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Spring Training is Boring

Updated on March 5, 2013

so anti climatic

I don't follow spring training that much. Though during the off season I will scour my favorite team's web site for any little new tidbit or kernel. I hate to say it, or even type it. But I find the off season far more interesting. All of the trades and contract squabbling can be as exciting as the games themselves.

Now that spring training is finally here it is all so anti climatic. Without the threat of rain (by and large), cold or even snow, the precise and meaningful codification of every little statistic, the seemingly endless travel grinds and what not, it lulls me to sleep.

So generally I don't care who got into a fracas or broke a fingernail until the real action commences, unless of course one of our star players goes down. That could screw up the whole darn season before it even begins.

I know that the spring training is indispensable for players, coaches and other not so bored fans. But I'll take a pass until the real action begins, thank you. Now with the World Baseball Classic, I have yet another indispensable baseball institution to yawn at. Ho Hum.

The teams are so close together in their relative sunny states that the geographic rivalries are reduced to polite fraternizing. The refreshments aren't overpriced enough. The views are too darned good, the players too accessible. Everyone just too darned civil. I'm sorry but it simply spoils all of the baseball fun for me.

I don't have the greatest personal life. So my favorite baseball team is my surrogate family. Don't know where or even if I'd be without them. But that fact notwithstanding, I really don't care about the whole process. With the decreased chance of bad weather or bad fans to spice things up, I'll see you around April fool's day.


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