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Steel Dragon 2000 - The Highest and Longest Roller Coaster in the World - Japan

Updated on October 14, 2012
Steel Dragon 2000
Steel Dragon 2000

I have my best friend living in Japan and I had the opportunity to go and visit him twice already. He is kind of crazy like me, so one of those times we decided to do something crazy and go to the tallest and longest roller coaster in the world. It was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life!

Steel Dragon 2000 is a roller coaster located in "Nagashima Spa Land" in the city of Nagashima, Kuwana, Mei, in Japan. It was opened in the year 2000.

It's so fast that even being the longest roller coaster in the world, the ride feels like just a few seconds, is amazing.

Not only the drop is crazy but the anticipation when you are going up and up and the cars and people, when you look down, start getting smaller and smaller until the point you feel actually scare.

From the three ride we had that day, two of them "fortunately" where in the first seat of the roller coaster! The sensation in your body when you reach the top and go down is beyond description.

I hope some day you have the opportunity to go to Japan and, beside enjoy all the beautiful things this country has, save one day to go to Nagashima and ride this super tech roller coaster and enjoy as well the rest of the great attractions this park has.

For some people is considered the best roller coaster in the world.

"Nagashima Spa Land" Satellite View

Some Numbers

  • Height: 97 m (318 ft)
  • Drop: 93 m (306 ft)
  • Length: 2,479 m (8,133 ft)
  • Lift/launch system: 1 Lift With 2 Chain Lifts
  • Speed: 153.26 km/h (95.23 mph)
  • Cost: around $50 million USD

Some Pics

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