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Stand Up Paddleboards

Updated on July 25, 2013

Great Fun on the Water!

If you live near water like I do you have probably seen people out on the water enjoying the sport of paddle boarding. It is a fairly new sport but has taken off in the last few years as something new and interesting to do on the water.

According to Wikipedia, stand up padding began in the 1960’s. It seems it got started when surfing instructors stood on their surf board to have photos taken.

Unlike surfing, paddleboarding takes about an hour of training and is much easier to master. Today this sport has become so popular that you will see people on paddleboards on the ocean, on lakes and on rivers.

One reason people like this sport so much is that you don’t have to be an athlete in order to try the sport. It has become one of the fastest growing water activities just for that reason as well as that fact that it can be done on any body of water.

If you want to follow this sport, there are world championship races each year. In September of 2012 it was help at the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. There is also a magazine called the Standup Journal that was founding in 2007.

Stand Up Paddle Board

The Ark stand up paddle board has the highest density foam out there with double high strength Birchwood stringers and a mesh netting system fused into the core for more strength. Also included are high quality adjustable carbon fiber paddle as well as upgraded leash and single long fin.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this paddle board:"Just like Greco surfboards, the SUP is awesome. I have several Greco boards and they have all been super fun to ride and great quality. Waves just catch these boards."

Sevylor Samoa Standup Paddleboard Set with 80" Paddle

This paddleboard is ideal for water lovers who don't have enough room in their home or car to store a traditional board. The Samoa inflates in just a few quick minutes and includes a backpack for transport. Take it anywhere you want. This paddleboard is easy to use for all skill levels yet still provides a stable, comfortable workout.

Basic Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction Video

BIC Sport ACS with Adjustable Paddle

This paddleboard is designed with beginner and intermediate riders in mind. It has great handling with evenly spread volume distribution for an easy ride in flat water. It also has great stability and is easy to maneuver in small waves.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this paddleboard: "The board was very stable and after being nervous for a few minutes I ventured out on it. I have been using it for over 2 months almost every day and I have never fallen off. I live on a lake so it's pretty calm most of the time. If a boat goes by and creates a big wake I either kneel down or balance myself until it passes. I just love it. It's great exercise for the core muscles and I lost 2 inches off my waistline. I'm going to miss it in the winter."

The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling Video

USCG Approved Floatation Life Vest

This Coast Guard Approved life vest is comfortable with 4-buckles. It is a good choice for active sports in the water such as paddleboarding, waterskiing, boating, wakeboarding, jet skiing or canoeing.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this life vest: "I bought this for myself because I needed something more compact and close to the body when I am in my kayak. Perfect for me and at a good price too."

The great thing about paddleboarding is that you need only 3 things: your body, a board and water!

Dry Pak Cell Phone Case

Now you can take your cell phone along with you on your paddleboard without worrying about it getting wet. This case allows you to protect your cell phone from water and sand. As well you will be able to use the phone while it is still in the bag without losing sound quality.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this phone case: "Last year, while at the beach, I was knocked down by a big wave and ruined my cell phone, having to spend $100.00 to replace it. This year, me and my cell phone will be safe. Have tested it in the pool and it does what it says it will do. It's water tight and floats, which makes me very very happy."

Do You Paddleboard?

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