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Sprague Brook Park: Glenwood New York

Updated on May 18, 2011

So you’re finally recuperating from the long winter and you’re trying to think of some way to enjoy the beautiful spring days ahead. Well if you live in Western New York you’re in luck. Sprague Brook Park is located on Foote Rd in the town of Glenwood and is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

There are acres and acres trails to discover, some more extreme than others. You could choose to travel on the paved areas or explore the forest around you. If you don’t have all day there are shorter paths you can bike on. People come from all around to train on the trails with their mountain bikes. You don’t need to be an avid bicycler to ride the trails here though. You could choose to bike for just a short period of time and still get the full effect of the park. If you are a casual biker it takes a couple hours to bike the trail around the entire park and believe me, it’s quite the workout.

If you’re not into biking, no worries, you can travel all these trails and more on foot. You could go off the beaten path and admire the foliage around you. There is also a creek that runs throughout the park. My parents started off taking me and my brother there when we were younger and it’s one my greatest childhood memories. There’s just something about wandering down the creek, flipping over rocks looking for little critters beneath and trying to catch those speedy minnows. There are also a couple of ponds that are peaceful to roam around and if you wanted you could toss a line and go fishing. While you’re out on a walk you could very well see some wildlife. There are plenty of deer that enjoy hanging out in the fields, along with rabbits and other little creatures. Just this past summer I saw a skulk of baby foxes, clumsily bounding after their mother.

Sprague Brook also offers two separate camping sites, electric and non-electric. I’ve only camped in the non-electric sites because we use a tent but if we wanted to we could go for a bike ride down through the electric sites or enter some of the trails that are in that area. Camping is fairly cheap and well worth the experience.

So when the long winter months are over and you’re ready to enjoy the spring but don’t know what to do, Sprague Brook Park is a great place to get started. Doing anything from tennis to fishing or daytrips to overnighters, you are guaranteed to bring home memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


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