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Spring Largemouth Bass Fishing

Updated on June 19, 2012

Spring Largemouth

Spring is a time that die hard fisherman all over are anticipating. As Winter ends, its time to dust off your fishing equipment and get your gear prepared for the first fishing of the new year. As the fishermen are becoming active, so are the fish. Spring is a great time to fish because the fish come in to the shallows to spawn and they are feeding. Take advantage of this and be out on the water after ice out when the temperatures begin to rise.

The Shallows

Bass begin to leave their deep winter hideouts and migrate to the shallows during Spring. They start spawning when the water temperatures start to reach the 60's. The best places to fish are shallow flats that have cover or deep water nearby. The north part of the lake is protected by cold front winds so it warms up faster. Also, the westside gets warmed all day by the sun so concentrating on the north west banks will catch more fish during Spring.

Sight Fishing

Being able to watch a bass go after your bait and take it gives more of a thrill than regular fishing.

This is a time of year that you don't have to have a boat with expensive equipment to catch fish. Sight fishing from the bank is very effective during Spring also. Fish can be very spookish if you are fishing from a boat in the shallows. Most of the fish in the Spring are within casting distance from the shore so bank fishing gives you an advantage. If you are fishing from a boat I recommend a quiet trolling motor and remember if you can see the fish, they can probably see you.

When sight fishing, polarized sunglasses are a must. They not only protect your eyes but on sunny days without the glasses there can be a glare on the water that prohibits you from seeing fish. You can get a good pair for under $20 that will be worth it when sight fishing for bass.

Spring Largemouth Baits

Springtime bass will hit your bait because they are hungry after the long winter and they will also strike out of aggression because the females are protecting their eggs. As temperatures increase, pork rinds set in a jig head or spinner baits as well as soft plastic grubs, worms, or the Zoom Fluke work well for shallower waters and bass that are still slow from the cold. Larger baits work well to for this time of year and generate strikes from larger fish. Bass, hungry from the winter hold-over want to expend as little energy as possible to feed. It is more likely they will be enticed to take one big meal rather than a few small ones.


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