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Step out of your comfort and escape into the unknown

Updated on February 24, 2017

Technically, that’s what trekking is. A very long walk up a hill, away from your familiar streets and stores, with your head up in the clouds and the bliss of nature ahead. May seem tedious to some but is exhilarating to many. Any form of exercise, when done correctly, is beneficial. It’s the same with mountain trekking. It’s great for the body, mind and soul. It’s a great test of your endurance levels, your spirit and your thirst for adventure. It teaches you about yourself and about nature. The cardiovascular benefits of trekking up a mountain must be clear to all who’ve tried or even heard about it. The more you trek, the better it is for your heart and lungs. Since treks are usually conducted amidst nature, trekkers also benefit from breathing clean air for a change. Do it regularly enough and your endurance levels will shoot up along with muscle and bone strength. Trekking also allows long moments of silence. Walking up a mountain requires focus and this allows one to put aside the stresses and concerns of daily life and simply focus on the task at hand. It makes for a great stress reliever. You also learn how to appreciate nature and respect it. You learn to be comfortable without the regular conveniences of modern life. You learn to take care of yourself and others when you’re out in the wild. Over time you also learn how to lower your impact on nature and help preserve it.

Venture out, but do it right

It’s recommended that trekking in India, or anywhere else for that matter, be done in a small group as there’s safety in numbers. That makes trekking a great way to learn how to work with a team. Of course, there are varying skill levels involved with your team members and therefore a trek that everyone is comfortable doing has to be chosen. A balance has to be struck. Treks also have difficulty levels that include easy, moderate and hard. Some can even be a combination of two or all the levels. Therefore figuring out which trekking places to visit is an important decision as well. Once you’re there though, there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you realise that you’re regularly out of breath on the trek, you must slow your pace. Once you slow down, you’ll realise you’re using your energy in a better manner and be able to complete the trek comfortably. Also when you find your pace, maintain it. Don’t go faster for a bit and then slow down. It’s very inefficient. Walk on the path at all times. When it start getting steeper than before, you should slow down. The steeper it gets, the slower you should go. If it gets really steep, you should pause for as long as you want. Remember to listen to your body, understand the signals it gives you and act accordingly.

From trekking the Himalayas to local hills, India has many options

Participating in trekking trips in India, luckily, isn’t very difficult to do. Thanks to the multitude of mountain ranges we have, the options can seem endless. The important part is finding one near you that’s being conducted by someone reliable. Knowing the trail and its challenges is important too. Especially if you’re just starting off. Even seasoned trekkers will want some information before setting off. Information like the length of the trek, the time required to complete it, the difficulty level of the chosen trek mountain, availability of water, food, power and shelter on the trail and other such details. Now you can either search for it all yourself or just visit and check out the treks being organised near you. All the information you need will be provided without you having to search and guess. You can even reserve your spot on a trek if it interests you. If payment is required then that can be done online as well. It’s convenient, reliable and curated to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can avail for discounts and promotions and gift yourself a memorable trip that’s not a burden to the pockets. The options before you increase manifold thanks to Sportobuddy and adventure tours & packages in India become more accessible.

After every hard climb comes a breath-taking view

Every trek you undertake will ensure that you pass some tough spots along the trail but that’s part of the package. In the end, the view you get from the top should have been worth the hours you spent getting up there. Mountain trekking in India can be a great experience. Just make sure you do your homework right. Make sure that you’re comfortable with all the challenges it’ll throw up, carry all your essentials with you and that you know your way out. When you’re on trekking trips in India, you and your group will usually be left to your own devices. Make sure you have back up and everything will go smoothly. So pack up, head out and have a great time in the mountains. Adventure awaits at every turn. Quite often, so do monkeys. Just watch out for them.


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