinions online."

-Captain Obvious

Though Comment Capsules offer a great outlet to readers, we recommend giving your Hubs' visitors a chance to weigh in even before they finish reading your Hub. You can do so by providing a Poll Capsule, through which you can ask online readers what interests or annoys them most, what their favorite aspects of a sport might be, what their favorite equipment brands are, and much, much more.

In addition to potentially keeping readers with you for longer periods of time, Poll Capsules can provide fodder for additional Hubs by giving you an idea of what your readers care about most.

Be a Good Sport. Add a Poll.

What is your favorite sport?

See results

Let Your Sporty, Competitive Edge Shine Through

Do you enjoy competitive sports? Good! Set your competitive drive to full throttle as you create your Hub.

We recommend:

  • Running searches for keywords related to the subject(s) addressed in your Hub
  • Checking to see whether there are exact matches for relevant phrases (especially phrases used in your title, like "How to Throw a Football") already out there (the fewer exact matches, the better)
  • Evaluating the strength of top ranking results (Are the top results from trusted brands or government/university sites? Those are harder to beat.)
  • Reading through each top result for major search phrases related to your Hub (especially those included in your Hub's title)
  • Taking notes on how adequately each top result addresses the subject at hand (note things you will have to make an effort to best, as well as key weak points)

You will be surprised by how far a little competitive research can take you.

Consider Adding a Related Informative, Inspirational, and/or Instructive Video

Give Readers a Reason to Leave Comments

In addition to regularly adding fresh content to your Hub, comments are a means by which you can keep readers with your Hub for longer periods of time. This increases your time-on-page stats, which is something to which search engines such as Google pay close attention when deciding whether or not to give a result higher or lower rankings.

To boost the proportion of readers who leave comments on your Hubs, we recommend inviting them to:

  • Answer a specific question
  • Share an opinion
  • Share a related personal experience
  • Explain why they might disagree with you

You can do so both in your final Text Capsule and by editing the subtitle of the Comments Capsule itself (the subtitle "Comments" is only there by default).


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