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Starting off on a Horse for Kids and Children

Updated on July 2, 2013

Cute kids riding a horse.

Cute kids riding a horse.
Cute kids riding a horse.

Picking the Best of the Different Types of Horse Breeds

I think that any good parent would be worried or at least particularly interested in what kind of horse is best for their child. I mean, I would definitely want to know what type is the safest to ride and then I guess being awesome and fun to ride is also important too haha. There are a huge number, probably hundreds, of unique and individual types of horses. Also, every horse is different. There is always the odd one out that doesn’t match the profile of what that type of horses usually is. An example would be Thoroughbreds who are ultimately considered to be nervous and stressed or high strung. These horses normally are not the best choice for a untrained and unskilled rider. However, I have personally been to a horse ranch where the owner showed me her horse. It was kind and gentle and relaxed, but guess what? It was a Thoroughbred. This was a very rare find and in this case it was a good thing, but remember, it can happen in reverse too. Sometimes that kind, gentle horse breed can harbor a scary monster. I guess what I’m trying to get at it- don’t worry about the horse breed so much. I want you to focus on the actual horse. Get down and dirty at the ranch and make sure that horse is good. You are ultimately the best decider in a horse and it’s personality. Usually it’s pretty obvious when you see it up close and personal. However, I will still be outlining in this article the “best” horse breed(s). So, let’s begin our quest!

American Quarter Horse

American Quarter Horse
American Quarter Horse

Other Breeds

American Quarter Horse

The old, traditional Quarter Horse is the best. The newer, more Thoroughbred ones are less good. The majority of these horses are short, stocky, and very muscular. A list of the “foundation boodlines” or in English- the ones you want or the more traditional stock is as follows: Poco Bueno, King, Leo, Wimpy, Peppy, Joe Hancock, Two Eyed Jack, Three Bars, and Old Sorrel. In my opinion I would have to say that the of all those the Poco Bueno and the Old Sorrel are the best for a beginner. This particular breed is a very popular one and as a result that popularity creates a demand. They should be located at a breeder or ranch near to your location. You should attend a show or a camp or a sale and get to see for yourself these awesome horses. It can turn into a fun day at camp or an awesome show.

American Quarter Pony

Alright, let’s get this straight. Ponies are not the same as the Horses. I know, they have like exactly the same name. Well, I’m sorry, but it’s true. There are differences. I mean, OK, these American Quarter Ponies are actually related to American Quarter Horses, but let me explain. This is a breed that split off from or resulted from the original American Quarter Horse Lines. This began in the 1960’s when everyone was focused on a taller, leggier, leaner Quarter Horse and the old versions weren’t tall enough. I guess you could really just think of the American Quarter Pony as a little version of the American Quarter Pony. It isn’t as big in width and stocky and short as the other horse, but it more lean and has longer legs. Their breed is marked with sweet temperaments and they are a good looking horse which also has great athletic talents.

Welsh Pony

Another Pony! So, let me ask, and answer in the comments below, Ponies or Horses and why? I personally like Ponies as I am not a huge guy (average height an weight) and a big horse is harder for me to ride (no laughing!). So, maybe for a kid especially a pony would be better? Your choice, let me know! So, anyway, the Welsh Ponies are known for being kind and sweet or gentle, but also still very spirited. This makes them a versatile option that can ride a trail, help you enjoy Western Saddle or English Saddle, driving, and even something as crazy as hunting or jumping. They can even be used for dressage. Overall, they are a good breed that is probably for someone a little more experienced, so not a total beginner who has never ridden before. If you want a little bit of an adrenaline rush or a spike of fear (haha) ride a Welsh Pony. It will be an adventure that will not leave your memory for some time, but hopefully not too adventurous as you will see the overall gentle personality of this breed come out ultimately.

Pony of the Americas

The Pony of the Americas is generally shortened or referred to as POA. This is a great and awesome and wonderful horse for kids. The Pony of the Americas or POA as the experts call it is the best of both worlds, or three horses in this case. It has the majestic and beautiful head of an Arabian Horse, the sturdy and strong torso and body of an Amerian Quarter Horse, and the exotic and exciting markings that define the Appaloosa Breed. This horse is anywhere from 11.2 to 14 hands high and it is very muscular in the shoulders and hindquarters. It is a very balanced horse as far as temperament goes and it has a very willing nature. This is great for a kid who may not feel in control and totally dominating their first ride. They need a little help from the horse and the Pony of the Americas breed could and probably will help them to do this. Just remember to check out the individual horse first, because you may never know what could happen.

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse, very majestic and awesome
Arabian Horse, very majestic and awesome

Arabian Breed and the Conclusion


This is the ancient breed you hear about in movies and you see running across the dessert. In the past they were most likely a part of the Bedouin household. These horses form very strong and passionate bonds with they owners and handlers due to their past lives. They are a sweet, docile breed, however younger, more teenage horses are spirited, but an older one that has learned its lessons is great with children or kids. This is a smart and versatile breed. They are good for trails and they are very good, some may even say they excel, at the show ring in a wide variety of activities. They can be ridden English or Western and this breed makes for a great show, contest, and competition horse.

Let’s Finish Up and Get you Riding

I know it will be hard not to fall in love and want the first horse you see. They are awesome animals, but it takes time to pick and choose the right breed and particular horse for you. You don’t want to make an emotional chose only to regret it later on. You want to love your horse, but unless you get the right type you won’t know how to take care of it and may not be able to ride it or enjoy it. You will also be limited to what your local area has to offer. I mean, if there aren’t any Arabians at your local ranch or farm you may not ever have the opportunity to get one. You just need to use some common sense when picking your breed and make sure you know what you are getting into. Best of Luck on your Journey! It is a fun one!

Best Horse for Kids?

Best Horse for Kids?

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Kids Riding Horses- This a Beautiful Scene of Love and Happiness


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    • norlawrence profile image

      Norma Lawrence 20 months ago from California

      Very good article. Beautiful pictures. Arabians are great horses. I have had 2 of them.

    • profile image

      Loan 3 years ago

      Wow, she did get rid of that hair it is cute that way though .I miss them but cnanot drive much right now after I get over this last fall am going to see why I am falling so much lately. I have one tomato plant alive and of course okra and that is all ..can't take care of the garden right now anyway too hot to go out ..supposed to top 110 the rest of the week ..