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Sports and the way to move

Updated on April 2, 2010

The body is central in all reactivity

We do not have a body, we are essentially our body!

Whatever we understand, we react to it. All reactions are somehow physical, seen in our posture. The body is our sense of what kind of life situation we are in.

Emotions which are the driving force behind action, are all also physical. They get expressed in our body, readying us for the right kind of action suiting the situation.

The brain does not move the body

We are not puppets whose limbs move according to the brain deciding what to do.

Our physical actions are naturally born out of our emotional motivations. We flow toward the direction of our positive feelings in the landscape that we are in.

The emotions give us directions to go to, to those directions we go with enthusiasm and speed while having all our senses open. The negative emotions give us directions to avoid, trying to go to those directions makes us lazy, not willing, our posture slumbers, our muscles feel weak and our observational capacity gets dizzy: we are not ready for that type of action. Our emotional motivation and the lack of it are both born of our understanding of what would be good for us to do in such a situation.

Our senses give us a good picture of the environment. We see the details of the terrain and the demands that it sets to our forces, while our wisdom of life tells us what is the good way to overcome such obstacles.

In our nature, in our body, emotions and instincts there is a sure wise sense of how to live. That gets its expression also at the level of physical moving. That is the best way to move and the best way to live! Just listen to your all kinds of sensations and guide your actions according to the finely tuned landscapee of emotions.

Use your sensed picture of the body!

Use pleasant ways of moving

Your feelings tell you when you move right: you feel very good, your heart sings and your body sensations are pleasant at every place.

Your feelings also tell you when you move in wrong ways: you feel pain, discomfort or just a KKRRHHHH like sensations like a machine used against instructions instead of according to them which would make its wheels sing.

Just avoid the errors and aim for all kinds of enjoyable experiencies.

Relax in a LIVELY way

In the beginning of time all people lived in the ontouched nature. They travelled in the nature all day long. There were no roads, there was only untouched terrain and small uneven paths. That kind of reactive movement where the whole person is in a lively connection with the whole environment, withe the living nature, with one's situation of life and with oneself, that kind of movement is in our nature.

Wandering in the nature, especially if the terrain is uneven and you enjoy the sights on your walk, can give you a glimpse of that original way of moving and living in contact with the nature. It relaxes profoundly and gives a feeling of deep satisfaction.

That kind of state of mind and the way of functioning as a whole human being in touch with your nature and not programmedly like some robot, is our ages old instructions of usage.

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